Some Brazilian Lawyers Still Standing Tall Amidst Compromised Legal Education

Lawyers are numerous in Brazil.A recent finding released by the National Council of Justice (CNJ) ranked the country third globally regarding the number of lawyers. The second position went to the United States, while India was ranked first. This phenomenon may be explained by the numerous law schools in the South American country. Interestingly Brazil boasts of more law schools than all the nations of the world combined. One would think such a high numbers translated to scores of registered lawyers. But that is hardly the case, what with only about 800 are approved by the Brazilian Bar Examination, BBA.

The quality of law education is also low; some of the widening courses in law are substandard and not recommendable. The Ministry of Education (MEC) is overseeing many of these questionable courses. And to improve quality, MEC started inspecting all the courses offered at the universities to elevate the dwindling standards. The Ministry also targets to reduce law students that do not meet the threshold of approval of the Brazilian Bar Examination by the time they graduate so as to equip would be graduates with the needed prerequisites for the Brazilian Bar.

Amidst this entire shambles, Brazil has gone on to produce exemplary legal minds whose acumen of achievements has gained global recognition. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of them; his legal career has spanned for over 22 years. His specialty is in civil and commercial litigation, banking, corporate restructuring, international law and electoral law, in business law.

Mr. Tosto graduated Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. He also holds a post graduate in Business Administration at FAAP. Currently, he is a member of the BBA, the Law Firms and Research Center (CESA) and the International Bar Association. He helped found the Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research. He has widely published articles and reviews and is always a true asset on legal matters at events and conferences.

John Goullet is Creating Diversified Workplaces through DIVERSANT LLC

John Goullet is an entrepreneur who specializes in developing IT staffing solutions. He secured his first job as an IT consultant in the arena of IT, but in 1994, he opted to focus his attention to IT staffing. Armed with the professional expertise in both consulting and staffing side, John Goullet established Info Technologies. The firm delivered staffing solutions to companies across the United Sates including some Fortune 500 firms. He guided the company in expanding its client base and level of income. Within five years of its establishment, Info Technologies’ net worth was $30 million.

Goullet is always looking for ways to serve his clients with high quality IT staffing solutions. For instance, when an opportunity for combining Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies arose, he did not hesitate. The joint business was named DIVERSANT LLC. Gene Waddy took up the CEO position, and Goullet became the principal of the firm.


DIVERSANT LLC is a premier company that develops IT staffing solutions for medium-level businesses and Fortune 500 Firms. The services rendered by the company range from IT staff augmentation, direct-hire services, and design services. DIVERSANT LLC connects talented IT professionals with jobs in the Information Technology industry.


DIVERSANT LLC emphasizes the growth of the company and professional development of its employees. The firm offers unparalleled training, workshops, and career opportunities that allow workers to excel in their preferred area of specialty. It has built an entrepreneurial culture that creates a platform for healthy competition and cohesion among employees. Therefore, DIVERSANT LLC is an ideal place for establishing a strong professional network and a successful career.

Guiding principle

DIVERSANT LLC incorporates the concept of diversity in all its operations. Its goal is to promote diversity in all firms by hiring IT talents from different backgrounds. The company offers services and solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of clients.

Core values

The company adheres to the accepted business practices and conducts its business with utmost transparency. It belongs to several professional business associations. Its core values include respect for others, ethical behavior, personal and professional development, as well as well-organized teamwork.

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George Soros and His Unshakable Determination

If people thought that billionaire George Soros was going to disappear after the disappointing election results, they were dreadfully wrong. In fact, it turns out that the hedge fund honcho is more determined than ever to make sure that his message of freedom is heard. As a young Jewish boy growing up in Hungary during the Holocaust, there is no doubt that Soros began to build up his determination and resourcefulness. And it appears that he is now steeling up for the fight of his life.

