OSI Group Is Expanding Its Market Internationally

According to experts, international companies tend to be local. That means that it is not possible for an organization with branches in the US, Europe, and China to manage the one-size-fits-all operation. The management of a company can be affected by government regulation, talent pool, and cultural practices. In the food processing industry, the list of things to consider will include the consumer’s taste buds.

David McDonald is the president of OSI Group. David says that his company is in an excellent position such that they have an international network, basically with workers from the organization in the office or the branches across the globe. He adds that the company operates in an international operation meaning that they are a large scale company, but work with local management teams. The team is compassionate, and they understand the local culture and tastes well. That is due to the powers of global scale and efficiency together with local solutions.

OSI Group ventures to China market

OSI Group is a top supplier of value-added protein products like sausage links and beef patties with its headquarters in Aurora, Ill. The company also produces and supplies products such as sandwiches and pizza to prominent food stores and retail brands. OSI Group is a privately owned company operating more than 50 manufacturing facilities in about 17 countries. Currently, the company is employing its international-efficiency and local-solution strategy in expanding its territory in China. OSI Group has been running its facilities in China for the past two decades, and as the economy of the country grows, the presence of the company grows with it. The company runs eight manufacturing facilities and with two new facilities, which were opened recently. Without a doubt, this will make the OSI Group the largest poultry producer in the country.

McDonald says that the OSI Group focuses on the China market and it will continue to be the biggest and rapidly developing consumer market in the world. That is because the country has the power of population, which is growing more affluent. He adds that they work with some responsive clients in China who are experiencing tremendous growth and the company aims to keep up with them. On top of that, the company seeks to engage with their clients on time to talk about the services they are trying to offer or the ideas that they need to pursue.

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The Plan Of Retirement

Retirement is something that everyone who was having a midlife crisis is thinking about. Everyone who has at some point in time doing a job that takes up a lot of their time thinks about kicking it up and taking a break from their stressful life. For some retirement is a relief, while for some, it may seem more scary than comforting. Retirement is considered to be some of the best years of one’s life. People who are retiring have the time and the opportunity to do whatever they would like, and the only other thing needed in the entire mix if some money. The idea of retiring should not be one that people shy away from, but one that they could very openly embrace. Individuals who are now content with their retirement plans have either worked so hard that they have enough money to buy whatever they want, or are someone who likes to save bit by bit every working month that they spend through the course of their professional life.

Even though the latter is something that seems like a lot of effort, it is the route that people advise their clients to go into. Saving your money is one of the best ways to contribute to your retirement fund, and is something that everyone in the industry needs to be able to lead a comfortable life after their work. Saving little every month is one of the ways that people can ensure that they prefer for this later part of their life. Individuals who have had brilliant retirement plans had started working towards it as long before as when they were at the beginning of their career. Even if you haven’t started planning for retirement early on in your career, you can still do it, since it never is too late to begin.

According to David Giertz, Banks and financials tend to have a lot of different flexible programs which incorporate retirement plans and the way that their clients handle their finances, so if you believe in starting later or early on in your career, be sure to research it and find out all the information that you can get so that you can be well prepared for when you do encounter the wonderful years of retirement.

Contributions of Eric Pulier to the Technology World

Born in 1966, New Jersey, United States, Eric Pulier has already achieved what most of his age mates dream about. A quick glances at his early life and education background, one would tell that he was born to do great things. While still in high school, he developed an immense interest in computer programming and was regarded a guru in the field.

Right after clearing Teaneck High School, he joined Harvard University. While in this prestigious institution, programming became a complete part of him. Following his widespread knowledge, landed a position as writer in the institution’s newspaper publication, The Harvard Crimson. After graduation, he was promoted to be an editor for the same publication. It has been a smooth journey for him and has done tremendously well. He is definitely agreat achiever and a big dream with high targets in life. He has done so well.

Eric Pulier has perfected skills in various fields. He’s an accomplished author, a philanthropist, a public speaker and a successful entrepreneur. Above all, he’s a renowned technologist who has been involved in the formation of a string of companies around the world. Worth noting is that his efforts are not in vain since all the businesses he’s helped to start all still operational and profitable.

