Omar Yunes Is A Role Model To Youthful Entrepreneurs

Omar Yunes is dedicated to succeed. His achievements speak volumes about his passion to deal in the franchise world. Recently, Omar received honorary award as the best franchiser. In a special event that was held in Italy, Omar was elated to be honored for excellent leadership. He joins the list of other candidates who have received this award in the past.


While receiving this award, Yunes stated that he was elated to be honored internationally. He also stated that he was thankful to his team for having worked hard for them to be recognized. Omar continued to state that the award was a symbol of hard work from his team. He believes that there is a lot to achieve after the event.

Best Franchise Award

The best franchiser award is normally attributed to individuals who have shaped the industry through excellent leadership. It does not mean that Omar is perfect. It only means that he has put a lot of work in ensuring that clients receive excellent services during service delivery. Omar owns 10% of the series of restaurants in his locality. It is projected that these are the best selections in his area.

Franchise Locations

Presently, he is a proud owner of 13 franchise locations within Mexico, Puebla in addition to Varacruz. Omar’s journey began when he was a toddler. He owned the first business venture that deals with franchising at the age of 21. Presently, the chain of restaurants he owns is with Sushi Itto. By winning the award, he has established better, stronger, business platforms for himself and business partners.


Omar Yunes cuts across as an admirable role model. His dedication is unmatched. He has grown the business from a boutique to a chain of restaurants. For someone who crafted it from a low point, he is doing well in terms of leadership. Yunes has set a good example as a role model. There are many young entrepreneurs who aspire to be like him. Well, it all began with one step. That is the point in walking through business with patience in addition to dedication.

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*A Closer more in depth look at OneLogin: is a Cloud based application that mainly focuses on marketing their services to large as well as small businesses. The company uses IAM which essentially helps to secure access to certain devices. This company has been in business for about eight years and is based out of San Francisco California.

OneLogin now offers SAML Tool kits. These Tool kits are used by a variety of clients as well as vendors to make certain that their frequently used apps are always secure. Security breaches are a major concern with business organizations.

OneLogin uses several Cloud applications. One of the frequently used applications used by OneLogin is Remedy-Force. Remedy-Force has been proven to be one of this safer applications that is now being used by a variety of major companies and organizations.

Security issues were always of great concern especially where OneLogin is concerned. Therefore, the company worked around the clock to come up with and to find an identity and access management solution. OneLogin was able to create the ideal management solution that guaranteed security as well as easy access. Brad Brooks is currently the CEO of OneLogin.

The company has an extensive product line which includes Desktop Authentication, Virtual LDAP, Cloud Directory, Web Access Management and much more.

OneLogin has a variety of clients that represent various industries and organizations which include media, health, technology, education as well as retail organizations. Many of these organizations were eager to utilize the single sing on feature offered with Cloud applications.

The single sign on feature permits an organization to sign in only once to access various Cloud applications without having to continuously log back in every time a new program is accessed. A great deal of time is saved by utilizing this very popular and secure application.

Finally, OneLogin is affiliated with Charles Rivers Ventures. Actually, Charles Rivers Ventures provided some of the funding that enabled OneLogin to start their organization. You can view the web site at

Ricardo Tosto Carvalho, a Brazilian lawyer

There are many qualified lawyers around the globe who assume a very important role in our society. Attorneys earn respect and reputation in the society for of their experience and education background. Their ability and position to present high profile figures in the court is also recognized. Brazil, like anywhere in the world, there are many lawyers and law schools that help the law society in Brazil to thrive.

The number of total registered lawyers in Brazil stood at 800,000 in 2014. Sao Paulo has the largest number with 200,000 followed by Rio De Janeiro with about 122,000 lawyers. Law is one of the best promising careers in Brazil and many students have embraced it dearly. If you are having a legal case or you need legal advice, Mr Ricardo Tosto is the person to turn to.

Ricardo Tosto Carvalho stands out as a notable strategist and leader in the Brazil legal practice. He started from humble backgrounds in a small organization to turn out to be the most sought after litigation attorneys in Brazil. Mr. Ricardo Tosto is not only a litigator; he has been also presided over numerous roles presenting legal communities. In addition, he is a board member at the directive council for the center for law studies and partnerships. He is also the president of the famous judiciary reforms committee in the state of Sao Paulo. He has also served as the former assistant in human and legal resources department.

