Graham Edwards’ Telereal and The Value of Work That’s Rooted Beyond Profit

It is a natural thing for any company or business leader to find ways to increase its profit margins. It is essential for a company to not only make sure that these profit margins are sustainable, but are also derived in the most ethical ways possible.

In the case of Graham Edwards, a CPS Research Fellow, the drive to increase profit margins, money and the increased payoff is not the end. It should be beyond money. Most of us are familiar with the idea of doing it for not just monetary reasons, but the fact that Graham Edwards showed it in actions by joining as the Chairman of a New Housing Policy Group means that he can understand that effects are better than words (


The Actions Today

We read from the official website of CPS that it is now expanding its policy studies to what they call the New Generation initiative. It’s hard to put in simple terms what this initiative would be like, but simply put, it is a fantastic way to create new strategies, innovation and other significant efforts to address the pressing, most demanding and most challenging public policy problems today.

The New Generation project would like to propose radical and brave ideas into the policy structures of any state. The four major policy programmes today of New Generation are all focused on text and cost of living, housing, and planning, as well as welfare and business enterprise. There should be a lot of things that would make it easy for people like Graham Edwards to deliver the best performance in this kind of service, but what gives him the drive to address the challenges he has today is his dedication for public service.


About Graham Edwards

Mr. Edwards is the CEO of Telereal since 2001. His position in the company has led to the creation of policies and programs that help stamp Telereal into the limelight. Graham Edwards’s expertise is also necessary for creating the expansion of the company, which is called Telereal Trillium.

One of the most remarkable things that Graham Edwards did for Telereal was the fact that he led the negotiations that gave him the power to acquire Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc.


Stansberry Research: Do-it Yourself Financial Research

Stansberry Research: Financial Research

Stansberry Research was founded in 1999 and is a private ownership American publishing company, with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as having offices in Florida, Oregon and California. Stansberry Research works on investment research, as well as information services product lines, made up of monthly and bi-monthly advising newsletters, which are written by finance editors (Facebook). Stansberry Research works on topics such as natural resources, power of many different kinds, oil and mining company investments as well as the healthcare industry and biotechnology. Value, corporate bond, and alternative investing are also researched along with the company claiming to have subscribers in over 100 countries.

Self-directed investors produce current research that helps investors increase their income. Stansberry offers their own point of view on marketing trends and analysis, which is valuable to investors. Stansberry is one of the most featured research organizations in the financial industry. Stansberry is known for its integrity in editing as well as advice-giving. Writer’s recommendations are quite trusted because of the depth Stansberry articles go into. Some investors mention that their investment income exceeds their retirement income, resulting in growth in wisdom by readers of the Stansberry writings. Stansberry prides itself on having three different types of portfolios, the total portfolio, the income portfolio, and the capital portfolio.

The Total Portfolio has 40 recommendations both safe and commodity stocks. The income portfolio consists of 20-30 recommendations related to fixed income bonds as well as bond funds ( The capital portfolio consists of 20-30 stocks all geared towards contributing to maximum capital gains. Stansberry publications include True Wealth, Retirement Millionaire, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, Commodity Super Cycles, Extreme Value, Stansberry Gold & Silver Investor, Income Intelligence,

All of these newsletters are found in the Total Portfolio, Stansberry’s Credit Opportunities, Stansberry Alpha, Stansberry Big Trade, True Wealth China Opportunities, Retirement Trader and True Wealth Systems, as well as the Income Portfolio.

The Capital Portfolio features up to the True Wealth, Retirement Millionaire, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, Commodity Super Cycles, Extreme Value, and Stansberry Gold & Silver Investor. Stansberry provides investment advice and research for independent portfolio managers who handle it themselves.


The Outstanding Success of Waiakea Water

Companies have different ways of purifying water. However, it is quite challenging to know the best company that offers the purest water. Waiakea Water is one of those brands that have developed the most creative and effective method of purifying water. Drinking eight glasses of water on a daily basis is a habit that most people cannot sustain. Waiakea Water provides alkaline water that has a great taste that can make such a practice easy for anyone.