Also, he has authored a book titled, Understanding Enterprise, which stresses on the need to come up with fresh ideas and striving to acquire the right skills as a basis for achieving one’s goals in life. Through the book, Eric advises the young people who intend to bring a change in the technology world to invest their efforts and resources on long-term investments.

In `1991, Eric Pulier founded a company named People Doing Things (PDT). The company was a great blessing to the resident as it sought to address the various issues including health care and education using technology. For example, the initiative provided a remarkable platform for enabling children living with chronic illness to gain easy access to the health they needed. The use of technology was part of his humanitarian efforts at building a better world.

Learn More: www.amazon.com/Understanding-Enterprise-SOA-Eric-Pulier/dp/1932394591

James Dondero: ‘Money Maker’

James Dondero is an American, a certified management accountant, a chartered financial analyst, an investor, and businessman. He is perhaps best known as the co-founder of Highland Capital Management (HCM) which, along with his longtime friend James Okada, he launched in 1993. At HCM he is responsible for handling distressed investments and hedge fund management.

Dondero is presently living in Dallas, Texas. He has garnered more than three decades in credit and equity markets. Online sources indicate it all began with a formal education.

Following his graduation from high school, Dondero attended the University of Virginia. It was there that he earned his undergraduate degree in finance and accounting.

Dondero has also scored a number of different awards for his different skills. They include such honors as the Lipper Award and Morningstar’s Award. One of his more recent achievements was Dondero’s nomination to the executive board of a well-known Dallas institution known as the Southern Methodist University.

He was given the position because he demonstrated a commitment to improving the education of young people in the local Dallas area. After all, Dondero is reportedly known for his involvement in the community. This was not, in fact, his first interaction with the educational institution.

For example, he was a supporter of both the construction of their library and the institution’s public policy. Dondero has also publicly stated the university has a major impact on the number of professionals presently in the Dallas area. He also noted that his business, Highland Capital Management has also benefited.

The Board And More
The board is made up of 100 individuals from diverse areas including non-academic members. Their main purpose is to advise the other board members on different issues. This newly appointed board meets a total of three times a year: spring, fall, and winter.

Dondero has similar responsibilities elsewhere. He has been on the boards of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, Jernigan Capital, and even MGM Studios. Finally, Dondero also currently serves on the NexPoint Residential Trust Board and, of course, the NexBank Board.

Oncologists and their Patients Benefit from Clinical Pathways Software

Treating cancer is no easy task for the thousands of oncologists who are on the front line in the war against this deadly disease. One of the primary ways that oncologists handle this disease is through the use of patient care and records management.

Most people do not think that managing a patient’s chart is important in the war on cancer – but it is. A cancer patient’s chart is used to keep track of the treatments that they receive. It is also used to monitor a patient’s progress and how they react to specific medications. Also, a patient’s basic health information and their billing information is kept on their chart as well.

The new Clinical Pathways software program will make recording patient information a breeze. This new software system for patient care has the ability to do a number of great things. First, the software will help keep track of the different treatments given to a patient. It will also store data about the cost of these treatments. This can then be used to charge a person’s insurance or to provide a charge to the patient. The software can even help to discover new treatment forms for people.

Oncologists can order specific medications through this system. One of the best things that this system can do is help to extend a person’s life by providing high quality data about the best treatment options for their care.

While it is true that most people experience cancer in different ways – it is also true that specific treatment options work best on some type of patient. Oncologists can use tried and tested treatments to help current patients. Clinical Pathways helps cancer patients to receive the best care possible. More importantly it provides people with the chance to beat this deadly disease once and for all.

Some of the Things Rocketship Education’s Founder Preston Smith Learned Since Its Creation in 2007

Charter schools are able to obtain funding from local and state governments, without having to adhere to the rules, regulations, bylines, and guidelines that boards of education lay out for their constituents. Oftentimes, especially in large metropolitan areas that have wide variances in their school locations’ characteristics, single sets of rules don’t work well, leaving some schools behind and in the dust, having to fend for themselves, while others, typically the “better,” higher-quality schools, are inherently advantaged.