Mr Ricardo Tosto has vast knowledge in legal matters where he has been able to present high profile figures in Brazil. He is familiar with business law, criminal law and corporate laws. Large organizations and business entities can really benefit from Ricardo Tosto legal advice. His negotiation style and courtroom skills depict his professionalisms which he has mastered over the years. He has received worldwide attention for the complex cases he won for his clients in the courts. He has presented high profile figures against other established attorneys in the Brazil and he has trounced them in the legal battle. Ricardo Tosto is currently the most sought after attorney in Brazil and his experiences do not disappoint at all.

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How to Successfully Stage a Divorce Process from a Sociopath

Divorce can be a little heart-wrenching to most people if they are not handled with care. Well, before you consider the divorce option there are some issues that you need to check out. While the process may hurt, it may be the better choice especially if you are married to a person suffering from antisocial personality disorder. Sociopathy is the most common of these disorders. Most of the people suffering from this disease are often aggressive, behave irresponsibly and very irritating. If you are having such a person as a spouse, may be very unsettling. You will need them to show commitment and plan for them to feel better. The problems may be strict, difficult considering that these patients live in denial.Well, if your marriage partner is a sociopath, getting a divorce may not be as simple as you may think. Most of these people are numb and callous of other people’s feeling, in most cases, they treat their partners poorly and very abusive. They are always jovial and charming at first, however, once they draw the spouse in, they violate the associate’s boundaries with total impunity. Most of these people treat their children and spouses with lots of aggression and violence. To initiate a divorce process, you have to seek out help from national and local organizations that can help verify the trauma and abuse after you have survived. The group you choose may be able to help you connect with counseling, food, legal aid, and shelter. These organizations are usually helpful especially in formulating how your life after divorce will be like. When you are living with a person suffering from a sociopath disorder, gas lighting and manipulation is a crucial aspect of the course. Documentation is essential if the divorce trial has to be successful. In most cases, you may end up forgetting the times that you have been mistreated.

Choosing Your New Provider

Finding a reliable bank is not an easy process. There are a lot of factors to put into forward focus and before leaving your name on the dotted line.

Nevertheless, we urge you.

See NexBank as your premiere banker, and then leave the stress of this big decision behind you. What you’re about to discover is a local service which can’t be beat in banking. The advantage we have with understanding the local environment gives us the full incentive to be your mentor, banker and friend.

Choosing NexBank, however, is about choosing safety and security.

We have more than accounts to open, and our services in money, management or protection are the basic services you need. You’re a fellow member of the modern world and your money deserves the right to have the best service.

What Is Nexbank All About

Our main goal at NexBank is to do more than hold your money.

Our greatest aspiration is to return your funds and with a little return on investment if not a lot. Because of this mindset, we enter every new relationship with high hopes. Our primary objective is the services you need and depending on whether you’re a business, a homeowner or a private individual.

NexBank is all about you the customer.

Our services are flexible, and our staff is ready right now.

How We Stand Up To The Competition

Just look around. There’s few others who can be a local brand and with the best integration to technology that there is. Our invitation now is for you to come by and see for yourself. You’ll find that our desire to diversify your future financial rewards is what makes NexBank unique.

We know that you have goals, and we’ll help you along in any process.

Nabor Industries’ Heavy Market Presence Is Tony Petrello’s Astuteness

When growing up Anthony Petrello was known for numerical apprehension, his alma mater Yale University and later his employment at Nabor Industries. However, he is fondly known for his philanthropic involvement with medical facilities, research work and children with neurological disorder. Besides he has a unique personality; quite approachable and humorous despite his caliber in the Amercian society.

Tony attended ordinary public school but had unique ability with numbers which was clearly visible and prompted the Yale University to nurture the young ability under Serge Lang, a mathematics professor. Yale would not only shape his career but also his personal life because he got to meet Cynthia his wife therein. Ordinarily, Tony Petrello was expected to grow a career in mathematics or business but instead joined the Harvard Law School to the surprise of many.

Baker & McKenzie law firm hired him to work in arbitration and taxation. Years, later he became the Managing Partner to a newly opened subsidiary office in New York. While still in the line of duty at Baker & McKenzie he got to work for Nabor Industries. His statistical and analytical abilities push Nabor industries to entice Tony Petrello and eventually appointed the corporate legal counsel as a business executive. This shift wasn’t challenging since he had prior business knowledge and awesome analytical skills.