PH is an important factor that should be considered when looking for water. Different parts of the body require varying levels of pH to sustain body functions and to stay healthy. The recommended water pH that should be consumed is about 7.4. However, most companies offering bottled water do not pay attention to water pH. Such companies provide water of between 4 to 7 pH. The Hawaii volcanic water is entirely different from other brands because its product has a natural pH of 8.8. The high pH of Waiakea water makes it an effective antioxidant that helps the body to stay healthy.

Waiakea is Hawaiian volcanic water that goes through a natural filtration process. The water goes through a series of porous volcanic rocks as a means of filtration. The water runs for about 14,000 feet of rocks at the Mauna Loa Volcano. Some of the minerals that contribute to the alkalinity of water include calcium and magnesium. After the water goes through the rock, it is bottled and ready for consumption.

According to healthcare experts, drinking alkaline water is quite effective in treating acid reflux as compared to acidic water. Waiakea Water can be beneficial in neutralizing the acid in the stomach. In addition to that, the water is good for ensuring body hydration. By consuming Waiakea water on daily basis, an individual can reduce the risk of being infected with Alzheimer’s disease.

Waiakea Water was founded by Ryan Emmons in 2012 when he discovered that the water that his family consumed in Hawaii was special. He said that his family was fortunate enough to access pure, natural and sustainable water. Emmons also decided to design an environmentally friendly packaging. The bottle can easily decompose as compared to other brands.

The End Citizens United is Determined to Win this Reform Battle

Since its establishment in March 2015, the End Citizens United (ECU) has not stopped representing the minority and the common citizens and making their voice count in the political arena. Their mission has always been to bring reforms in the leadership by eliminating the incumbent leaders who are using rigged election systems to keep themselves in their positions. Their aim is to come up with real champions and reformers, finance them and campaign for them to go for those senatorial seats. The financial donations are funded by Political Action Committee (PAC).

End Citizens United is not financed by those huge funding groups but by those grassroots donations with an aim of shutting down the Citizens United which has been funding incumbent leaders who use malpractices to retain and regain their seats. The transparency in the End Citizens United has made many to support them in their reforms campaigns. This is the reason why they have a website that clearly shows what they are doing and various blogs and posts about their current steps and even how you can donate to them. They also provide you with the information on how you can also be part of the movement by posting on your own personal website the reform champions that are on the rise.

With the leadership of Tiffany Muller who is the President and the Executive Director, End Citizens United has seen massive support from the grassroots and this is a great step towards their goal of combating the Big Money 20. The members of the Big Money 20 are mostly associated with Big Oil, Wall Street and even drug companies who they make deals and keep the rigged system in operation but this is what ECU is working towards collapsing it. The total amount ECU is planning to raise is $35 million in all the cycle of 2018 election.

With an average contribution of $14 from each person, the ECU with the help of the grassroots was able to fund 65 members of the Congress with $25 million. These Congress reformers will cater for the interest of all not only the Big Money guys and consequently will change the erroneous political system. One of the latest endorsements of ECU into the United States Senate in Nevada is Jacky Rosen who has been on the forefront of the Congress fight for reforms in financing politics. The voice of the Nevadans has been suppressed for long because of the billionaires and various special interests who the leaders are focused on.

End Citizens United’s  Facebook Page:

David McDonald Wants A Sustainable OSI Group

The truth about companies like OSI is that they are few in numbers and a challenge to maintain. It isn’t everyday that we see a meat deli turn into an international corporation with holdings on multiple continents. David McDonald has been behind almost all of the success we see in the modern day OSI Group. He has helped expand the company’s influence and he has taken over territory OSI traditionally hasn’t covered. Accomplishing this wasn’t an easy thing to do. It takes a strategy and usually a very strong one. The good thing about the hard work of OSI Group is that they refuse to let anything get in their way. They have managed to acquire other food processors, expand their offerings beyond meat, and they’re even on the brink of giving the world a sustainable model for the food processing industry.

David McDonald wants OSI Group to be a sustainable company. That means the way this company harvests food will not interfere with the environment or cause more damage than the environment can repair by itself. The steps needed to make this happen are going to take time to materialize. It’s a path filled with trial and error throughout, but each step taken will do wonders to improve the long term impact of OSI Group. We are going to need to rethink how we do so much of what we do today. There simply can’t be the same approach or the same sensibilities. Preserving the food and making sure it’s kept in ideal conditions is an absolute necessity.

