The Career of James Dondero

James Dondero has managed to help a lot of clients build their portfolios over the years. He has reigned for more than three decades in credit and equity markets. A large part of his focus during his career has been on high-yield investing. James dondero is a very wealthy CEO that has been able to rise in the ranks as an important financial business leader.

He is the co-founder of Highland capital, and he has been able to build a investment company where clients have been able to preserve their wealth and build a diverse portfolio by way of consultants that were under his leadership.

Long before James Dondero became the president of Highland Capital he was a part of the American Express family. In his position with this credit card company James worked as a bond analyst in the early stages of his career. With American Express he would also work as a portfolio manager.

It is in these positions that James would begin a career in finance where he was able to totally improve upon his skills in learning about various investing options. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia. Dondero has a degree in accounting and finance. He’s well-equipped for handling high executive-level decisions because he has certifications as a certified public accountant and a certified management accountant.

James Dondero is currently the chairman of Nexbank, and this will prove to be a great way for Nexbank to build a greater customer base. James has a lot of credibility for successfully leading financial organizations, and his role with nexbank will be something that helps this financial institution become a major player in communities outside of the state of Texas.

Highland capital is a organization that specializes in the management of hedge funds. This is where James Dondero has made his wealth as a businessman. He has been able to help lots of clients build their wealth as he climbs the corporate ladder. He has consultants that are working under his leadership that manage as much as 20 billion annually.

James Dondero has become a very successful investor that has been able to help many people invest in things that can yield a high return on investment. He is a very sought-after business man that knows about lots of different areas of investing and financial management. His experience in finance has given him many leadership opportunities.

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Betsy DeVos – A Woman of Conviction

Betsy DeVos – An Introduction to the Woman Behind the Charity and More

Betsy and her husband Dick have been beyond blessed in this lifetime. That alone is a vast understatement of the most epic proportions, for this lady and her husband alone have done more good than can be counted – and they’re still not done in this glorious fight. In fact, Betsy constantly notes that there is always room for improvement in charitable contributions and that the work is never truly done, for there’s always someone else in need of dire help, and that will always present the next exciting chapter in giving; this woman’s way of thinking is truly an inspiration to any young female entrepreneur seeking a path to follow and an example to model. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

Betsy DeVos and Trump

Perhaps its for these divine qualities themselves, and something more, that President Donald J. Trump chose Betsy to be his Education Secretary in the first place. As a wise leader of many years, with success proven that is beyond count or question, President Trump has certainly shown that he knows how to pick talent; he recognizes it from a mile away as they say. In this case, it presented itself as the lovely and talented, unique Betsy DeVos – who also had plenty of years of experience in the political fight. Indeed, she had more than 30 years in the senate office and committee and has campaigned, hedge funded, strategized, spoken out and much more; she has done it all and lived to fight another day. That’s what America loves about her.

Contributions and More

Betsy and her husband have given millions of dollars away in the last 30 years, but that’s not all; in fact, these donations become mere small numbers on the scale in comparison to all the work that is still to be done as both DeVoses state. In her many years in office, Betsy has financially supported multiple conservative or Republican candidates of good morale, countless churches and healthy schools and their programs, missions organizations, grassroots movements and more. Among these donations stand a few worthy of extra note: Giving $400,000 to the Department of Educational Justice, as one can imagine, is no small feat. Neither is contributing $150,000 to the Success Academy Charter Schools of Greater New York City nor $305,000 both to The Boy Scouts of America and to The Grand Rapids Christian School Association, respectively. In addition, Betsy and Dick have given $50,000 to the Ada Christian Schools Society, $1,000 to The Christian Schools International, $250,000 to The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and even $400,000 to Art Prize Grand Rapids. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Lingerie Retailer Honey Birdette Annojnces Ambitious Plans

Honey Birdette has recently been seen as one of the leading retailers expected to grow across 2017 and 2018 in both Europe and North America. In its home market of Australia, Honey Birdette has grown from a startup in 2006 to operating more than 50 stores and completing a high volume of Online sales for its range of luxury lingerie and adult products; the latest step to be taken by Honey Birdette will see the brand target some of the most impressive locations across Europe for developing its already impressive stable of brick and mortar stores.

