Agora Financial Helps Millions Navigate Their Personal Finances

Many people find themselves intimidated by the world of personal finance. Yet, everyone needs to have a plan to ensure they can fund a healthy retirement. Now one company wants to help the individual investor handle their own wealth without having to rely on expensive advisors.

Agora Financial is the leading private publishing company dedicated to educating people on money and finance. From free websites to newsletters, books, and seminars, Agora Financial teaches people how to protect and grow their wealth. This frees the individual from having to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars from financial advisors who end up taking an unacceptable bite of the wealth they are supposed to protect and grow.

Some of the free resources offered by Agora Financial includes the financial website, Daily Reckoning. In addition, the company offers 20 publications which advise on everything from spotting rapidly growing companies to generating income and protecting wealth.

Agora Financial’s unique insight is provided by the fact, unlike other financial publications, the company’s analysts spend their time outside of the office, exploring opportunities from each financial sector. From oil rigs in North Dakota to real estate markets in Asia, Agora Financial’s experts are ready to personally investigate any emerging financial opportunity.

One of the hallmarks of Agora Financial is their unbiased opinions. The company does not accept any fees from any company in return for favorable coverage. This ensures that readers get a fair and independent analysis of markets and stocks.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Agora Financial was founded in 1979 by Bill Bonner. For over four decades, the publishing company has helped millions of people protect and grow their assets through several market cycles.

Some of the areas of the financial world covered by Agora Financial include small-cap stocks, energy, metals, and emerging technologies. Among the newsletters published by Agora Financial include Outstanding Investments, Capital & Crisis and Daily Reckoning.