Fortunately for low-income areas, Rocketship Education has 18 facilities across America that suited exclusively in places with failing educational systems, low incomes, and high crime rates. These latter two problems often root from bad education, something Rocketship Education is rapidly eliminating and replacing with top-notch learning experiences. Preston Smith co-founded Rocketship Education ten years ago in the heart of California, right on the border of the Golden State’s infamous Bay Area. Staying true to its location of incorporation, Rocketship Education has never been and currently isn’t short of innovation, displayed as true with its status as a pioneer in integrating technology in the classroom. Throughout the first ten years of Rocketship’s operation, Preston Smith has learned innumerable useful, highly valuable pieces of educational info. He shared them in a self-written article earlier this summer, below of which are only a few.

While many schools want to have diverse student bodies to impress regulatory agencies, school boards, and parents, Rocketship Education isn’t concerned with falsely appeasing its students’ parents and other interested parties. Rather, RSED’s students’ demographics are analyzed, then teachers are brought in to meet their characteristics. Even though many schools do it the other way around, it’s much better to match teachers to students, than vice versa.

School administrators should first test out any experimental plans, outlines, or changes on small samples of schools. Rocketship Education did this several years ago with its flex model, a way of teaching that flopped in two of the locations it was tested. Despite overall positive performance and teacher satisfaction, Preston Smith decided not to roll out the flex model at all its locations, citing potential problems.

Rich Smith a Great and Famous CEO of SECURUS Technologies

Rich Smith is the current Chief Operating Officer of SECURUS Technologies and has worked for the company since the year 2008. He was given the above position under thorough considerations and has been on the frontline working towards ensuring that the company becomes the market giant. He has been working for the company’s growth since he was employed. Rick Smith has helped the company move forward and has achieved tremendously in his tenure as the CEO. He is a hardworking company Chief Executive Officer. He knows because of his unique skills, competitive track record and a very good educational back ground. He also had a previous experience in departments of information technology, finance, telecommunications, business technology and development and also operations. The leadership traits of Rich Smith has taken the company to another great level that few people imagined. The great business manager and academic scholar have been so efficient and very effective.

The company SECURUS Technologies is located in Dallas in Texas city and has been on the frontline providing a wide set of services in the industry. Under the leadership and management of Rick Smith, the company has been able to offer services to 2,600 corrections and over 1,000,000 inmates, public safety, and law enforcement agencies. The company SECURUS Technologies, under the leadership of Rick Smith, has been able to expand its commitment towards assisting the community with technology and services for incidents such as emergency response, incident managements, biometric analysis, investigation and inmate self-services, monitoring, communications and also public information among many others. He is a great manager with excellent skills in managing several departments. They are so many and require massive supervision and expertise. Rich Smith has had all that is required to keep the company moving forward. He has been on the forefront working towards making SECURUS Technology the leading giant in the industry. He is definitely in no doubt the best person to head that organization.

Rich Smith has a very excellent education back ground and has whatever it takes to be the leading giant in the technology industry and also the engineering sectors. He started school at Rochester Institute of Technology and graduated with an associate degree. He later left for the University of New York and did bachelors of science in Engineering. He later left for the University of New York to study masters of science in Engineering. He also after graduating joined the University of Rochester to study an MBA or rather a masters in Business Administration. He is definitely a great educational scholar. He has also had enough experience in the various industries and is doing extremely well when it comes to academic and professional experience. He had worked for several organizations before he joined his current company SECURUS Technologies.

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Gregory James Aziz – President of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the president, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is the leading railroad freight car manufacturing worldwide. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario. Gregory J Aziz was born in Ontario and managed to successfully complete his academic degree in economics from the University of Western Ontario. He served at Affiliated Foods in 1971, a company which is possessed by his family. Affiliated Foods is a food company that sells fresh food products in wholesale. By 1987, the company served as the leading importer in the world providing major fresh foods in wholesale markets across Eastern Canada and the United States of America. Moreover, the company also supplies its fresh food products across Central and South America and Europe.

James Aziz was searching for investment banking opportunities in New York from the late 1980s through early 1990s. He bought National Steel Car in 1994. Greg Aziz’s goal was to create the leading railroad freight car manufacturing industry in North America Region from the earlier prominent Canadian firm. He focused his attention strongly on developing team building abilities at National Steel Car. During his managerial role at National Steel Car, Greg James Aziz employed 2,400 staff and had increased the yearly production of cars from 3,500 to 12,000 by 1999. The firm’s engineering, innovation, and excellence in manufacturing resulted in its railroad cars being voted in North America as the ones who have manufactured railroad freight cars with the highest quality for 18 years in succession.