The first foray of Honey Birdette into Europe came with the opening of the London Covent Garden flagship store located close to major international retailers such as Zara, which was followed by two further locations opening for the brand in the south of England. An announcement had already been made of 10 stores planned to be opened across 2017 and 2018 in some of the top locations in the U.K. with sales reaching such high levels the brand is now set to open a further 27 stores by the close of 2018.

The evolution of the retail industry now sees the retail industry taking in more than just physical locations as E-commerce continues to grow across most sectors of the industry. Honey Birdette has seen its Online sales in North America boosted by 374 percent across the last year and prompted the development of a dedicated North American Web-based sales platform.

As a retailer, Honey Birdette has sought to develop a range of new offers and deals designed to boost sales and retain the interest of consumers, including the introduction of a new fashion line every week.

The growth of Honey Birdette has been impressive over the last two years after the brand announced a turnover at the end of 2015 of more than $26 million and a profit of over $1 million as the brand celebrated a decade in existence.

Talos Energy, 1st To Drill in Mexico since 1938

Talos Energy LLC, Premier Oil Plc, and Sierra Oil & Gas began oil drilling May 21, 2017 in waters around Mexico. This is the first well to be drilled by anyone other than Petroleos Mexicanos since 1938 when Mexico’s oil industry was placed under government control. The well is in 546 feet (166 meters) of water. (

Mexico has been reforming their energy industry. In 2015 the three companies won bidding rights when Mexico opened their oil industry to private investors. 100-500 million barrels of oil are speculated to be produced from the well in the waters off the state of Tabasco. Talos Energy holds 35% stake, Premier Oil owns 25% and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas hold 40% state in the enterprise. The well off the Sureste Basin in Mexico is a Zama-1 well.

Talos Energy LLC is a Houston based company and was formed in 2012. Timothy S. Duncan is the President and CEO of Talos Energy LLC. Talos Energy’s Facebook page lists their expertise as “exploring and producing offshore hydrocarbons in the US Gulf of Mexico region as well as offshore Mexico”. Business development activities are also part of Talos Energy. They are able utilize 10.2 million acres of seismic inventory for JV’s and farm-in’s. Talos Energy LLC has $600 million in equity. (

The management team for Talos Energy LLC has worked together for over 10 years. They have developed a brilliant portfolio of investment opportunities. Talos is committed to environmentally compliant and safe operations to produce oil and gas for global energy needs. Talos’s goal in the Gulf of Mexico is to continue to locate “optimal drilling locations within their existing portfolio”. (

Talos Energy LLC was named the best workplace by WorkplaceDynamics . In Duncan’s words “This is an environment where we’re all going to row the boat together”. ( Everyone involved with the company receives equity.

Paid Advertising With White Shark Media

There is always a need for advertising. One of the reasons that people need to advertise is that their company needs to be seen by others. This is especially the case with online companies because people are not going to just discover the company all their own. For one thing, many people have their set of websites that they visit on a regular basis. The only way that one is going to be able to gain exposure is through advertising. Therefore, people need to come up with a really catchy advertising campaign in order to get the customers.

There are advertising agencies that are willing to help customers come up with an advertising campaign because it takes a long time to be able to come up with something that is effective. It involves a lot of research such as looking at the trends of the market. Another thing to look at is any competition that may be in effect. This is something that takes a lot more time than anyone can afford. This is why it is important for people to find an advertising agency that is willing to help out with everything. One good advertising agency to look into is White Shark Media.

White Shark Media has a lot of experience and expertise in advertising and marketing. Therefore, they know exactly what to do for each client. They have also adjusted their business model as they went along. One good thing is that they have listened to their clients on what they can do. A sign of a good company is one that is always looking for ways to improve on their services. They also want to make sure that their clients are okay with the services that they are provided. After all, the clients need to make money so that they can provide White Shark Media with more business.


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ClassDojo | Excellent Classroom Teaching App

ClassDojo is an efficient communication app used in classrooms by students, teachers, and parents. It allows easy, instant, and constant communication between teachers and parents about the latter’s kids’ activities, academic, general, and social conduct development in class and school. In the ClassDojo app, students are represented by googly-eyed monsters that they can customize to fit the avatars they love. When a student portrays a remarkable attribute, they earn dojo points.

Why is ClassDojo an Effective Classroom Management Tool?