David McDonald has shown that he understands how to lead a company in his rather storied career at OSI Group. This company has transformed into something unrecognizable over the course of decades with the help of people like McDonald. That success is what bred the current model for OSI. It’s why the company has taken over much of Europe and now explores China. They have kept their focus on making sure their clients are getting all that they need. With that in mind it isn’t hard to come away fully satisfied by what David McDonald is giving the company. There are few out there with his quality of service and there are even fewer who are trying to push the envelope the way he is. OSI Group is the leading food processor across the world and it will continue to hold that title.

About David McDonald:

Sahm Adrangi: A Formidable Force in Financial Consumer Market

GreenSky Financial, LLC. is a leading firm in the financial industry that provides credit programs for real estate investments. The company focuses on home remodeling contractors and retailers and helps them improve their sales margins and customer satisfaction. Your clients can spend more, thus increasing close rates, as well as average order value.

The company boasts of being one of America’s top fintech companies. GreenSky’s clients enjoy non-integrated, real-time credit solutions. These include 6-months, no-interest loans for a cost less than that of accepting a credit card. The company also offers same-day payments for received invoices, account management programs, collections services, invoice authentication, online transaction management, and business card provisions.

The Secret to Success

The company was established in 2006 with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded by David Zalik, who is also the current CEO. Under his leadership, the company has raised over $50 million at a valuation of $3.6 billion. He owes his success to his business model that not only transfers risks to other parties, but also reduces the work. GreenSky also partners with 14 financial institutions which generate the loans.

About Sahm Adrangi

He is the founder and the CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. Since its establishment in 2009, Sahm Adrangi has played a critical role in the company’s growth. Before joining Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi worked at Longacre Fund Management LLC. as an Investment Analyst. Before that, he was a financial advisor at Chanin Capital Partners. At Chanin, Mr. Adrangi advised several creditors about Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring policies.

Additionally, Sahm Adrangi  worked at Deutsche Bank. His efforts helped the bank to structure and organize non-investment grade debts and bonds. He also helped syndicate leveraged buyout funding, Chapter 11 exit plan, and debt refinancing.

The financial industry is a complicated business realm that requires a rational investment plan. Creating a sustainable investment plan requires enough research and proper understanding of the industry. Besides, it takes the wits of as strong a force as Sahm Adrangi to cause disruptions that create investment opportunities.

The smoking chainsmokers

The chain smokers are a EMD-pop/ electropop duo group made up of Alex pall and Andrew Taggart. Alex and Andrew met through their manager, Adam Alpert, and have been climbing their way to the top ever since. The chain smokers have been active since 2012. They made their break through with #selfie in 2014, but it wasn’t until 2015 that they made Billboard top 10 with their song ‘roses’. A few of their other achievements include “Don’t Let Me Down” becoming their first top 5 single. they won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording at the 59th awards ceremony. “Closer” became their first number-one single on the chart. They two American Music Awards, and five iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Not only do Alex and Andrew produce their own music they also write with a group of song writer and sing their own music. Alex says in an interview with interview magazine that the music is about them so of course they are writing it. After nine months of not releasing any new music, At the beginning of 2018 the Chainsmokers released to their fans “Sick Boy”. The song has been described to have a stirring melody and was made especially for the next phase in their career, and the die hard fans of course. Taggart says ““Sick Boy” is the first installment of this first new chapter on us”

The chainsmokers have been touring and doing interviews and the world is really getting to know them. Having an international audience They try and relate to the world through social media since that is where most of the audience is. However social media can only tell so much of a story, and everything else is left to interpretations, which is something that everyone one goes through not just artists, explains Andrew at the end of a Forbes interview with Hugh McIntyre.

Stream Energy-Raising the Bar

Go for Stream Energy if you are ever in the search for life services. Since its inception in 2005, the company has outsourced energy, home, and wireless services to thousands of consumers, something that has helped the institution scale up its operations. Presently, the organization enjoys a presence in ten American regions.

So, what has made Stream Energy a force to get reckoned with by its competitors’? From the get-go, the institution has assumed a more versatile approach, and that is why people within the U.S. can enjoy excellent electric connection  regardless of location.

However, it is no longer business as usual for Stream Energy, especially after Hurricane Harvey. During the event, thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives and property to flooding, all in the watch of powerful institutions in the region.

