Sheldon Lavin: Award-Winning Business Executive

Sheldon Lavin the CEO and chairman of the internationally respected food production and marketing company the OSI Group, LLC. is a well respected executive. He’s committed to environmental sustainability, safe food production practices and an unwavering belief in the importance of listening to and taking care of the concerns of his staff. In addition to spending almost 50 years at the helm of the OSI Group, Lavin also served as OSI International Foods Ltd.’s president, Rush University Medical Center’s general trustee and a National Fish & Wildlife Foundation director.

It was in 1970 that Sheldon Lavin first became involved with the OSI Group. Through his financial services firm he provided the company with the financing they needed to expand. At that time the OSI Group was growing rapidly and needed to get new equipment and technology to better serve McDonald’s and the supermarkets and restaurants in Illinois they were providing with quality meat. Over the years Lavin remained involved with the company. Eventually, Lavin bought the OSI Group and set about building it into one the world’s largest and most successful suppliers of meat and food products.

With a background in banking and accounting, Sheldon Lavin had the perfect skill set to help the OSI Group to grow. He also had the vision to imagine what the company had the potential to become. Lavin felt it was important to maintain and develop the family-like atmosphere of the OSI Group no matter how large it grew. Under Lavin’s leadership the OSI Group now has over 75 food processing facilities in 17 countries throughout the North, South and Central America, Europe and Asia. The company also has over 20,000 workers all of whom hold Sheldon Lavin in the highest regard.

The excellent work Sheldon Lavin has done at the OSI Group has won him wide acclaim and numerous awards and accolades. Although Lavin is honored to received the praise, he has stated that what he is proudest of is his company’s ability to improve the quality of the food they offer worldwide, their record of environmental sustainability record and the assistance he has been able to provide his staff. Even after 50 years as an executive with the OSI Group, Lavin is still involved with the daily activities of the company. Sheldon Lavin is now seen as the ideal role model for the next generation of corporate executives all over the world.

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Fabletics Brings a Really Good Alternative to Fast Fashion

The fashion industry and consumers are faced with an ugly truth. If people want more than just basic and bland looking clothes, they are going to have to pay tons of money for it. Then things get a little uglier for people. For instance, there is fast fashion. While fast fashion does offer some really trendy and interesting looking items for men and women, things get really questionable once they find out how these items are designed, constructed and distributed. One of the issues with fast fashion is that it comes at a very huge cost. For instance, these items are put together in horrid conditions. To make things worse, there is the pollution factor.


This brings forth a really sad picture for people who want to have style on a budget. Now, they are made to believe that if they want to have some really interesting items to wear, they are going to have to support foul practices. Kate Hudson has seen the sad state that the fashion industry was in for people who are not totally wealthy and has decided that it needs to be changed. She has taken a few steps which has resulted in the development of Fabletics.


The items of Fabletics are developed in a way that makes sure that it is in the most ethical way. Also, the material is put together in a way that is environmentally friendly. This makes it better for the customer in that they are not only paying for better products, but also paying for something that is going to last them a while and is good for the environment. The only thing that the founders of the company had to think about is how they are going to save money for the customers. After all, most of the people in the world are not very wealthy.


Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and Adam Goldenberg have decided on the perfect business model that is going to not only help customers save money, but also make sure that the work conditions under which the items have been constructed are very good. They have decided on an approach that is very similar to Costco. This is the paid subscription approach where customers are sign up and pay for a membership. For their membership, they get access to all of the great savings. At the same time, they get a free outfit for their business. This business model has made it so that everyone gains something good from Fabletics and the other TechStyle brands.

All About Desiree Perez

Jay Z and Roc Country executive Desiree Perez met with Sir Lucian Grainge, the administrator and President of Universal Music Group, at his Santa Monica, California workplaces on Wednesday — starting hypothesis that UMG could purchase a stake in Roc Country.

The move could give Jay more assets to grow new specialists reinforce his gushing administration Tidal, which is in an extreme turf war against the bigger Apple Music and Spotify administrations.

UMG insiders said the organization as of now has an appropriation manage Roc Country, which is a little level of their specialists’ business. Be that as it may, in the event that they took a greater speculation, UMG would possess a significantly bigger stake of Roc Country craftsmen.

Desiree Perez has been the Head Working Officer of ROC Country since 2009. As an individual from the group at ROC Country, Des is engaged with a few ranges of the business, including administration, distributing and naming operations.