  1. Saves Time

The ClassDojo app saves time because its use is straightforward. Teachers record the conduct and accomplishment of a student using a click.

  1. Data Sharing

ClassDojo has made it easy to share classroom data between teachers and parents allowing the latter to remain in the loop when it comes to the progress of their children. Teachers record the daily conduct and behaviors of their students and later share them with parents through emails. This has also reduced the numerous parent-teacher meetings that are time-consuming.

  1. Improves Student Organization and Behavior

The app is useful when organizing classes. Teachers use it to award negative and positive points to individuals and groups. They later award students for their accumulated dojo points.

  1. Increased Parental Involvement

Parents follow the daily progress of their kids through the ClassDojo app. It is useful for guiding parent-kids conversations at home. Student activities are shared through videos and photos that are uploaded to the app throughout the day.

  1. Instant Messaging

ClassDojo allows seamless instant communication between teachers and parents with tight schedules.

  1. Calms Children’s Concerns

Parents and teachers face a hard time trying to calm the concerns of students. ClassDojo has made this easy since posted photos and videos, as well as dojo points for participation, boost the confidence of students allowing them to increase peer cooperation and classroom participation.

ClassDojo is an excellent app that is not only useful but also convenient. It establishes meaningful connections and communication lines between parents, students, and teachers.


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Why Investors Choose Equity First Holdings

Equity First Holdings is an international private firm that provides a financial solution to its clients, beginning its operations in 2002. The Company has its headquarters in Perth, London, Sydney, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong which monitor on service delivery. Equities provide business security in their lending services for investors. They usually give stock-based loans globally as the firm evaluates your stocks, bond, and treasures to estimate how your business will perform in future. The company focuses on ensuring that their clients meet their financial challenges. They work in close collaboration with trading institutions so that they can get advice and guidance on public stock across the world.

Equity has grown in popularity each day due to the efficient supply of liquidity through a transparent and secure process. The clients benefit a lot from its services as it brings a solution to the problem with the traditional methods of borrowing. The traditional lending has many regulations which you have to adhere to get your loan. With equities getting a loan is fast as you don’t have to meet many qualifications. The rate of interest in the equity first Holdings is fixed to all investors and saves them of in fluctuates familiar with commercial banks. The stock-based loans also come with a high credit value, and this makes the investors choose their services. If you need working capital, do not hesitate as equity provides no purpose loan so you can have a ready money anytime to help your business run well. If you are unable to pay the loan, you can as well walk away on the credit as you already have security in your shares. The equity will be in charge of your shares in the stock market, unlike banks who will liquidate borrowers collateral immediately they unable to pay.

The Entrepreneur behind Manaira Shopping Mall

The Brazilian Businessman, Roberto Santiago is known for thriving in the mall industry in Brazil. Santiago who was born in July 1958, owns the Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping mall. He went to Pio X-Marist College then later went to University of Canter Joao Pessoa where he acquired a degree in Business Administration. According to Santiago, the base of his career was the cartonnage company which he started before he built the Manaira shopping mall. The mall offers a variety of services to residents of Joao Pessoa, and it attracts people living in the entire of Brazil. It is known for its exceptional products and services. Santiago began his career in a café found in Santa Rosa. He then launched a company that would manufacture decorative and utilitarian products. Since the commencement of the company and the restaurant, his career has been successful. Roberto Santiago has a passion and love for sporting. He has been awarded with many trophies in motocross and kart champions.

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The Manaira shopping mall

The Roberto Santiago shopping mall is the largest mall in the local area. It is located in Paraiba, and it is termed as the largest in the country. Its main aim is to reinforce the relationship with its customers. Its main purpose is to provide customers with fun, comfort, and leisure. It contains a large, modern and unique art cinema and a stadium with 3D rooms. In the mall, is a gourmet space suitable for people who wish to have calmness moments. It has one of the largest halls in Brazil; the hall has a capacity of 4,000 sitting while 10,000 people can stand. It is one stop shopping mall with a variety of food, entertainment, clothes, art and general shopping. The urban dwellers of Paraiba state do their shopping and enjoy fun delicacies from the mall.

