*A Closer more in depth look at OneLogin:

OneLogin.com is a Cloud based application that mainly focuses on marketing their services to large as well as small businesses. The company uses IAM which essentially helps to secure access to certain devices. This company has been in business for about eight years and is based out of San Francisco California.

OneLogin now offers SAML Tool kits. These Tool kits are used by a variety of clients as well as vendors to make certain that their frequently used apps are always secure. Security breaches are a major concern with business organizations.

OneLogin uses several Cloud applications. One of the frequently used applications used by OneLogin is Remedy-Force. Remedy-Force has been proven to be one of this safer applications that is now being used by a variety of major companies and organizations.

Security issues were always of great concern especially where OneLogin is concerned. Therefore, the company worked around the clock to come up with and to find an identity and access management solution. OneLogin was able to create the ideal management solution that guaranteed security as well as easy access. Brad Brooks is currently the CEO of OneLogin.

The company has an extensive product line which includes Desktop Authentication, Virtual LDAP, Cloud Directory, Web Access Management and much more.

OneLogin has a variety of clients that represent various industries and organizations which include media, health, technology, education as well as retail organizations. Many of these organizations were eager to utilize the single sing on feature offered with Cloud applications.

The single sign on feature permits an organization to sign in only once to access various Cloud applications without having to continuously log back in every time a new program is accessed. A great deal of time is saved by utilizing this very popular and secure application.

Finally, OneLogin is affiliated with Charles Rivers Ventures. Actually, Charles Rivers Ventures provided some of the funding that enabled OneLogin to start their organization. You can view the web site at www.onelogin.com.