Are you Reddy for some great advice?

I acci”dentally” stumbled upon who must be one of the most swag Doctors around. Not only is Dr. Akhil Reddy a successful dentist, but he also manages to find the time to expound on what seems to be a hobby of his. And frankly, in this fast paced world it should be a hobby for all of us… wine!

The best part about Dr. Reddy is he, by no means, is a “wine snob”. Although I’m sure his palate can distinguish between the most subtle and unique of flavors, Dr Reddy has chosen to use his knowledge and expert palate to find wine that can be enjoyed by nearly any of us, on any budget!

While I was thumbing through an article, I found that he had quite an extensive list of wonderful wines that could be had and enjoyed for as little as $5 with the most expensive on the list being only $25. Guys, if you want to impress the wife or your girlfriend with a nice glass of wine at home, I would highly recommend you seek out the good doctors advice.

Not only does Dr. Akhil Reddy have a great sense of taste when it comes to wines, but he seemingly has a great since of taste when it comes to swag! No longer do fellow professionals have to be bored to tears with your average mundane lab coat. Dr Reddy has organized a great list of ideas that are sure to keep your average lab worker or Dr in style with some great ideas that are right on trend to perk up that boring old lab coat. From the classic shirt and tie, to the always classy turtleneck, Dr. Reddy has the tips you need to really step out of the box and be set apart from your colleagues at the workplace or practice.

Great taste with both wine and clothes, a winning combination if you ask me! I can’t wait to see what Dr. Reddy has in store for us next. Perhaps a good suggestion to get a wine stain out of a white lab coat? Who knows!?