About Robert Santiago

The businessman is well known as one of the prominent moguls in Brazil. His main aim is to ensure Brazil is a better place for residents and tourists to shop. He achieves this goal by ensuring that the Manaira mall provides its clients with what they want. His success is attributable to his efforts, passion, and commitment. His advice to young entrepreneurs is to make their dreams a reality as early as possible. Today, Roberto Santiago is earning the fruits of his labor as he has seen his dream come into reality. His successful business will cater for generations behind him, and hence he is seen as one of the successful aging men. Apart from being a businessman and developing Manaira mall, Santiago used to write catchy articles and started his blog which gained him a good reputation. In addition to his writing skills, he has excellent directing and production skills. In the mall industry, he not only owns Manaira Mall but Mangabeira mall as well. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

Mikhail Blagosklonny And His Leadership Of Oncotarget

Mikhail Blagosklonny is the leader of Oncotarget, and he knows how simple it is to improve the research in the medical field. He has ensured that the journal has expanded to meet the needs of many researchers, and he believes that each researcher he serves has a better chance of putting forth research that makes a difference. This article explains how Mikhail Blagosklonny Does his work, and it shows that he has a new spin on the medical journal that will help those fighting cancer.

#1: What Is Oncotarget?

Oncotarget is a large medical journal that focuses on cancers and cancer-related issues. It is published online for easy access, and it offers a number of options for the researcher who wishes to submit. These authors may submit their work at any time, and they will find that the journal gives them many chances to publish. There is a review panel, and they give good feedback that changes the scope of each research project. Read more on

#2: The Review Panel

The review panel at Oncotarget is an important part of the process as they look over every article that has been submitted. They will send back feedback to the writer, and they will publish anything that they believe is ready. The review panel moves quickly to find information about each article, and they will move to publish as soon as possible.

#3: Why Oncotarget?

This journal is quite simple to read, and it has an archive online that helps people read the information that they believe is most important to them. There are many different people who wish to read the archives because they know that there is an article that could help them. These readers will learn things that range from the exercise and diet they should use to the medications and therapies that are prescribed.

#4: Reading For The Layperson

The layperson who is reading Oncotarget online will find it quite simple to use the articles, print them and share them with others. Mikhail Blagosklonny wanted his journal to be easy to use, and he knows that anyone who reads online will find it quite important to see something that is written on their level. There are quite a few people who will come to this journal because it is not loaded with medical jargon, and it does not assume that the reader has a medical degree.

#5: Working On Numerous Projects

The projects that are sent in to Oncotarget are quite various, and the publisher wishes to use the projects to spark interest. The people who are working with Mikhail Blagosklonny will want to see the projects released in a timely manner so that they may enjoy the new articles. View his LinkedIn profile

There are many people who will learn from reading Oncotarget every day, and there are many different people who will begin to read this because they need help with a cancer diagnosis. They may help someone they love, and they will figure out what may be done to help them find the cure.

Yanni Hufnagel knows that Good Coaching is Good Recruiting

A good NCAA coach understands that recruiting is essential to success. They know that if their school is going to win games and championships, then they will need the best talent to accomplish this goal. So, a coach knows that he better have a good eye for spotting exceptional talent. If not, chances are his program is going to suffer.

Yanni Hufnagel understands this point all too well. This is why he consistently took underdog teams and made them into champions within a given season. He knows how to get the best recruits in the country. His past 10 years of experience has helped him to become one of the most talented assistant coaches in the nation. In time, he should go to become one of the best head coaches in the game of college basketball.

Yanni Hufnagel provided his knowledge to various college positions throughout his decade of coaching. He first began coaching at the University of Oklahoma and it lasted from 2007 – 2009. He helped to develop Blake Griffin who currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. During his time at Oklahoma he has helped the sooners to win 53 games in 2 years. The Sooners also advanced to the Elite Eight of the NCAA tournament in 2009. This is just one way that Yanni Hufnagel has proven that he is a great asset to any team.

Yanni Hufnagel further developed his recruiting talents at Harvard University from 2009 – 2013. He managed to get some top-rated talent on the team which helped the school to be very successful during his tenor. He managed to recruit and develop players such as Jeremy Lin who now plays for the Brooklyn Nets. Yanni Hufnagel is a wise recruiter, a knowledgeable coach and has an amazing eye for talent. He thoroughly understands that good coaching begins with good recruiting.


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