He quickly rose through ranks from Chief Operating Officer, member of the board of directors, regent of executive committee, President and now the Nabor’s Chief Executive Officer. Nabor Industries which deals with exploration and drilling of gas and oil has been growing rapidly in the last 6 years- Tony Petrello’s tenure.

When he first came to Nabor Industries in 1991, the company had annual revenue of $37 million which rose to $44 million the following year and have continued to give great profits. The issued stock yielded 100% profit and is similarly trading gainfully. His strategies are clearly effective as you can see.

About Tony Petrello
He is a businessman, entrepreneur, mathematics scholar and philanthropist. Tony Petrello studied mathematics from Yale University and later switched to law at Harvard Law School. He is also a Ph.D holder with a major in calculus and linear algebra. He is one of the top paid bosses in the US; Nabor Industries compensates his about $68 million as per the 2014 statement for being the company’s CEO.

Tony Petrello’s daughter, Carena was born with a neurological disorder; cerebral palsy. In support of children with similar or related conditions, Tony and his Wife Cynthia have donated hefty sums to Texas Children Hospital and the Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. He has the zeal to give children with disorder a chance to optimize their abilities.

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White Shark Media Reviews of the Company Speaks for Itself

The digital marketing has swept the marketing world entirely these days, especially after the onset of social media. The companies these days are using online marketing as a tool to increase their brand awareness as well as reach out to the potential customers in an efficient manner. Previously, achieving such marketing goals would cost a fortune, but thanks to the onset of online marketing, it is possible now to explore new markets and reach out to the potential and existing customers online without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

White Shark Media is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in North America and provides personalized search engine marketing campaigns for the clients. The company has years of experience in the field and a proven track record that speaks for itself. White Shark Media understands that the potential of online marketing and provides small to medium-sized enterprises with search engine optimization solutions that help their business in a very practical manner. Branding and marketing help the companies to reach their business goals and increase their revenue. White Shark Media does it for its clients with precision ensuring that they get more out of their services without having to spend a fortune.

It is a well-known fact that companies are these days focusing on online marketing, and if you have a company and a website, but haven’t implemented any SEO techniques yet, having a site would prove to be useless. SEO strategies can make or break a business these days, and it is established by the many success stories of businesses online. White Shark Media has helped numerous businesses to achieve higher visibility online and increase traffic to their websites. It helps in getting more leads and sales, which improves the financial stability of the company while also assisting with long-term business goals company has set for itself.

Daniel Taub: Gone From Diplomacy, But Not Forgotten

A meeting with the Elizabeth II, the Queen of England, is a momentous and very special occasion by any standard, but when Daniel Taub met her in 2011, the event was tinged with an air of extraordinary important.

The reason why was that Daniel Taub, who was then representing Israel, well dressed in a fine tailored suit and kippah (the small, traditional Jewish skullcap), as the prime ambassador to the Court of St. James, was a born and bread Englishman who had spent all of his formative years in the United Kingdom.

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Mr. Taub, however, was also Jewish and had eventually moved with his family to the state of Israel to reconnect with his Judaic roots. Upon meeting the Queen, she asked Mr. Taub what it was like to be now engaged in the leader of the country he had, himself, been born and raised in.

Mr. Taub responded that there were few greater honors and expressed a deep desire to move both the UK and Israel into warmer and closer relations, which had since cooled marginally in recent years.

Four years later Daniel Taub would retire from public duty as Israeli ambassador to the UK and would state publicly that he firmly believed that his dream had come true.

Indeed, he is far from the only one who upholds this line of thought; the Jewish community in the UK, for instance, widely praised Mr. Taub’s work in find peaceful and pragmatic solutions to otherwise perplexing political situations. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Numerous members of both the politically affiliated as well as non-politically affiliated, from both the UK and Israel, wrote, telephone and, in some cases, made personal visitations to Mr. Taub upon his announcement of retirement to express how sorry they were to see him go. It is speculated by many that Daniel Taub was the single best loved Israeli diplomat since Shlomo Argov, who worked in the 1980s.

When asked about his phenomenal success in achieving his dream of bringing the UK and Israel into a greater and more harmonious and mutually beneficial union, Daniel Taub responded, in a public interview, by stating that there were really three major factors which he found helpful.

