Helpful To-do List Tips From Upwork

What is more stressful than knowing you have a large list of things to complete and not knowing how to effectively tackle it? There aren’t many things I can think of. The stress of your boss or your spouse adding more to your list could seem unbearable. Here are a few tips I found on Upwork that will help complete your list more efficiently, faster and most importantly, with less stress.

First you should break your very large tasks into smaller tasks. This is referred to as “Zooming Out”. This gives you smaller tasks within the larger task to complete that will make the task seem less stressful. If you have a list of smaller tasks and you are continually crossing them off, psychologically that builds a boost in momentum for you. By doing this, you will soon see that by breaking up a large task into smaller ones will help you meet your deadlines more often.

Doing tasks in batches is a very effective method. If you have multiple phone calls to make, try to do them one after another. By doing this you will see that you have built up momentum and you will complete them much faster than trying to stop between them to work on another task and then trying to go back. Try making a list of similar tasks that you can lump together and free up more time and get more work completed.

Take note of energy levels needed to complete certain tasks. This is important because if you have higher taxing tasks, you tackle them when you have more energy. This will boost your productivity and enable you to get more done. Tasks that require less energy can be done later in the when you have depleted more energy and can get through the other tasks with much less effort.

These are what seem like simple tips are so effective and can be used daily to help you succeed. I have begun using these tips in my daily life and I am more than happy with the results they have brought about.


Mr. Robert E. Deignan, otherwise called Rob lives in Sioux City, IA. He is a Partner and Senior Counsel of Baker and McKenzie. He was involved in six companies and already held different administrative positions in the firm for more than 35 years. He fills in as a member of Advisory Board at White Oak Partners, LLC. He has critical involvement in the territories of land and development, where he exhorts residential and outside property engineers and speculators. Mr. Deignan speaks to various contractual workers and engineers in the US.

Education Background

Robert Deignan attended St. Thomas Aquinas High school from the year 1988 to 1992. He excelled and joined Purdue University, Indiana from the year 1992 to 1995 where he pursued an undergraduate degree in Business Management. He received a distinction in Organizational leadership. Deignan is among the co-founders of that was registered as Domestic for the Profit Corporation in Florida in December 1998. The company is currently not active. He worked as the president of the company for two years and nine months and then resigned.

Career in Business

In June 2002, Robert Deignan joined is3 Inc., privately held and incorporated computer software company located in Boynton Beach, Florida. It was established in 1991. It is an organization that creates items for shopper and organizations that guarantees web security and give specialized assistance. He worked as an Executive Vice president for nine years and one month.

After resigning from is3 Inc., Robert Deignan was among the founders of ICE, LLC– Inbound Call Experts, Limited Liability Company. It was later renamed as Advanced Tech Support (ATS) digital service. He is currently working there as the Chief Executive Officer. He has been working for six years and nine months. ATS Digital Services is devoted to guaranteeing that its clients get the best administration and items. In 2016, they established App-Esteem Corporation, drove by veterans from the cyber security business.


Robert Deignan is a successful businessman with great leadership skills. He has vast experience working with various companies since 1998 and with more than 30 years of consolidated involvement in purchaser programming and online client procurement.

Dr. Mark McKenna, Innovative Medical Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna is a renowned plastic surgeon and medical entrepreneur who is best known as the founder of OVME medical aesthetics. Dr. McKenna received his medical degree from the Tulane University School of Medicine, and he worked at his father’s general medicine practice for five years before transitioning into the world of business as an entrepreneur. Using money he earned from his father’s practice and from moonlighting as a prison physician, Dr. Mark McKenna began to invest in real estate, and prior to Hurricane Katrina, his Louisiana real estate business was worth nearly $5 million USD.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s business was devastated by the hurricane, but he soon recovered. By 2007, he had founded ShapeMed, a fee-for-service aesthetic medicine clinic that he funded himself. Dr. McKenna remained the leader of ShapeMed until 2014, when he sold the business to LifeTime Fitness. In 2015 he founded McKenna Creative Investments, based in New Orleans, and most recently, he introduced his OVME concept in 2017.

OVME is an aesthetic medicine practice that uses state of the art medical technology to treat their patients. Among the many services that OVME offers are Botox/Dysport injections, lip fillers, microneedling, and testosterone replacement therapy for male baldness. OVME also features a cutting-edge weight management program that uses patient DNA analysis to analyze body composition and craft a personalized weight management plan.

In the name of personalized care, OVME also offers membership packages that include benefits like exclusive discounts, same-day Botox injections and free monthly treatments. The entire OVME experience is designed to allow patients to customize their aesthetic healthcare experience, and the goal of the entire OVME staff is to craft individual solutions for each patient. The OVME clinic recently opened on March 1st on Peachtree Road in Atlanta.

