The Entrepreneur behind Manaira Shopping Mall

The Brazilian Businessman, Roberto Santiago is known for thriving in the mall industry in Brazil. Santiago who was born in July 1958, owns the Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping mall. He went to Pio X-Marist College then later went to University of Canter Joao Pessoa where he acquired a degree in Business Administration. According to Santiago, the base of his career was the cartonnage company which he started before he built the Manaira shopping mall. The mall offers a variety of services to residents of Joao Pessoa, and it attracts people living in the entire of Brazil. It is known for its exceptional products and services. Santiago began his career in a café found in Santa Rosa. He then launched a company that would manufacture decorative and utilitarian products. Since the commencement of the company and the restaurant, his career has been successful. Roberto Santiago has a passion and love for sporting. He has been awarded with many trophies in motocross and kart champions.

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The Manaira shopping mall

The Roberto Santiago shopping mall is the largest mall in the local area. It is located in Paraiba, and it is termed as the largest in the country. Its main aim is to reinforce the relationship with its customers. Its main purpose is to provide customers with fun, comfort, and leisure. It contains a large, modern and unique art cinema and a stadium with 3D rooms. In the mall, is a gourmet space suitable for people who wish to have calmness moments. It has one of the largest halls in Brazil; the hall has a capacity of 4,000 sitting while 10,000 people can stand. It is one stop shopping mall with a variety of food, entertainment, clothes, art and general shopping. The urban dwellers of Paraiba state do their shopping and enjoy fun delicacies from the mall.

About Robert Santiago

The businessman is well known as one of the prominent moguls in Brazil. His main aim is to ensure Brazil is a better place for residents and tourists to shop. He achieves this goal by ensuring that the Manaira mall provides its clients with what they want. His success is attributable to his efforts, passion, and commitment. His advice to young entrepreneurs is to make their dreams a reality as early as possible. Today, Roberto Santiago is earning the fruits of his labor as he has seen his dream come into reality. His successful business will cater for generations behind him, and hence he is seen as one of the successful aging men. Apart from being a businessman and developing Manaira mall, Santiago used to write catchy articles and started his blog which gained him a good reputation. In addition to his writing skills, he has excellent directing and production skills. In the mall industry, he not only owns Manaira Mall but Mangabeira mall as well. Read more at Blog Do Gordinho.

Mikhail Blagosklonny And His Leadership Of Oncotarget

Mikhail Blagosklonny is the leader of Oncotarget, and he knows how simple it is to improve the research in the medical field. He has ensured that the journal has expanded to meet the needs of many researchers, and he believes that each researcher he serves has a better chance of putting forth research that makes a difference. This article explains how Mikhail Blagosklonny Does his work, and it shows that he has a new spin on the medical journal that will help those fighting cancer.

#1: What Is Oncotarget?

Oncotarget is a large medical journal that focuses on cancers and cancer-related issues. It is published online for easy access, and it offers a number of options for the researcher who wishes to submit. These authors may submit their work at any time, and they will find that the journal gives them many chances to publish. There is a review panel, and they give good feedback that changes the scope of each research project. Read more on

#2: The Review Panel

The review panel at Oncotarget is an important part of the process as they look over every article that has been submitted. They will send back feedback to the writer, and they will publish anything that they believe is ready. The review panel moves quickly to find information about each article, and they will move to publish as soon as possible.

#3: Why Oncotarget?

This journal is quite simple to read, and it has an archive online that helps people read the information that they believe is most important to them. There are many different people who wish to read the archives because they know that there is an article that could help them. These readers will learn things that range from the exercise and diet they should use to the medications and therapies that are prescribed.

#4: Reading For The Layperson

The layperson who is reading Oncotarget online will find it quite simple to use the articles, print them and share them with others. Mikhail Blagosklonny wanted his journal to be easy to use, and he knows that anyone who reads online will find it quite important to see something that is written on their level. There are quite a few people who will come to this journal because it is not loaded with medical jargon, and it does not assume that the reader has a medical degree.

#5: Working On Numerous Projects

The projects that are sent in to Oncotarget are quite various, and the publisher wishes to use the projects to spark interest. The people who are working with Mikhail Blagosklonny will want to see the projects released in a timely manner so that they may enjoy the new articles. View his LinkedIn profile

There are many people who will learn from reading Oncotarget every day, and there are many different people who will begin to read this because they need help with a cancer diagnosis. They may help someone they love, and they will figure out what may be done to help them find the cure.

