5 Leadership Qualities Effective Leaders Like Jeffry Schneider Have

We all have heard the phrase “there are too many leaders but very little leadership.” And you have probably read Lee Iacocca’s book, “Where Have All the Leaders Gone?” But there are many good leaders such as Jeffry Schneider who have led their companies and teams to great heights of success.

Jeffry Schneider has more than 25 years of experience in team leadership. He should know what effective leadership entails. Who is a good leader? How are good leaders different than others? Good leaders possess the following qualities:

They are Effective Communicators

A leader’s job is to motivate his or her team to perform tasks and projects that propel the organization forward. Good leaders use the available resources to achieve organizational objectives.

To do so, they need to communicate clearly on what constitutes acceptable performance. Everyone on the team fully understands how their role fits into the organization’s aspirations. Leaders who cannot effectively communicate to their followers are unlikely to offer great leadership.

Their Ethical and Moral Standard is High

You are unlikely to find a good leader who does not consider this quality to be important. The findings of a research project involving 195 leaders in 15 countries confirmed this. Sixty-seven percent of the respondents agreed that having a high ethical and moral standard was the most important quality in leadership.

Employees under leaders with high ethical and moral standards are likely to feel safe on a deep level. Jeffry Schneider has demonstrated in various capacities just how important this quality is.

They Believe in Empowering People

You have probably worked for a manager who “micromanages” people. How does it feel? Good leaders provide direction for their people but allow them to do their jobs. They have invested in training and mentorship programs and know that their people are capable.

Research has indicated that empowered employees become a more productive human resource. Such workers tend to be more proactive — they are ready with solutions that help resolve work-related problems. Additionally, empowered teams are happier and more satisfied with their jobs. When it comes to empowering people, Jeffry Schneider has shown real leadership.

They Support Their People’s Growth and Development

Biology teaches us that all living things grow and reproduce. Good leaders seem to understand this natural truth in their leadership journey instinctively. They know they are good leaders who have obtained incredible results from their employees. But they are fully aware that they will leave someday. So they, in a sense, reproduce themselves.

They work hard to build a generation of competent future leaders. Such lucky employees get mentoring and leadership coaching from these dedicated leaders. They get an opportunity to learn how to make sound business decisions and lead others.

They are Receptive to New Ideas

Good leaders understand that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Change in industries is inevitable. Organizations need to come up with better methods and processes if they want to remain competitive.

Good leaders realize that no one has a monopoly of knowledge or ideas. A factory floor worker can be the person with the idea that becomes a game changer. Great leaders create an environment where all can contribute through idea sharing.

Jeffry Schneider enjoys traveling and interacting with people who are different than him. Well-traveled people may be more aware of the diversity that is human existence. People like Schneider may find it easier to accept ideas that differ from theirs.

Leadership matters. The future of organizations and even civilization itself may depend on it. That people like Jeffry Schneider continue nurturing a generation of strong future leaders offers some hope.