Securus Technologies To Promote Video Visitation

Securus Technologies has contributed tremendously to the correctional industry. Inmates have relied on the company’s ability to produce a great many excellent communications systems to those in need of them. Video visitation is one of the more appreciated services Securus Technologies provides. To raise awareness about video visitation, Securus Technologies is launching a multi-state campaign to draw attention to the excellent benefits of video visitation.


Video visitation is performed via an app on a mobile phone or through a desktop computer. Video visitation delivers a lot more than just audio as is the case with a standard phone call. Video visitation allows inmates and their families to actually see one another. This allows for a more personal and appealing connection between loved ones. During the holidays, video visitation is surely appreciated. Likely, any and all uses of video visitation are going to be appreciated.


As Securus Technologies points out, video visitation is frequently easier to engage in than in-person meetings. Some relatives live too far away to make in-person visits. There are costs and other issues associated with traveling. Video visitation adds great convenience to the equation, which many inmates rely on to stay in touch with family and friends.


How Fabletics Took Online Retail Into The Mainstream

Making A Name In Online Shopping
Online retail is a booming business and fashion is no exception to that. Freed from many of the restraints of brick and mortar stores online retailers can offer their customers a shopping experience and product uniquely fit to each individual. Fabletics a great example of this approach to business coming to life. Customers subscribe to and fill out a survey to give the website a better understanding of your individual tastes and lifestyle choices. This business model is so successful Fabletics has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in a matter of a few years.

The Origin Story
Fabletics is the brain child of Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. After seeing the smashing success of JustFab Goldenberg and Ressler wanted to repeat this success with a brand focused more athletics. To make sure the brand really took off they enlisted the help of Kate Hudson. Just like Kimora Lee Simmons gave JustFab a needed touch of star power Kate Hudson is giving Fabletics exactly what it needs to thrive as a brand. She offers star talent and excellent management to Fabletics.

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More Than A Fashion Brand
Although Fabletics is an extremely successful clothing retailer it has a purpose well beyond this. The Fabletics model uses serious innovation to bring subscribers the personalized clothing the brand specializes in. Kate Hudson works with Ressler and Goldenberg to spread awareness of this reality and everything it will entail. She speaks out about the technical side of Fabletics and the “inclusiveness” of the brand. Fabletics is a brand for a broad and diverse demographic. She wants to make sure everyone sees the brand for what it is worth. It seems Hudson is successfully expanding the Fabletics consumer appeal. The store is now spreading into the physical world.

From The Internet Into The Real World
Fabletics has recently made the move in physical retail with the opening of brick and mortar stores in 6 locations. Offering consumers the same quality service they find online these stores aim to change the way fashion stores operate. There are even plans to open up stores in more than 100 new locations. If it sees the same success the other ventures of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have there’s no doubt about Fabletics’ future. There is a need in the market and Fabletics is filling that need just fine.

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Eric Pulier, The World’s Techno-philanthropist

Eric Pulier is from Teaneck, New Jersey and studied graduated from Harvard University with a BA in 1984. He has an impressive resume including being a published writer, in Forbes magazine; a successful entrepreneur, having founded several successful companies; working for President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, Mr. Pulier set up and ran “Bridge to the 21st Century” a commemoration of their second inauguration.

What stands out in Eric Pulier’s biography is his approach to philanthropy. He has a particular knack for giving back using a technological approach. When Mr. Pulier was younger he created a multimedia training program for the Multiple Sclerosis Society to help people learn more about their devastating disease. Mr. Pulier went on to be the founding donor of the ACE Foundation, an organization that concentrates on molding how software is created and used to help solve the world’s most urgent challenges. Eric Pulier has helped children with chronic illnesses by donating capital supporting Starlight Foundation which links hospitals using a virtual environment. He is currently a financial donor to X-Prize, the exciting non-profit that holds competitions to create technology for the greater good.

