David Mcdonald: An insprational story

Success stories are what can inspire people to follow their dreams. The tales of success that we learn from and about others can change the way we view the world. The people these stories are about also may be very relatable and may even be open to sharing secrets of success. That is definitely the case with David McDonald.

Born and raised in Iowa, David McDonald is now the President of an international company. He like many others has a story that involves working from the bottom and progressing to the top of company. Mr. McDonald attended and graduated from Iowa state university and graduated with a degree in animal science. According to David he always had an interest in biology and agriculture.

He worked until he became the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. From here he decided to join OSI a company that processes and manufactures food products. He started out as just a project manager. In time and with years of hard work plus dedication under his belt he became the president of the company. David McDonald has stuck with the company over the years and now has been part of the company for 30 years. He is also now a member of OSI group’s board of directors. David’s job is not easy and because the company is international he has to work with multiple teams in multiple places to ensure that they keep up with the rapid changes in the industry and market. He and the company try to maintain a can-do attitude that is positive and entrepreneurial. David attributes his success to the company’s ability to connect with valuable partners through having particular company members that fit the bill in certain geographic areas and cultures to create effective communication. This seems to be very effective and true as OSI recently purchased the Dutch company Baho Foods. This gives OSI a foot in the European area of the world.

It looks like under David McDonalds direction this company is flourishing. This success story is one to inspire us to work hard and to remain loyal. Though you may start at the bottom if you maintain and stay consistent incredible things are possible.

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Southridge Capital – Helping Companies Explore Creative Financial Plans

Southridge Capital, since 1996, has made direct investments of more than $1.8 billion into companies globally that position themselves to experience growth. As such, the company has a great deal of expertise in tailoring financial plans for clients. The company can also execute financial plans with a great deal of success.

Southridge Capital has the deep experience of having financed more than 250 companies. This gives them a monopoly in understanding what customers need and how to tailor individualized company finance plans. Southridge Capital has the ability to manage and optimize most any company’s balance sheet. You can visit their website southridge.com

Southridge Capital can also help companies to improve their credit rating by helping eliminate debt by working with their creditors. A major concern for companies with credit challenges is that they do no avail themselves of financing opportunities that may be outside the box. Southridge takes a closer look at opportunities that may include capital assets and loans against the company’s existing shares. This is what sets Southridge apart.

  1. The Southridge Capital Equity Purchase Agreement plan helps companies to try and secure capital regardless of market conditions.
  1. Financial analysis can create a detailed picture of a company and its financials based on correct evaluations. With the proper analysis, companies can make corrections in real time.
  1. If a company is thinking of filing bankruptcy, Southridge can offer sound advice as to whether bankruptcy will be the best solution. Southridge can work with creditors to help establish payments and time frames.

Southridge covers all the bases and works with companies to help them settle any litigation challenges. The Southridge’s goal is to help minimize expenses and to makes sure companies meet all relevant legal requirements. Southridge is a fast-growing company. With its experience and excellent managers, Southridge should continue to make a financial impact for years to come.

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The Life Of Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali has become a successful business man and worked for the things he wanted to accomplish in his life.

Bruno Fagali worked in the law field for many different people and had a very long background for law. Bruno has his own law firm who he is his partner and leader for because is just that successful. He has almost a decade in the community work force and he likes to promote things for a leading Brazilian advertisement company. almost with a decade for providing very high legal solutions for people who need the legal help that he provides. Bruno knows what has to happen when working with the people who need the legal help experience he has.

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Bruno has had many different opportunists when it comes to the law firms that he works for. Bruno has many different people who have the drive to do the things that need to happen when they happen. Bruno works to bring back faith to the people who have lost it and he is doing just that when he works with them. This makes doing things with the law much easier when there are people to represent them. Bruno was advertising programs both in America and outside of America as well just because he was so successful in what he does.