Dr. Mark McKenna graduated with an M.D. from the Tulane University School of Medicine in 1999. He has career experience in both healthcare and business, and he has combined the two as a medical entrepreneur. Dr. McKenna currently supports several charitable organizations, most notably the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and he also sits on the board of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

LimeCrime is Making Makeup Magical

Launched in 2008, LimeCrime was born out of a search to find makeup that would match founder Doe Deere’s Halloween look. Deere, who’s dubbed herself the Unicorn Queen and a rebel at heart, wanted something vibrant and playful that would standout in a crowd and on the cosmetics market. The brand’s slogan “makeup for unicorns” sums up the colorful, imaginative nature of their products. The brand focuses on makeup as a form of self-expression instead of a way to disguise imperfections. When asked about her company, Deere replied, “I make makeup for girls and boys like me who express themselves unapologetically.” The company was also a pioneer in marketing themselves solely on digital and social media platforms, giving the brand an underground following.

Deere is actively engaged with her brand and incorporates her personal convictions into its culture by 100% vegan and cruelty free products. Vegan makeup has no animal ingredients or byproducts, such as lanolin, whey, carmine, and beeswax often found in cosmetics. All products are cruelty free, which means they were never tested on animals. LimeCrime has a Leaping Bunny Certification, which is the approval of eight different national animal protection organizations, and a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) certification.

Some of the brand’s bestselling products are the Velvetines, a collection of matte liquid lipsticks “inspired by rose petals.” The Velvetines are available in 40 shades, ranging from neutrals to classic reds to blues and purples. Another popular makeup collection is the Venus eye shadow palettes, described as a “mash of Botticelli’s classical painting with the rebellion of the 90s.” The collection has three different palettes, which incorporating brighter colors with grunge scene aesthetics. A recent addition to the brand is Unicorn Hair, a line of do-it-yourself semi-permanent hair dye providing full coverage, tints, and mixers. Unicorn Hair is available in 32 shades, allowing for endless dyeing possibilities when customizing hair color. LimeCrime’s vast array of products all work to make their customers feel like the most vivid, magical version of themselves.

Nick Vertucci Says Real Estate Is All About Networking

You’ve probably heard the old saying when doing a job search that getting hired won’t be about what you know but who you know. That same thing can hold true in real estate when you want to become a property owner and flip those properties for profits. At the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, you can learn how to network and convince others to partner in your investment and provide the capital when you don’t have it. Nick Vertucci founded this academy after retiring from the real estate business and obtaining financial freedom. He had to do the learning for the field on his own, but he made it possible for others to learn his secrets by attending the academy. The NV Real Estate academy website has testimonials of success stories, and Vertucci has one of his own.

Nick Vertucci didn’t come from a rich family or an Ivy League school education at all. His father passed away while he was still young, his mother worked very late hours and he and his siblings found themselves on their own a lot. He spent his late teens and early 20s living out of a vehicle, a time that he considers to be one of the lowest points of his life. He started turning things around when he founded a tech business, and he even began his own family and purchased a home. But things went bad again when the 2000 recession happened, and Nick Vertucci found himself in so much debt that he lost everything except his house.

For nearly two years the hole seemed impossible for Nick Vertucci to climb out of, but he would find his answer at a short seminar event he attended with a friend. The seminar covered various real estate investment principles, some of which he didn’t understand but was determined to learn more about. After doing a great deal of reading and exploring of the field, Vertucci finally decided to jump in and try buying a property. He was able to renovate it and rent it out, and he started buying more as his revenue increased. He started finding more tricks to making hundreds of thousands in profits, and eventually he became a millionaire. He makes it possible for others now by helping them learn how to spot a good real estate deal, and using their vision and creativity to turn the properties into cash flow.

IC System: Unique Company Culture

IC System was founded in 1938, by Jack Erickson, on the premise that they would give their customers ethical and honest service no matter what. IC System is at the cutting edge of the accounts receivable industry because, in 1968, IC Systems decided to be the first collection agency in the United States that replaced their typewriters with computers. Today IC Systems remains ahead by using current collection tools that are meant to help maintain their reputation as one of the more secure collection agencies in the industry. IC Systems improves financial outcomes for customers and clients at large by keeping up with (CFPB, TCPA, 501(r), etc.) (

IC System headquarters is outside of St. Paul Minnesota with the company mission to help individuals improve their financial outcomes. IC System has been nominated for the BBB Torch Award referring to ethics for three years, 2013, 2014, and 2015. IC Systems is about providing accounts receivable services nationwide as well as generously rewarding our employees. IC System prides ourselves in making our workplace a fun and rewarding place to work. IC Systems allows for a flexible schedule. IC Systems is about debt collection, however, collection agency calls are often stressful for customers.

Some collections agencies do not want to bother with making people trust them. Personal information cannot be shared with another party by law. Collection agencies also ask for your full name, address, date of birth, and email just to be sure, which is a requirement of federal law to protect consumers. Collection agencies can’t share all of your information with you at the beginning of the call since they will move on to discussing the nature of your debt. Core values of IC System are to treat people with dignity and respect, to do the right thing, to perform in a way that delivers results that have exceeded expectations, to take pride in what we do, and to find better ways of getting things done. IC System also values honoring employees with a Core Value Award, which recognizes individual efforts to do well in exemplifying one or more company values.


The life of David Giertz.

You might be asking yourself who David Giertz is and what he does. I am about to explain what he does in this article.