Yanni Hufnagel knows that Good Coaching is Good Recruiting

A good NCAA coach understands that recruiting is essential to success. They know that if their school is going to win games and championships, then they will need the best talent to accomplish this goal. So, a coach knows that he better have a good eye for spotting exceptional talent. If not, chances are his program is going to suffer.

Yanni Hufnagel understands this point all too well. This is why he consistently took underdog teams and made them into champions within a given season. He knows how to get the best recruits in the country. His past 10 years of experience has helped him to become one of the most talented assistant coaches in the nation. In time, he should go to become one of the best head coaches in the game of college basketball.

Yanni Hufnagel provided his knowledge to various college positions throughout his decade of coaching. He first began coaching at the University of Oklahoma and it lasted from 2007 – 2009. He helped to develop Blake Griffin who currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. During his time at Oklahoma he has helped the sooners to win 53 games in 2 years. The Sooners also advanced to the Elite Eight of the NCAA tournament in 2009. This is just one way that Yanni Hufnagel has proven that he is a great asset to any team.

Yanni Hufnagel further developed his recruiting talents at Harvard University from 2009 – 2013. He managed to get some top-rated talent on the team which helped the school to be very successful during his tenor. He managed to recruit and develop players such as Jeremy Lin who now plays for the Brooklyn Nets. Yanni Hufnagel is a wise recruiter, a knowledgeable coach and has an amazing eye for talent. He thoroughly understands that good coaching begins with good recruiting.


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Dick DeVos: Dedicated to Donation and Education

Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy, have been making national headlines in lieu of Betsy DeVos’ appointment as the 11th U.S. Secretary of Education. However, the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan and its surrounding areas have benefitted from the DeVos’ charitable contributions and philanthropy for many years. In fact, over their lifetimes, the couple has given a total of almost $139 million to charity, $11.6 million of which was given in 2015 alone. Furthermore, out of the DeVos family’s estimated $5.2 billion amassed fortune, the extended family has given about $1.33 billion in charitable contributions.


As many are now aware, the DeVos family’s philanthropy is predominantly focused on education. 26% of the charitable income Dick and Betsy DeVos gave in 2015 went to education. Dick and Betsy DeVos are firm proponents of charter schools and the voucher system and believe that children deserve more quality educations that what public schools can provide for them.


Dick DeVos began working at Amway Corporation in 1974 and was its CEO from 1993 to 2002. When, in 1991, DeVos began to rally against the idea of having a major sports arena in downtown Grand Rapids, the locations that arose in response to his protest revived the struggling city and helped make it into the blossoming metropolitan center it is today. Additionally, he has provided funding for ArtPrize, an annual art competition that has taken place in Grand Rapids since 2009 and has contributed to the revitalization of the downtown area. As a pilot, DeVos helped fund the West Michigan Aviation Academy, per a suggestion made to him by Betsy. The school has been open since the fall of 2010 and had an enrollment count of almost 400 students in the 2013-2014 school year.


Betsy DeVos is not the only member of this powerhouse couple that has a vested interest in politics. Dick DeVos ran for Governor of Michigan against Jennifer Granholm in 2006 and, six years later in 2012, drafted the law that made Michigan a right-to-work state. Although Dick DeVos lost to the incumbent Granholm in the 2006 election, he has maintained a presence in Michigan politics. After donating $200,000 to the PAC that opposed the 2008 Michigan Proposal 08-2 (which proposed to amend Michigan’s Constitution in an effort to remove stem cell research restrictions), DeVos has been busy working as President of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. He also frequently engages in civic leadership. Of course, most currently, Dick DeVos has been busy supporting his wife Betsy as she takes on tasks assigned to her as the United States Secretary of Education.


Omar Boraie Is A Visionary With Exceptional Skill In Rebuilding Properties

Omar Boraie is a visionary who has seen the unlimited potential in New Brunswick for forty years. His newest investment is the luxurious, high rise residential building in Aspire. This has been his dream for a long time he is delighted it is becoming a reality.

Sam Boraie leads Boraie Development and has spoken about the numerous disbelievers to this project for years. He traveled through Europe when he was a scholar and dreamed of the improvements he could envision in the area. This is what he wanted to accomplish in rebuilding New Brunswick.

Omar Boraie now enjoys an eighth floor office with an amazing view. He began with 21 crumbling buildings on one block. He purchased the buildings and despite the fact people believed he was insane he began working on his dream. He proved he was a visionary instead of a lunatic.