James Aziz is devoted to the people living in Hamilton, Ontario. As the fortune of National Steel Car expanded, he has voluntarily given to the community to help them improve their living standards.

Moreover, National Steel Car funds a wide variety of nonprofit and social organizations including Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, and the United Way. The company has also sponsored the Salvation Army and many other local charitable organizations. The company, together with thousands of its past and present staff participate in the firm’s Christmas Party which is held annually. The workers also attend to major food drives arranged by the company for town food banks.

Greg James Aziz and his wife, Irene are Royal Agricultural Winter Fair benefactors. The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is the most celebrated agricultural fair held in Canada. James Aziz has worked for National Steel Car for over 23 years. He has been responsible for the company’s transformation with an image for producing railroad freight car that is of the highest quality, and most innovative in North America. Greg Aziz has not only succeeded but has also done his very best to aid in the improvement of the people’s quality of life living in Hamilton.



Meet Montoro Jens: The Man Driving the Brazilian Private Sector

The state has always asserted its presence in most of Brazil’s industrial sectors. Privatization came into the picture in the late 1980s. The appreciation of this deviation was influenced by external such as debt crisis. Today, the private sector is playing a very vital role in the modernization of important industrial functions.

Since the founding of the National Privatization Program (NPP) in 1990, a lot of economic reforms have been embraced in Brazil. This is in respect to infrastructure and financial agendas. Major contributions by individuals like Montoro Jens have provided options to countering state monopoly and have allowed private firms to have a say in the running of the country’s economic sectors.

Felipe’s Contribution to the Brazilian Private Sector

Since the initiation of privatization in the late 80s, Mr. Montoro has always had concerns about taking the private sector to higher heights. In 1990, the NPP allowed private investors and experts like Felipe to take it boldly in economic reforms. As the chief financial officer at NESDB, Mr. Montoro is an effective financial expert. His contributions in the infrastructure sector have enabled him to rub shoulders with the greatest business minds in Brazil and the world.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Montoro Jens possesses a Bachelor Degree in Finance from Getulio Vargas University and an MBA in Finance from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Mr. Jens is a very able and dedicated leader. Currently, he is the Chief Financial Officer of the National Economic and Social Development Bank (NESDB). He also serves as the chairman of Arboreoland Inc. and Director at Foz do Brazil SA, San Antonio Energy SA, and Fonte Nova.


Overall, Felipe Montoro Jens is an established financial expert and leader. His fight for privatization is of major financial growth in the Brazilian economy. He is a strong, determined, and result driven Brazilian business icon. His fight for privatization is vital to the nation’s ever improving infrastructure.

Agora Financial Offers Insight on Wealth Creation

Wealth creation entails several key details that need to be addressed by professionals. From fluctuating market shares to the constant emergence of new market models of investment, the need to create wealth is vastly becoming the main interest for many investors. That is why Agora Financial prides itself in being one of the best wealth advisors in the world. For over decades, this company has assisted clients to build wealth. The company offers wealth protection publications that help clients to predict future market trends depending on the economic atmosphere of the country.


Agora Financial understands the challenges that come with wealth creation. Towards this end, the company has established strong platforms that offer free publications and commentary as well as market news. With the unpredictable market trends that most investors face, Agora Financial has made it their job to reach out to the clients through providing valid information concerning the future of the market. The editors at Agora Financial offer 100% independent publications for free. Unlike most editors that ask for compensation in such instances, Agora Financial is keen on offering services compared to receiving payment. Through honest, unbiased as well as unconventional services on financial forecasts, Agora Financial has been recognized for its outstanding unmatched efforts to grow multiple businesses.


From the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Reuters and World Report, Agora Financial isprominent for its excellent service delivery. The editors have admirable editing abilities that surpass client expectation. What is more, the company has gathered some of the world’s best financial analysts as well as commentators to disseminate knowledge on their proven wealth creating strategies. The experts work hand –in-hand with the clients in order to achieve their goals. Agora Financial is perhaps one of the defining factors for most investors. The company seeks to walk clients into their desired future. Coupled with a solid client base that has stellar reputation , Agora Financial is better placed to offer free publications for wealth creation.