Bruno Fagali completed his law degree training from Pontifical Catholic university of Sao Paulo. He did this accomplishment in the year 2009 and he also specialized in Administrative law. He also did his master at Pontifical Catholic University as well. Bruno Fagali worked alongside many other different law people when he was trying to find a job and experiencing many different positions with many different people. Bruno also formed an employee ethic committee and this was when he wanted others to treat everybody right.

Bruno Fagali worked hard to become the person he is today and that makes a difference when working with people in legal terms.

Find more about Bruno Fagali: https://www3.ethos.org.br/cedoc/gerente-de-integridade-da-novasb-comenta-caminhos-para-conquistar-o-pro-etica/#.WrAnfpPwZTY

Major improvements on the Samsung S9

Newswatch TV is one of the most trusted sources for breaking news, Tech and consumer reviews, entertainment, and celebrity interviews. This television show has become one of the most go to shows for the latest information and news going on in the world and media.

This award-winning show that’s broadcasted on AMC and ion Television with rebroadcasts on YouTube have become a daily staple in breaking news. One of the most popular segments are their technology reviews. One of the most recent ones is a review of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 gives its users a new and improved fingerprint scanner, with more ease than in the past. Before, if you were trying to unlock the phone, it was next to the camera causing some annoyances with accidentally locking the phone or not being able to unlock the phone because of finger oils. Now, its underneath the camera, to give it a better convenience for the user.

It has also changed the cameras focus and quality by suppling an automatic aperture, that give low-light situations a switch to a f15 so that the brightness is increased. It also gives the user a beautiful portrait mode. Not only is the picture quality upgraded but the speaker functions on a surround sound technology that is crystal clear.

Some negatives are that the glass back is prone to finger print marks that can be annoying in appearance. The emojis might also be a little creepy compared to other phones. Overall the S9 has made major improvements that rival the new iPhone features.


The Greatness of the Academy of Art University

When it comes to the schools of performing arts, the United States has its fair share of institutions. Located in the city of San Francisco is one of the top schools that specialize in this subject, and it has left a lasting impact on society. The Academy of Art University is at the forefront of its class, and it has an extensive resume that spans for close to a century. This school has been in existence since the late 1920s. Academy of Art University was actually founded by a painter named Richard Stephens. The school’s campus is simply stellar to some degree, and it has a central location that’s in the heart of San Francisco.

New York Fashion Week is about any and all things fashion related. This grand event takes place in the month of September, and it hosts hundreds of participants. The week long affair is also a great place to see some of the best up-and-coming talent. For 2017, Academy of Art University displayed its greatness once again. The school presented at least nine fashion lines, including five womenswear lines, two menswear lines and two collaborations. Ten of the schools MFA and BFA graduates put together a nice showing that garnered plenty of attention. The hours and hours of internships, workshops, labor and classes have finally paid-off. Though each fashion display gets only 15 minutes of the limelight, all of the hard work that has gone into these phenomenal projects are finally paying-off.

Academy of Art University is a for-profit school, but it will take you on a phenomenal ride thanks to its exhibits, its galleries, its housing and its state-of-the-art facilities. Liberal arts, fashion, design and entertainment thrives under this roof and to the highest degree. All in all, Academy of Art University has made a name for itself, and it will continue to do so in the future.


Finding the money you need to do what you need to do, is the key to success. You can have the best plans, but if you cannot execute it, you will not succeed. Several people wish they can get the money they need to accomplish their personal and professional goals, Equities First Holdings had the vision and compassion to meet this need. In 2002, the company was created in Indianapolis Indiana, to provide customers with the answers to their their financial needs. Equities first Holdings was founded by AL Christy Jr to offer their customers several different options for the loans they need to accomplish their goals. The company uses the shares and stocks of their customers to secure the loan as collateral.