Eric Pulier’s constant coupling of technology and philanthropy is an exciting and needed undertaking. This guarantees that with the lightning-quick growth of technology there will be advances in solving the challenges we face in the world. With these charitable endeavors and his many other philanthropic activities and accomplishments, Pulier is a techno-philanthropist helping change the world for the better, one gigabyte at a time.

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Thor Havlorssen: A Human Rights Advocate

Thor Halvorssen is the founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation located in New York. He is of Norwegian and Venezuelan descent. His passion for human rights and ones individual liberties have taken precedence over everything else for him. His family’s history has been one filled with great tragedy and it provides a better understanding where his passion for humanity stems from. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Halvorssen’s father was murdered in a Caracas prison, after bravely exposing Venezuela’s government corruption. His mother was also murdered in a protest against Hugo Chavez, the former president of Venezuela. His cousin currently stands as a political prisoner behind the walls of the Venezuelan prison system. He has a great love of people and most of all a love for those that stand up against tyranny.

Thor is also a film producer as well as a humanitarian. His films have focused on public policy, public interest, advocacy and the rights and civil liberties of individuals. His production and film work have also come with a price.

In 2010, as he and a cameraman were in the city of Ho Chi Minh to interview a patriarch of of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, the authorities badly beat him as recompense for sneaking in and interviewing the man that had spent 28 years under house arrest and whose church had been banned. He was placed under arrest and later released.

Thor has also founded the Oslo Freedom Forum. It is gathering that occurs very year and many of his peers have praised as a Human Rights festival. He is also a Patron of the Children’s Peace movement “On Own Feet”, which is based in the Czech Republic. His life and work continues to be a testament to his passion for humans and their freedoms.

The Human Rights Foundation is a small team of 12 and their work extends the globe. Their goal is to bring awareness to authoritarianism and political prisoners, as much as to advocate for the rights often taken away from humans in closed societies.

Equities First Holdings, Your Best Business Partner!

Equities First Holdings is a global lender and advisor in alternative financing solutions. The bank has been seeing more transactions in the margin and stock based loans in economic state where money lending institutions have hardened the entire lending criteria. It has become the appropriate alternative for individuals who need to raise capital within a short time. It’s also convenient for those who may be disqualified for more conventional credit based loans.

The founder and CEO of EFH, Al Christy, views the loans collateralized by stocks as better alternatives for raising capital. They also offer alternative borrowing opportunities for potential investors.

Equities First Holdings specializes in stock-based loans

Stock-based loans offer minimal restrictions. With these types of loans, the money can be used in a variety of ways and the bank does not demand the particulars. This ensures the client will pay at a reduced interest rate that is fixed at 4% or even lower. All loans carry some risk. Their customers are still allowed to leave the transaction without any attached obligations.The stock for a business can be used as collateral. That gives the investor the added advantage of accessing a loan to spend on anything.

Those who would benefit most from Equities First Holdings are: Christy observes that all stock-based loans have an advantage compared to margin loans. That is because they provide a higher loan to value ratio. They also have a fixed interest rate that ensures confidence throughout the entire transaction.

Those who wish to raise capital quickly: It’s the best option for those who want to access capital within a short period. That is because one doesn’t have to provide a lot of documentation to qualify for the loan. They are issued against stocks, and that’s all you need.Those who do not qualify for other bank loans: Equities First Holding will provide loans to those who are not eligible for other bank loans. This is because they have fewer restrictions as compared to traditional loans. Their interest rates are also comparatively low and friendly. They take in those borrowers who are cast out by the frustrating bank restrictions.

To sum up, Equities First Holdings is an appropriate money lending option for investors all over the world. With its incredibly low-interest rates and fewer restrictions, it is what any business person can ever dream of!

Keith Mann: If He Can Do It, He Will

People like Keith Mann are the types of people that if they can do something and something is within their reach, they are going to go out and do it. They are not big on excuses. That is why he is proud of his work at Dynamics Search Partners. Anything in life worth having does not come easy and is not handed to someone. They have to go out of their way to earn it the old fashioned way. That is the way of the world now and that is a good thing. He sees a lot of that can-do spirit in the young adults of today and the youth.