It’s no secret that Soros has been an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter for a long time, but now he is focused upon the Democratic Party as a whole. This is why—behind closed doors—Soros and some very powerful Democrat friends met to regroup after the heartbreaking results on Election Day. Reportedly, only the most important people were invited to discuss the future of the party, as well as what to do in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 election on

Nancy Pelosi reportedly made an appearance, in addition to Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison. Gathering together in small group sessions that focused on action items such as the 2017 and 2018 elections, the teams wasted no time in making their intentions known. From the first day of his administration, the Democrats plan to block any changes that will infringe upon the beliefs they hold most dear.

This group, known as the Democracy Alliance at, wasn’t afraid to talk about the difficult questions. They went over the way that some issues didn’t resonate with voters, as well as how working class whites may have influenced the vote. In this time of reflection, nothing was taboo and the DA’s existence itself was even called into question.

However, the sessions were not entirely gloom and doom by any stretch of the imagination. The groups talked about what it meant that Donald Trump had received less votes than Mitt Romney, as well as Clinton’s substantial lead in the popular vote. Although the answers may be complex, it appears that Soros and his political allies are on track.

Ingenuity, Creativity, Innovation: Eric Puler

Let’s just face it; living in the 21st Century certainly has it’s blessings. Many of these blessings come in the form of advanced technology. Compared to previous eras of the past, the 21st Century dominates when it comes to this subject. Technology is used in our everyday lives even if we don’t recognize it. This is one of the most popular and profitable industries on earth and it’s only growing bigger by the day. Did you know that many of the people who develop these advancements aren’t household names? A perfect of example of this notion is by a guy named Eric Pulier. Pulier has done so much for man-kind throughout the years, but many of use wouldn’t have a clue of who he is and what he does.

Eric Pulier has a passion for technology and from a young age he displayed his creativity through ingenuity. Pulier programmed his first computer by the time he was in the fourth grade and he founded a computer company while in high school. The guy can literally take a small idea/concept and turn it into a reality. By 2016, Eric Pulier has been the founder of at least 15 companies. These companies include Service Mesh Inc, Digital Evolution, FLY, People Doing Things, XPRIZE, and many more. His last company was sold for more than $350 Million. That’s right! Having such broad knowledge in a variety of fields is what helps set him apart from his contemporaries. Pulier is known as a technologist, philanthropist, author, guest speakers as well as entrepreneur (See more information here). He currently owns a successful restaurant in Santa Monica, California as well as club. The guy literally doe everything and he does it well. See:

From creating multimedia educational programs for multiple sclerosis sufferers to implementing advanced technology to solve issues in healthcare, Eric Pulier has done it all. This proud father of four is well beyond his years, but always make time to give back with charitable donations and investment capital for start-up companies. That million dollar question is, what else will this remarkable man achieve in future times and how will he do it?

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Marc Sparks Sparks Inspiration!

In 1975 Marc Sparks was your average teenager, graduating from a high school in Texas’s capital city. After accepting his degree, he decided that he had a mind full of ideaas and he wanted to make them become something real and worth while.

As an entreprenuer it’s expected that one should not have a 100% success rate, but Marc Sparks was finding that every idea he had was being shot to the ground faster tan kid flash or the structures for the companies were bombing out like a bucket of unstable hand grenades.

Most people in his situation would have given up, packed up, and gone out in search of a new calling, but Mac Sparks wasn’t most people. He believed that this was his purpose and that inside his creative mind was a brilliant idea just waiting to burst out and take the world by storm, it was just a matter of time wading through all the clutter to find the right one, and he was right!

Starting up some real shooting stars Mark Sparks began to set the world on fire, but it wasn’t until one phenomenal move that he became famous world-wide for his endeavors. After 34 long, exhausting years of pitching ideas and grooming companies, Sparks decided he wanted to write a book.

The book was entitled ‘They Can’t Eat You‘ and it sold like hot cakes! Expressing his trials and tribulations as an entrepreneur, all of his successes, failures, and plans that never got off the ground finally had a chance to be spoken for in an honest and at times extremely witty way. Speaking on behalf of his book he marveled, “I started an insurance holding company out of my back bedroom and built it to nearly a billion dollar market cap and then lost it all in a ninety-day period of time… I want my experience to be a blessing for someone.