Since the inception of the company they have expanded to other countries that include the United States, the United Kingdom, Thailand, China and Australia. They are now moving into other territories. Read full article

OSI Acquires a Tyson Foods Plant and Doubles Chicken Production

In mid-2016, OSI Group acquired a former Tyson Foods plant. The company bought the Chicago-based plant for more than 7 million dollars. The new plant is near another OSI-owned facility in the same region.

The acquisition provides the infrastructure needed to support continued business growth. With the two factories working together, the consumers in Chicago and beyond can rest assured of timely deliveries.

OSI absorbed 50 percent of the employees of the acquired business. Tyson Foods executives admitted that their facility had been unable to keep up with the ever-changing consumer needs due to certain limitations.

International Expansion

As a global leader in the food business, OSI Group intends to continue with the acquisition of other companies known for producing top-quality items.

OSI confirms that the organization it seeks to buy measures up to its quality standards before beginning the necessary transactions. That approach ensures OSI maintains the highest quality levels and increases efficiency.

The recent acquisition of Flagship Europe expanded the company’s presence in the European market. Baho Food is yet another European addition to OSI’s growing product portfolio.

The acquisition of OSI Food Solutions Spain and Philippine-based GenOSI further builds the company’s dominance.

Working with the Best Suppliers

To maintain its quality standards, OSI ensures the products they handle come from the most reputable suppliers in the business. The company carefully vets every vendor before they start doing business with them.

The food suppliers commit to delivering top quality products, enabling the processor to continue meeting the needs of consumers consistently.

Innovative Ideas and Products

Regarding the all-important issue of equipment, machinery, and financial muscle, few companies rival OSI Group. The company has an immense resource base that enables it to reliably and innovatively satisfy the needs of its customers.

The food processor goes out of its way to ensure the customer gets what they want. Sometimes that means creating a new processing method. In some cases, the manufacturer has to purchase new equipment.

Any retailer or restaurant that chooses to do business with this company enjoys the benefits that come with working with a powerhouse.

Becoming one of America’s top 100 food companies takes more than just vast resources. It takes focused leadership dedicated to excellence, innovation, and safety.

About OSI Food Solutions : www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/

What Dr. Jorge Moll Found Out About The Act Of Giving

Jorge Moll, MD, is a neurologist who lives in the greater Rio de Janeiro, Brazil area. Jorge earned his medical degree in neuroscience at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1997. He also completed his residency at this educational institution. In 2000 he started attending Sao Paulo University and in 2003 he graduated with a Ph.D. in experimental pathophysiology.

After graduating from college Dr. Jorge Moll moved to the United States and worked for the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. He was a research fellow for this federal government department from July 2004 to February 2007. He has since performed research and worked in both Brazil and America. This included a two-month stint where he was a visiting research scholar at Stanford University in California. He also founded an investment firm in San Jose called VHM Ventures for which he is a partner (http://www.jorgemoll.com.br/)..

Dr. Jorge Moll’s main work is done in Brazil, however. He founded the D’Or Institute of Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro. He is the president of this company and also has a seat on its board. He also works for two labs. The first one is the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit for which he is the director. He also works at Neuroinformatics Workgroup where he does diagnostics and imaging. More about Dr. Jorge Moll in (Crunchbase)

One of Dr. Jorge Moll’s more interesting research projects resulted in a study that was published in 2015 He and his team were researching why people are happy to help out others. Philosophers and religious leaders have been coming up with answers for this question for centuries. For example, Saint Francis of Assisi famously said, “For it is in giving that receive”. Dr. Jorge Moll wanted to see if there was any hard science to back this belief up.

Along with his research partner Jordan Grafman, Dr. Jorge Moll found out that humans are evolutionarily designed to help. This throws Darwin’s survival of the fittest on its head but regardless he said the evidence shows that those who are kind and helpful to others are the people that find the most life satisfaction.