Keith Mann knows they want a better life and they have the skills to get it done and accomplish it. Sometimes all they need is a little guidance and a little help. A lot of people are very prideful and there is nothing wrong with being prideful, but it can sometimes get in the way of the bigger picture which is education. That means a great deal to Keith Mann with his work with The Uncommon School Districts. In fact, he looks for young adults that are uncommon. He knows they have the talent, the desire, and the will to succeed.


They do not rest on their laurels and they do not just settle in their lives. They are willing to push themselves. That is what motivates him to run fundraisers at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, which ended up raising over twenty-two thousand dollars. This is money that is well spent and there is a lot of planning that goes into this. It is not easy to get everyone together and set up an event like this. For Keith Mann, though, he knows it is worth it and he would do it as many times as possible if he could. As stated, if he can do it, he will.


He is not an individual that is just going to shrug his shoulders and say “Oh well.” He is not built that way and he does not operate that way on any level.

Thor Halvorssen Swining Hammer At Kim Jong Un

Thor Halvorssen is standing up to the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, despite death threats from the totalitarian leader. Mr Halvorssen is the 39-year-old founder of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation plays a hands-on roll within his foundation’s ranks. And in 2013, he was “balloon bombing” North Korea.

Balloon bombing isn’t what it sounds like. Thor, along with his 12-person staff, travelled to South Korean border towns in order to release balloons over the border to the Northern part of the country. These balloons were filled with informational pamphlets, DVDs of American pop culture, as well as cash. The Human Rights Foundation hoped that North Korean citizens stumbled upon the balloons on the other side of the border. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

The information contained in the balloons is contraband in northern Korea. Simply owning an American DVDs is punishable by time in a labor camp. But it is through education that Thor Halvorssen hopes to bring down the unilateral dictator of the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea.

In the timing couldn’t have been any better. The movie The Interview was released that year. The sophomoric comedy film portrayed two imbecilic friends traveling to North Korea in order to assassinate the supreme leader.

The actual supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, did not take kindly to the release of the film. He instructed his government to hack the Sony Corporation in retaliation. It was a time when the whole world was paying attention to North Korea.

And jumping on these pop-culture trends is exactly how Thor Halvorssen has risen in the world of human rights. When most human rights foundation’s cater to celebrities in order to broaden their appeal, Thor Halvorssen attacks celebrities on social media when they cater to unilateral dictators. Thor recently wrote an open letter to Nikki Minaj for playing a private concert for the unilateral dictator of Angola.

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen’s family has been in the political upheaval business for a while. His father was imprisoned in Venezuela and tortured for his political beliefs, while his mother was shot at a political protest in New York City.

Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

White Shark Media Continues to Master Success

White Shark Media is an amazing marketing agency in the digital space. White Shark Media delivers beneficial solutions. It strives to provide optimal solutions for small and/or medium growing businesses. White Shark Media is recognized by many as the quickest growing agency in the digital space for North America. This marketing agency continues to earn such a positive and trustworthy reputation. White Shark Media has been able to successfully provide cost-effective campaigns for Search Marketing. It provides a topnotch experience.


White Shark Media continues to do an amazing job at helping corporations. This marketing agency continues to help thousands of corporations. White Shark Media helps corporations to develop and utilize advertising strategies online. White Shark Media helps corporations across America to be able to endeavor in great success. This agency thoroughly tracks all of the clients efforts regarding marketing and relays the information with comprehensive detail. White Shark Media is able to provide comprehensive detail and efficient results because the agency is topnotch at providing Google Analytics, has established economical intellect and exclusive recording software, and is trustworthy for being accountable with its clients each and every month.


Since its establishment in 2011 White Shark Media has advanced tremendously. The agency continues to make an impressive mark in the industry. White Shark Media continues to have clients that are committed to this amazing agency for more than 3 years. This agency also has more than 150 employees. White Shark Media has mastered some marketing tools such as Bing Ads, Google Analytics, AdWords Search and Display Advertising.