The very first building was called Tower One and meant for office space. It was originally constructed in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The second tower was constructed in 2003 right next to the first tower and of course it was named Tower Two. Even though the beginning plans were superb Mr. Boraie saw how desperately residential space was needed. His vision showed him a building filled with condominiums.

According to Patch, when the building was built it became the tallest in the city and contained 25 stories. There were 21 units built for the residents with an enormous amount of space dedicated to retail businesses and offices. The garage was perfection and there were even areas outside for walking dogs and having barbeques.

Now the people have no choice left but to believe. Mr. Boraie made certain he thanked all of the individuals who had always believed in him and stood by his side. He told the New York Times he could not have succeeded the way he did without them. He gave them credit for bringing in hotels, theatres and culture despite the fact many individuals had deemed it unnecessary.

Boraie Development offers a wide variety of services with their main focus on the market of urban real estate including real estate development, sales, marketing and property management. Their team has dedicated themselves to building magnificent properties and giving service to their clients that is unparalleled in the industry. They work with only the strongest and most exceptional financial institutions, their architects all have vision and their contractors realize how critical deadlines are and bring the completion of projects in on time. You can search him on Yahoo for more info.

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How their approach to educating students has helped Success Academy avoid public school problems

Most public schools in the United States have similar problems. Overcrowding, students who do not want to learn, a drug problem, violence in the classrooms and a high percentage of students that leave the schools not being able to read or write to the level they should.
Charter schools like Success Academy schools in New York City are working to address these problems, and to try to prevent their students from suffering the same. In all respects, Success Academy has succeeded magnificently, with none of the schools in the Success Academy network being plagued with the problems of a typical public school.
How did they prevent that from happening? It all boils down to a unique approach to educating students.
Education should be interesting and fun— Many of the typical public school problems in America stem from an out-dated education system, and an insistence on teaching students by formal instruction.
The vast majority of public school students find this approach to be dull and boring, so they rebel. They stop paying attention in class, they arrive late or leave early, or they just do not come at all. If they do, they are often a discipline problem.
Success Academy founder Eva Moskowitz knew this, so she decided Success Academy school students would be taught a different way. With hands-on projects, little formal instruction, an emphasis on teaching critical thinking skills and making learning fun.
The result? Over 11,000 students currently in Success Academy schools, and the vast majority hard working and learning as much as they can.
Discipline also factors in — Of course, it is not just making learning fun that has allowed Success Academy to thrive.
The charter network also makes sure its students adhere to a strict code of conduct, arrive on time, wear the correct clothes, work hard, treat people well and enjoy what they are doing.
Needless to say, as this code of conduct is strictly monitored, students tend to follow it. This gives them structure in their daily lives, and a code of behaving well that they can follow for the rest of their lives.

Avazz: The Voice of Online Activism.

Despite the fact that Avazz has only been around for five years, it has become the worlds most influential online platform for activism. The voice of the people has never been more heard with the innovation and technology the future affords us. The company understands this and utilizes this fact to its advantage. It is a platform that allows for advanced networking and the freedom of expression. They tackle the most crucial matters in todays modern era such as climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict. Avazz, literally meaning voice, stays true to its name through advocacy of freedom and liberty from oppression.

Avazz launches global campaigns towards strengthening its ties in the activist world through the power of the internet. Without this privilege it would not be possible to reach the billions of people available. Avaaz claims a knack for connecting political idealists from all around the world to promote change for the betterment of society as a whole. The primary goal is to bridge the gap between the world that we have and the world that many desire. This is crucial in understanding the sense of urgency from other people who are less fortunate. They believe in the power of technology, and rightly so as it has provided the useful tool of a giant megaphone that can let the people be heard.

Expressing the public outcry in moments of crisis is one of the main components of the network of Avazz. Being able to assert the power of the voice on the government and all those who oppose peace, determines the shape of the future. This is imperative to the growth of activism, and adds an exciting element to the technological society we are accustomed to. Avazz utilizes the power of the internet to join voices, stop corruption, and maintain peace!

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Brad Reifler Helps The Common Investor

Brad Reifler has spent his career helping the common investor, and his firm at Forefreont Capital has done quite a lot of work to make it simple for every investor to make money.

He knows that the qualified investor will earn quite a lot of money from their investments, and he believes that there are a number of people with small amounts of money who will want to make the same investments. This article explains how Brad Reifler is helping the common investor with his new fund.