David Giertz talks about the way that most people don’t have enough money to live the live they want when they hit retirement age. This proves to be a huge problem and he says that one way this could be fixed is to save money which he understands can be harder said then done. He also talks about the several different ways to make money when you are retired. There are many different programs that kick in futher down the road that most older people need when they retire. There are limits on the several different programs that are around though and when you hit that age of retirement then money really comes down to the savings and the government money kicks in to help with healthcare, and other needs that humans have to have.

David Giertz worked hard to get where he is in life now and has lots of insight on the finical ways that people go through. He works hard to have the life that he has and works hard to make finical experience go to the people that he works with. This is all due to the 30 years of experience that he has. People who work in the united states that are going to become retired make equally the same and pay the same out of the paychecks that help provide the Roth IRA’S. He talks about the people who have made the mistakes they have made when they retired. Those who are retired have to wait several years for Social Security payments to come through. These payments are what keep a lot of the people who are retired keep going.

Patient Safety Is Number One Priority In Plastic Surgery For Dr. Mark Mofid

California is home to many of the hottest plastic surgeons of the generation, and Dr. Mark Mofid is one of them. Mark Mofid owns his own practice in the San Diego region that works with clients all throughout the community in La Jolla and San Diego. Mark has a big reputation behind him these days with a license to practice surgery and board-certifications for his incredible plastic surgery work. Mark earned his education from Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University, which gave him the necessary training to enter the world of plastic surgery.

Mark Mofid also works in the San Diego area as a general surgeon for several hospitals, including Sharp Chula Vista, Palomar Medical, and Scripps Memorial. He also dedicates a lot of his time to consultations and advising others throughout the medical community, both in his own state and around the country. Mark is active in his own community as well as the online community and has published various articles covering his body of work to help spread the growing safety in plastic surgery.

Since first entering the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Mark Mofid has made several improvements, not only to his own procedures but to procedures used around the world. Mark aims for the less invasive procedures and safer methods of plastic surgery while abiding by the highest level of standards. This has allowed Mark to excel in his field, producing some of the highest quality results seen in plastic surgery around the world. This is especially true of gluteal augmentations, which is Mark’s specialty.

Mark Mofid always tries to take the considerations of his patient into account, as each person is unique and will require a unique process to provide the best results. Good bedside manner and good results have allowed Mark to build an extensive client list and he is regularly sought out for his advice as well as his methods. Mark is one of the most popular plastic surgeons who will not perform unnatural surgeries or use implants that are too large for the body, keeping potentially issues to a minimum.


Perry Mandera has been in the logistics and transportation business for over forty years. He is the founder and chief executive officer of his company, The Custom Company incorporation.

He focuses on providing his customers with excellent shipping services. His career started off at the Marines. Perry Mandera’s experience there was in dealing with the transportation of both supplies and troops. The whole experience was instrumental in making him understand the entire business in the shipping industry.

Mandera is also given to philanthropic activities, and this is mostly seen in his dedication to various activities such as giving donations whenever and in whichever form he can. He funds either financially, offering transport facilities or in a materialistic way such as food or clothing to the children’s homes he visits.

His philanthropic activities are however not limited to children but the whole community at large. Mandera doesn’t stop at that; he consults his employees on whether they are aware of people who might be in need of help and in this way he reaches out to a larger number.

Mandera has won various accolades, for example, those that came from ITA. He got the accolade mainly because he strives to provide and include the most recent technology in his business.

Even though there is a more significant number of software that can be used to make his business in transport better, Mandera is not satisfied. He has still employed technical experts that work with the available ones, modifying them to suit an individual’s needs. It is by doing this that his customers can get the best experience working with his company.

Mandera draws his inspiration from some places. Motivational speakers have all the right tools that can be used widely to unlock a person’s full potential, in life and business. His experience in the industry is also a source of inspiration for him. The mistakes that he has made throughout his career have been instrumental in making him the businessman that he is today. Perry Mandera’s religion has also been crucial in helping him make significant decisions about his business, especially when he is in a dilemma.


Desiree Perez Brings Her Instinct, Negotiation Skills and Influence to Roc Nation

Desiree Perez is a great addition to the Roc Nation team. She has been so thorough when it comes to helping people get contract deals closed. It is hard to doubt her talent because people have seen her in action. This is why people come to Roc Nation. They want to get a chance to connect with the powerful negotiator that has been able to close deals that some people may have thought impossible. Desiree has the skills, and Jay-Z is someone that is ready to take full advantage of abilities.

Jay-Z has been able to conjure up some talent down through the days of his career, but most people know him primarily for Desiree Perez’s work in the entertainment business. There are not as many people that are aware of what he is doing when it comes to the business side of things. This is where Desiree Perez comes in. She is someone that has been able to help Jay-Z build Tidal and other services that he has acquired over the years.
She has become this super power player that is able to adapt to different environments and bring forth different types of things that would normally not be possible in the business world. People love the fact that Perez is able to close on those deals that seem difficult. The reason she is able to do this has a lot to do with her background outside of entertainment.

She is someone that has had a hard knock life over the years. She is not just someone that has had a hard time when it comes to being taken seriously as a woman in business. She is also had a hard time when it comes to getting to corporate office positions, but she has managed to pull this off.

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