The first of these was faith that things would improve, the second was understanding that what was good for Britain was generally good for both Israel and the world – and vice-versa – and lastly, he noted that to be a successful diplomat one always had to table those little personal inklings and grudges that, from time to time, tend to develop and throw wrenches into otherwise productive diplomacy.

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Edward Honig New York Based Cardiologist With Over Sixty Years of Experience

The field of cardiology is amongst the most important branches of medicine, and over the years, the topic has seen immense growth due to constant research being done on it. For any person to feel completely fine and carry on with day to day activities without any hindrance, his or her cardiovascular system should be working fine. While many of the people can’t make out any difference between the healthy and unhealthy heart, consulting with the cardiologist would help remove your doubts.

Cardiologists would need thoroughly to check the condition of your heart and health. If there are any problems that the patient is suffering from such as heartburn, chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, and more. Consulting a cardiologist is a must. He or she would tell you how to get rid of the symptoms and revive the condition of your heart. Cardiologists at times also perform heart surgeries, especially when the heart has a physical hole or when the person needs a coronary heart surgery. Individuals who are leading a stressful life must get rid of the stress and poor lifestyle habits. As per the research, it is these bad habits that contributed majorly to the heart attacks and heat based disease.

If you are in New York and need to see a cardiologist, then consulting with the renowned cardiologist, Edward Honig, is surely going to help your case. He is one of the most experienced cardiologists, not only in the New York City but across the country with close to seven decades of experience. He has been practicing medicine for 66 years and has successfully treated and cured thousands of patients over the years.

Edward Honig is one of the most reliable cardiologists in New York and practices in the famous Glen Cove Hospital – Dept of Medicine. Edward Honig knows that it is important to listen to what the patients have to say and therefore, never rushes them and gives every patient their due time. It helps the patients to unload their anxiety and insecurity and feel relieved while also helping the doctor to diagnose them with more clarity.

Edward Honig has studied medicine from the new Duke University and has worked with many different hospitals over the years. With years, Edward Honig has only become more popular in the field of cardiology because he ensures that he keeps up with the latest research and technology being invented. He is licensed to practice medicine in New York and has many patients that depend on him completely.

Edward Honig believes that one of the primary reasons why cardiovascular diseases occur is smoking and drinking and that anyone who wants to lead a healthy life must get rid of these habits immediately. Edward Honig says that it is important for the people, irrespective of whether they have symptoms of cardiovascular diseases or not, must go for regular health and cardiovascular screenings. It helps in taking preventive steps and corrective measures at the right time to control the situation if any. Regular screenings and tests can potentially save lives of people, and it is what Edward Honig believes in too.

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IDLife’s Exceptional Concern for your Health

Every person has his own nutritional needs. Consequently, it is vital for one to understand and subsequently satisfy his own unique nutritional needs in order to live a healthier life. Unlike other health companies that don’t understand this subtle concept, IDLife is health company that appreciates this fact, and on this basis offers top-notch quality products to its customers.

The name IDLife is an acronym for Individually Designed Life thus embodying the company’s vision of providing the products and services to people with diverse nutritional needs. This remarkable health and wellness company was founded and launched in May 2014. Among the founders is Logan Stout, a renowned entrepreneur who currently works in the company as its Chief Executive Officer.

The company is located in Frisco, Texas, and is often described as a company that provides quality products that are customized for every person in order to revitalize and replenish their health. To be able to undertake this daunting task, IDLife provides to its customers a free online questionnaire that seeks to assess their nutritional needs by asking questions related several aspects of their health.

By doing this, the company establishes the most suitable nutritional supplements for their customers depending on how they answer the questions. One salient precaution that IDLife has taken to guarantee its customers utmost confidentiality and non-disclosure is that their questionnaires are crafted in such a way that makes it compliant with the requirements of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

IDLife’s concern for your health is exhibited in the all-inclusive nature of their questionnaires. The questionnaires cover every aspect of your health, including personal health concerns, dietary issues, aspects of your lifestyle, your physical status, and the medications that you have previously taken for your nutritional needs among other aspects. For more info about us: click here.

IDLife is an outstanding company in the healthcare sector—not only because the products that they offer are of a wide variety and of impeccable quality but also because they give their customers value for their money. This conclusion is exclusively based on the premise that all IDLife’s products are accompanied by a 30-day money-back guarantee.