Glen Wakeman Has Found Success In Many Areas

There are some who take on a variety of jobs and who do well with each one, proving themselves over and over again. Glen Wakeman is one of those individuals and he has found success in a variety of ways and in working a mix of jobs. Glen is someone who is an investor and who has found success in the investing that he has done. He makes smart investments and they work out well for him in the end. He is a small business owner who knows what he is doing. Glen Wakeman is a board member and a CEO. He is a financial services executive. Glen has worked for multiple companies, and he is passionate about the work that he does.


Areas of Success

Glen Wakeman starts every day with a look at the numbers from the day before. He needs to know what is going on before he can figure out what work he is going to do that day. He then meets with his partner to figure out who is going to take on what kind of work. They split their tasks so that everything can be completed and so that nothing is completed twice. This man and his partner work on all that they need to get done and then end the day with a drink of some kind.

Explaining an idea to someone else can help that idea take shape. When someone takes the time to talk about their idea to someone else, they grow in their passion regarding that idea. Glen Wakeman has shared that he forces himself to take any idea that he has and to share that with someone else. This seems to work out well for him, as the ideas that he has are most often proven to be great. The ideas that he has bring about success when they are put into motion.


Jordan Lindsey & the smell of coin

At the level of mastery, one is able to imagine then bring to fruition. For instance, a master chef can smell a dish while blindfolded and replicate it even without having tasted it. Jordan Lindsey, then, is a master chef of finance. And what he’s visualized and brought to market as the founder of BitCoin Growth Bot and JCL Capital has the mouths watering of many a novice investor. A new generation not of your grandma’s old money. A millenial jetset who live in the fantasy world they thrive to create and do prefer.

Forex, a global trading juncture for which Jordan Lindsey designed Metatrader-4 software, plays as a fantasy team that puts out, perhaps as tribute to his youthful days competing in sports while growing up in New York. Forex, using JCL Capital’s Microsoft tools, is the envy of every creditor that’s ever toiled over the worthiness of one possible client. While s/he pushes a pile of papers seven to eighteen pages deep, Jordan Lindsey draws up one white paper and stacks up profit for everyone.

What Forex and Metatrader-4 represent is the aroma of success borne of the algorithm of expectation. They represent the compunction to not just accept reality but the willingness to drive it cart before the horse. Where traditional banking starts from a base actuality and works toward monthly, financial goals, Jordan Lindsey and Metatrader-4 assume a reality and draft it up like the ending of a Stephen J. Cannell blockbuster film. Except, this is just the beginning. And unlike the secret USA/UK federal reserve commission meetings of times past, everyone is just a PC, tablet, mobile device and internet connection away from collective participation.

Having analyzed the stock market, Jordan Lindsey encapsulated the necessary statistics and relational changes per volume consistent with growth profit and, with the heated flourish of ingredients no longer able to be extracted unto their own characteristics, created an avenue for wealth that defies traditional banking or regulation. Nevertheless, both China and the USA/UK central bank have applied certain limitations to this imaginary currency citing causation of economic instability. Clearly, JCL Capital and its investors remain nonplussed (that is, in the American sense), choosing the directed projection of their Initial Coin Offerings over the meteorologic predictions of IPOs.

Perhaps his inescapable penchant toward productive creativity is what also drives his love of family and fatherhood. Having met his wife while on a volunteer missions trip to Bosnia, she and Jordan Lindsey recently welcomed their third daughter into the world. He explains how one of his long-term goals is to amass enough wealth to fund the living and missions expenses of those who have taken the vow of poverty. Another is to help everyone in the world gain access to the ability to carve their daily life such that it is amenable to raising one’s children full-time without the fear of financial ruin or hunger.

He explains how heartfelt his estimation is of the necessity to intentionally spend exorbitant amounts of time playing with, guiding and learning from our mini-me’s. His wife agrees wholeheartedly. Residing in San Francisco, he’s lived abroad in Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Mexico. And while we may not know yet whether or not any of their daughters will take on their Mom’s singing career or teach themselves computational algorithm programming like their Dad, one thing’s for sure, they’ll be lovingly singing his praises.