My book is for those hopeless entrepreneurs that are losing ‘hope’ and just can’t seem to get across the goal line with their dreams.” Well, his aim was perfect this time.

Today nearly every businessman and entrepreneur has found themselves reading his book! Thanks to this modest man who took the time and care to accurately depict every level of truth in his awesome book, people everywhere are learning how to achieve their goals and become great just like him.

Effective Legal Representation In Brazil

Businesses and company executives can benefit tremendously from the advise and guidance of a proficient lawyer. There are a few steps to take when researching or trying to select the right lawyer or law firm to handle your case.

You need to always check references of lawyers, especially if you found the legal professional through the Internet. Consider going through through a lawyer’s peer review ratings by visiting a renowned lawyer directory site. Peer review evaluations present an objective indicator of an attorney’s ethical standards, generated from analyses of law firms and attorneys by other members of the bar association in the nation.

You can tell a lot about a lawyer from the appearance and organization of his law office, and the attitude of the office staff. Determine if the law office is tidy, orderly, efficient and properly managed. Tour the lawyer’s facility to get an idea of how professional and dedicated the lawyer and his or her staff are. Schedule for a brief tour of his or her office, beyond the meeting room. Figure out what kind of office staff the attorney employs. It is also essential to find out if staff looks helpful and friendly.

Ricardo Tosto is the right lawyer to contact for all of your business or corporate related legal matters. He has practiced for many years and he understands what it takes to obtain favorable outcome for clients.

Whether they require advise on daily business issues or on complex legal matters, Mr Ricardo Tosto is always happy to assist them. He is regarded as a leader in the Brazilian legal community and has written extensive on matters affecting businesses and corporations.

What sets Ricardo Tosto apart from others is his unparalleled experience at structuring and negotiating business agreements and contracts of all types. He provides the ideal recommendations on all the legal basics.

Ricardo Tosto focuses on providing top notch advice and representation to both business and individual. Ricardo Tosto can help your organization resolve any type of conflict or dispute in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Eric Pulier: A Man of Many Talents

Being gifted is something most people wish they were. Though we all live different lives, we are still very much similar. Talent comes in many forms whether it’s intellect or strictly being physical. We are all good at something, but if people can use their gifts to better man-kind the world would be a much better place. Case In Point: You may have never heard of a guy named Eric Pulier, but he’s done some amazing things throughout his life. This proud father of four is truly a gifted individual as he seems to excel in a wide variety of fields including technology, business, healthcare, and government. Eric Pulier is a man of many talents and his huge resume is a testament to this. Pulier has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for start-up tech companies and venture capital funds. Many of these start-ups has gone on to be a huge success in their respected fields of work. The same goes for charity. Pulier has raised and donated tens of thousands of dollars to non-profit organization both home and abroad (See more information here).

Having such business savvy ideas, Pulier has invested in many prominent businesses such as eCompanies, Trident Capital, and Monitor Ventures. Technology seems to be running the world as we know it and this brilliant mind has used some of the most advanced technology for numerous projects. He developed a platform to where a live feed was used for the space shuttle years ago. This was unheard of at the time and it gave people a way to have live interactions with the actual astronauts. Pulier has used his innovations in wide array of field such as entertainment, community, space exploration, and government. He was chosen to build a platform known as “The Bridge To The 21st Century” for Bill Clinton’s 2nd Presidential Term and the event was a hit as spectators and members of congress attended. See:

As of today Mr. Pulier resides in Los Angeles. His track to success started in his hometown of Teaneck, New Jersey then on to Harvard University and finally California.

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Arizona Native Jason Hope Is A Man Of Many Causes

Jason Hope is a well-known entrepreneur in his native Arizona. Raised in Tempe, Jason received both his Bachelor’s degree in finance and his MBA from Arizona State University.