Fortunately, Stream Energy beat the odds by using its significant profits to help the affected. A notable proportion of their proceeds went towards boosting recovery efforts hence the success. Since then, Stream has made philanthropy a practice. Out of its seed has come a charity foundation by the name of Stream Cares. Stream Cares though young has emerged as an organization that helps Stream formalize its agenda.

The company through its Stream Cares program has proved to the world that people can care if only they put their mind to it. To say the least, Stream Cares has helped the corporation gain a foothold in the already existing markets.

In spite of the success, Stream Energy is still scaling higher regarding philanthropy. For instance, Stream has partnered with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity to help poor communities thrive. Patch has also featured Stream all because of its doings. The organization has gone the extra mile of building bonds with Hope Supply and then organizing an event that will help Stream and its employees help homeless children gain a footing in life.

The energy company has proven to be more than a company, despite its sizable earnings in profits. In a nutshell, Stream Energy has brought the corporate world to the people, a move that has benefited both parties. Therefore, Stream has already cemented its legacy, and it is only a matter of time before the company does the unthinkable.

Mark Mofid Is The Rising Star Of Plastic Surgery

For more than a decade, Mark Mofid has been perfecting his techniques in plastic surgery and gluteal augmentations. He is a board-certified surgeon that performs plastic surgery as well as general surgery in California. Today, Mark Mofid owns his own practice for plastic surgery in San Diego that is very well-known, especially for buttock implants. Since first entering the industry, Mark has been on a mission to improve the name beyond the field and overcome the hurdles holding the industry back. In the past, there were many bad procedures due to unsafe methods and lack of quality implants, which gave many people around the country a scare when it comes to surgery.

Of course, it is natural to fear things going wrong with any surgery, but plastic surgery is safer than it has been in the last five decades, thanks to doctors like Mark. Mark is an advocate for using the safest standards in the industry, providing the safest methods and pleasing experiences for his clients. One of the biggest battles in surgery happens in the mind, which is why Mark takes the time to make his clients comfortable and feeling content before and after they have they’re surgeries. Through his hard-work, Mark has produced some of the most recognized work in plastic surgery across the globe.

California has been the go-to location for plastic surgery for many years, so it is no wonder that Mark decided to base his practice out there. But he also works as a surgeon at many hospitals in the area as well, doing more than just plastic surgery work. This has allowed him to build his experience in the industry at a faster rate and increase his overall exposure as well. In any case, Mark Mofid’s work is recognized around the world today and he is often the target of frequent recommendations for clients. This is especially true for buttock augmentations, Dr. Mark Mofid’s current focus in plastic surgery.

Aloha Construction Spreads the Love and Gets Recognized

Aloha Construction recently had the honor of receiving the Torch Award which recognizes commitment to ethical practices, leadership and unity in an organization, performance management practices, and commitment to the community to name a few.

Aloha Construction is very proud to have been nominated to receive the award and they are continuing to make a difference in the community. Aloha Construction has partnered with Learning Express in order to launch a shopping spree for toys to benefit a family in need. They have founded the David Farbaky Foundation and have also helped a family who really needed help by contacting Omni Youth Services. They also made the dream of seeing the Bulls play against the Houston Rockets come true by sending a boy and his closest friends to see a game. The boy has congenital heart disease and would never have had this opportunity otherwise.

Aloha Construction values not only its employees but its customers and community as well. They are committed to going the extra mile and are also partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington. They are sponsoring the Roselle Medinah’s baseball and softball teams and donate $5 for every assist during the Illinois State University games. These donations help to fund Camp One Step for children with cancer. They are also sponsoring the Flying Aces Hockey team of Central Illinois.

Aloha Construction was founded by David Farbaky and offers many contractor services such as roofing, gutters, siding replacement, and more to the Southern Wisconsin and Illinois area. When installing a roof, they follow a thorough and rigid inspection process to ensure that the quality is of the highest standard. This process also makes it possible for them to find any potential issues with a roof. Aloha Construction backs their work up with a 10-year craftsmanship warranty on all of their roofing jobs, and their contractors are all licensed and insured. They also complete extensive training at the Vinyl Siding Institute in order to receive certification. They’ve just launched an interior and restoration remodeling division which offers services such as mold removal, and water damage restoration.