White Shark Media always aims towards a successful and beneficial experience. This agency maintains amazing values that continue to stay strong and evident. This marketing agency is very engaged with its clients. The agency treats its clients as business partners and is fully committed to be there each step of the way. White Shark Media embraces change and promotes innovation. This agency makes sure to be adaptable to change in such a fast growing economy. White Shark Media is strategically able to build a foundation of trust and success for ongoing years. White Shark Media always delievers beyond the required expectations. It is committed to pushing through the limits and challenging capability. White Shark Media makes sure that the client is provided with fast service.


In conclusion, White Shark Media is an amazing and dedicated marketing agency that aims to go beyond excellence.

Bob Reina Uses His Company To Spread His Charitable Spirit

Bob Reina has said many times that “With great success comes greater responsibility”. This statement is true not only in how he lives his life but how he runs his company, Talk Fusion. Since its opening in 2007, Talk Fusion has made it part of their mission to help people weather it is building futures, making dreams come true, or sometimes just simply giving back to communities around the world. The idea is woven into the very fabric of Talk Fusion’s culture, and under Reina’s leadership he is always striving to find more for the company and himself to do.

Reina has been running Talk Fusion for roughly a decade now. He found his way into the video communication market when he was met with the struggle of sending and receiving videos online. He knew there had to be a way to make it work and that idea was the birth of Talk Fusion.

Along with his hard work and dedication to building Talk Fusion. Reina has spent a lot of his personal time and money giving back to his community in Florida. Reina helped find a new dog for the service protection citizens in the K-9 Unit in the Sheriff’s Office in Hillsborough, Florida. Reina loves his community and loves animals, in fact he often brings his own dog to work in his office.

Great influencers lead by example because they know the giving spirit is contagious and Reina is no exception. He made a record breaking $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay as well as his generous donation to an Indonesian orphanage. He uses his vision to change lives through his actions and those same actions are repeated throughout his company and associates in more than 140 countries. He recently started a program that allows Talk Fusion Associates to donate a free account to the charity of their choice. The plan is the Custom Monthly Plan, the company’s very best plan, and will be a wonderful tool for charities to grown their companies.

His goal to find new and effective ways to help people reach their goals is what Talk Fusion’s business opportunity is all about. There are an overwhelming amounts of success stories from the company’s Associates over the years, but for Reina it is all about one thing, changing lives.

Details of the lawsuit by Relmada against Laidlaw

Relmada Therapeutics recently added to the claims in its lawsuit against the Laidlaw Company. According to Relmada Therapeutics, Laidlaw disclosed its confidential information. There are also alleges that Laidlaw gave misguiding information which they had to respond to. Relmada Therapeutics says it will need compensation on the claims. Laidlaw and two of its officials James Ahern and Matthew Eitner were given a restraining order. Relmada has kept their stakeholders informed on the proceedings of the lawsuit officially through letters.

The two companies were brought together by business. Laidlaw was the investment banker of Relmada Therapeutics. They began having problems when Laidlaw acted on Relmada’s intention to seek more investors without their knowledge. In my opinion, Laidlaw should have offered their advice on the best investors or involve Relmada in seeking investors. There were previous attempts to improve the relationship between these companies, but they were not successful.

Relmada has incurred losses following the actions of Laidlaw. This has also been reflected in the drop in their prices in the stock market. I believe that this is the reason why the company is claiming monetary compensation. Laidlaw has previously been accused of going against financial regulations and state laws.

Laidlaw was previously known as Sands Brothers International Ltd. The company provides financial services including investment banking and giving advice on the management of funds and wealth. Laidlaw is led by Mr. Matthew Eitner as the CEO and Mr. James Ahern as Managing Partner. Because of their positions, the two are greatly involved in the company’s activities.

The Laidlaw Company operates in the United States and the United Kingdom. It has its headquarters in New York. The company has also planned to expand in Europe. This is to allow for the provision of services to more people. There have also been some changes in the executive team to ease the expansion process.