After college, Jason has been very successful in a number of business ventures. He has also proven to just as active in his philanthropic pursuits.

Jason Hope believes in the benefits of a quality education. He believes that all students should have access to a quality education regardless of their life circumstances. Jason Hope (@jasonhope) has given to a number of education programs in Arizona including a recent donation to the phoenix chapter of Teach For America. Keeping with his theme of providing opportunity for the youth Mr. Hope has also been a generous donor to the Boys and Girls club of Phoenix, the Tony Hawk foundation, the Andre Agassi foundation, and the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation

The philanthropic pursuits of Jason Hope has not been confined only to the field of education. Mr. Hope has also given to a number of organizations concerned with the health and well-being of humanity. Among these organizations are the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, as well as the Arizona Science Center.

A major development in the philanthropic pursuits of Jason hope is his recent support of the SENS foundation. Mr. Hope has pledged $500,000 in support of the SENS foundation. SENS is a non-profit based in California that researches and develops rejuvenation bio-technologies to combat age-related diseases.

Mr. Hope’s enthusiasm for his support of the SENS foundation are perfectly captured in his own words. “I believe their work is essential to the advancement of human medicine and their approach to the overall problem of human aging and its associated diseases is the only way to go. The advancement of rejuvenation bio-technologies is not only extremely important, but it is the future. I am honored to support the SENS Foundation in its efforts, and hope my support helps drive faster results for all of humanity.”

For more information, visit Jason Hope’s blog. Masters of The Hardwood

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Josh Verne, Successful Entrepreneur and Leader of People

Josh Verne is a rising star in the world of American business and entrepreneurs. Beginning as co-president of Home Line Furniture, he moved on to become co-founder and CEO of, an online business that deducts purchases directly from payroll. After selling to Global Analytics Holding in 2014, Verne founded FlockU, a content exchange for college students in 2016 and is CEO of that company as well.


With over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, Verne is well versed in starting, expanding, and then selling businesses. He believes that true vision and the surest path to success is simply the ability to see what others don’t and then act on that information accordingly. Josh Verne believes that finding what inspires you the most and putting it to work is the best chance any entrepreneur has for success.


Verne’s business philosophy is straightforward and simple. He believes there are two very different types of people typically found in management jobs. There are leaders, and then there are bosses. Bosses have the power of their job title to demand respect, and can be counted on to always act in their own best interest. A leaders however, earns the respect of co-workers by putting them ahead of his own desires.


Verne believes that in an atmosphere of respect, working together towards a common goal is much easier to do than the other option. Someone has to be the leader, but it can be a fine line to walk. A boss may be able to demand respect, and insist on his will being followed but how dependable is “forced” respect? Much better to earn it by leading well, and being the kind of person others know they can call on for help or advice.


One firm policy of Verne’s is never obligate yourself to an idea or plan that is “win-lose.” If the plan isn’t a winner for the client, business and socially as well, then it needs to be re-worked until it is. According to Verne, if one never settles for less than a win on all sides, they have no choice but to come up with a plan that works when problems crop up. This kind of thinking is what puts Verne a cut above anyone else in business only for themselves.


Verne has another philosophy that makes very good sense. He believes that people have two ears and only one mouth for a reason, and when the ears are used to listen more, and the mouth to talk less, that is a recipe for success that’s hard to beat. The less said, the more people pay attention when you do speak.


Balance in all areas of life is a must for those who want to succeed. If your private life and health aren’t all they could be, it doesn’t matter how big your bank account is. It takes money to get along in today’s society, and when one doesn’t make enough they and their loved ones are the people who will suffer for it. That simple point comes down to one thing, balance promotes progress.


Passion is a big part of any successful venture. Of course, there are a lot of people out there who have no shortage of passion yet they fail in business anyway. The trick is to find the idea that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. If not, your business may keep plodding along anyway, but chances are it will never grow to reach its full potential.