#1: The Income Trust

The income trust is one made for those who are spending small amounts of money, and Brad Reifler knows that he may use the same investment tactics to help his clients as he would with with someone who has quite a lot of money to spend. The person who is using the fund will make money, and they will receive excellent customer service from Brad and his team.

#2: Customer Service

Customer service at Forefront Capital is quite important as it is the way his clients are learning about investment. He knows that he may educate a number of people that invest with him and they are free to call his office at any time. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

There are quite a few people who will enjoy using the company because they will feel educated when they make their investments. They will make more money than others, and they will have an expert behind them who typically works with millionaires. Brad will use the same tactics that he uses with his richest clients, and the income trust will grow quite a lot.

#3: Investing Properly

Investing properly is something that all clients wish to do, and they often feel stuck because they do not have a powerful hedge fund to go to. The income trust at Forefront Capital gives the investor with a small amount of money to spend a place to go.

This trust is the finest in the field, and Brad Reifler has ensured that it will earn millions for its investors. The trust will ensure that all investors have a place to save their money.

Paul Mampilly; Successful American Investor And Founder Of Capuchin Consulting

Paul Mampilly has been the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2016. He specializes in assisting the mainstream Americans to use technology, special opportunities, and small-cap stocks to get wealth.

Paul Mampilly’s Work, Education Background, and Awards
Paul holds a Bachelor in Business Administration Accounting and Finance from Montclair State University 1991 and a Master’s in Business Administration-Finance from Fordham Gabelli School of Business 1997. Mr. Mampilly began his career in 1991 at Bankers Trust Company as an Accounts Administrator. He quickly rose up the ranks to Portfolio Manager in 1995 where he oversaw multimillion-dollar accounts. Kinetics, an asset management organization, recruited him to be in charge of their hedge fund. During Paul’s tenure, the assets of the firm quickly accumulated to $25 Billion and was named by Barron the “World’s Best” hedge funds with 26% average annual returns.

Paul Mampilly was called upon by Templeton Foundation to participate in an investment competition with a beginning investment of $50 Million. Paul’s return by the end of a single year grew the investment by $38 Million, but what was even more astonishing was that he accomplished this during the financial crisis between 2008 to 2009.

Paul Mampilly Foundation
Paul is a believer in giving back to the community, and he does so that by volunteering as a teacher, food distributor, conversational exchanger, and also as a Big Brother. Mr. Mamphilly came to believe that Wall Street wasn’t helping enough people and so he decided to shift focus and help the 99% make money on investments. He founded Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes, a popular newsletter that is bringing a new research in 2017 named True Momentum.

Key Learnings by Paul Mampilly
Paul Mampilly says that when making money, if you prioritize yourself over your client, that business model will be a problem in the future. One should focus more on what could be wrong. Finally, it is important to have another perspective on things that may appear great to avoid tunnel vision as they might have flaws you otherwise would not have seen.

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“Talos Energy” taking oil to the next level

In Mexican waters, for the first time in almost 80 years a new offshore oil well was sunk by a private company in hopes to be able to allow competitors back into its energy markets. On may 21, the drilling was started by Sierra Oil & Gas, Talos Energy and Premier Oil, which was all said in a statement by Premier last week. This will be the first offshore exploration that has happened since the country chose to nationalize all its oil in 1938. 90 days is all that it is estimated for the drilling to take.

Holding an estimated, yet astonishing 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude, is the Zam-1. In 2015 the three companies won the right to prospect, Thus this allowed them to be able to bid after Mexico voted to open up to private investment. Premier states that venture owns about 35% of the stake, Sierra about 40% and Premier about 25%.

Phoenix Exploration, by 2011, was able to double their companies size and sold it to Apache Corp. Forced to restart Duncan and his partners were able to start up Talos Energy with equity from previous backers, that estimated at about $600 million. With this they were able to produce about 16,000 barrels of oil a day last year, 70% of oil-weighted and also was able to produce a team of 60 professionals in Houston. According to WorkplaceDynamics Talos was named one of the best local small businesses to work for.

Tim Duncan is the President and the CEO of Talos Energy LLC. Headquartered in Houston, Talos energy is affilated with Apollo Global Management, LLC and Riverstone Holdings LLC, which happened to of been able to commit $600 million to Talos in February of 2012. Talos is seeming to be moving up in the world of oil drilling and is hoping to keep going.

For more information follow Talos Energy on Facebook.