Desiree Perez or in short Des Perez is a nearby partner to the outstanding Jay Z for very nearly twenty years and has an unbelievably long track with running the SC Undertakings. She has turned out to be fit the bill for such a vital position as she is inconceivable with regards to doing the math, is an extreme and savage mediator and has an extraordinary history that the article states not even Domain’s own particular Treat would not go up against. Des Perez took part in a solid impact in the Rihanna Samsung bargain. She is a piece of a group that runs the whole operation of Roc Country, it’s segments of administration, naming operations and in addition distributing. and Follow him

Why You Should Invest in Market America Product

Unlike many companies which deal with one product, market America provides a variety of products. The Market America products range from, nutrition, health, and cosmetics to meet the arising needs of customers in the market. Market America does not manufacture any product or specialize in one service thus allowing it to capitalize in the current consumer demands. The flexibility of its operations make it more flexible and stable.

Market America creates strong relations with its vendors which allows it to get good discounts without much hustle or negotiation. The main secret success of Market America is that anytime a new ingredient comes up, they develop a new product quickly and bring it into the market. This way, Market America brings in new products each year to keep up with the competition. The company is continuing to add more stores with the onset of the UnFranchise business concept. Some of the popular products of Market America which are marketed on are; Awake, Vitamind, nutriclean, mochatonix, and curcumin extreme.

The attitude of an individual has a big influence on the success of their unfranchise business. Without the correct attitude, there is a lot of uncertainty and almost no drive to keep going. A positive mindset and a good attitude translates into success of business. An example of success backed up with the right attitude is that of Jim Winkler who is Market America’s vice president of sales. Jim Wrinkler is the owner of UnFranchise as of 1995 up to date.

According to Jim Wrinkler, people are not born successful. We all have to work for success and what sets apart success failure is whether or not one is willing to do it. Those who are successful are willing to do more in order to achieve success. Instead of coming up with reasons why the business is failing, investors should change their believes and focus on the belief that they can succeed.

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Michael Terpin an enthusiastic Rally Driver

Sport is a recommendable exercise for people because it helps health wise. For this reason, most people like all kind of games could be basketball, volleyball, football, and car rallies. Brazil is one country that people like sports at a very tender age, and in most cases, the young people are talented.

Michael Terpins

Michael Terpin was born in a family who had a passion for sports. He is a Brazilian coming from Sao Paulo, born in the year 1979 in Latin America. His father Jack Terpins, had a very successful career of basketball in Brazil, and his brother Rodrigo was a rally driver. Michael Terpins’s case was a unique one because he started loving the speed at a very tender age.

 Terpins’s Role in car races

Maintaining the family name of sports life, Michael Terpin continued with the spirit of sports but in rally driving. Michael Terpins began by motorcycling in the year 2002, with time he gained experience after specializing in automobiles. He belonged to the Bull Sertoes rally team club, which was founded by two brothers, (Rodrigo and Michael) who came up with the idea rally driving.

Michael Terpin was close with his coach Justo, who was determined that they would emerge winners during the editions of Sertoes rally. Michael Terpin is well known in Brazil for being a zealous rally driver. Together with his brother Rodrigo, Michael has managed to participate various competitions starting from Sertoes rally and Brazilian cross-country rally tournament

Being an excellent rally driver, Terpins has an upper hand to celebrate his career for being one. Celebrating ten years of participation in rallies come with commitment and perseverance. Terpin and Rodrigo were in a position of being among the top leading team. In union with his coach and mentor Justo.

In conclusion, Michael continues to work hard. Rally driving has one unique quality which must be reserved speed is it, which is uncommon for most individuals. Michael Terpin was determined with courage in whatever he did, and without an indisputable argument he remains a star in Brazil making him famous, and the country itself is proud of him.


IntegraGen Announces Its Research Showing the Connection between miR-31-3p Expression and cetuximub efficacy in patients with KRAS wild-type metastatic colorectal cancer as published on Oncotarget

Recently, IntegraGen, a company that specializes in breaking down the human genome to in an effort to produce pertinent and easily interpretable data that can be used in both academic and commercial purposes announced that their findings from a study inquiring into miR-31-3p expression in cancerous tumor samples that were collected from patients who had been enrolled in the NEW EPOC clinical trial had been published online on Oncotarget. The title of the paper being “Association between miR-31-3p expression and cetuximub efficacy in patients with KRAS wild-type metastatic colorectal cancer: a post-hoc analysis of the New EPOC trial”. The findings seemed to come to the conclusion that there is a connection between miR-31-3p expression and how effective the anti-EGFR treatment can be.

One of the co-authors of the study Professor John Bridgewater is a Medical Oncologist at University College London Cancer Institute. Prof. Bridgewater as one of the scientists who was heavily involved with the New EPOC Study said that the publication contains results showing that miR-31-3p expression levels in patients who have been diagnosed with RAS wild-type metastatic colorectal cancer can serve as a diagnostic tool that helps find patients who qualify for targeted anti-EGFR therapy.He further expressed his confidence that they will continue to further examine data from the New EPOC trial. This data is very important especially to clinicians as it provides the much needed additional understanding on customizing therapeutic approaches to improve treatment of patients who have come down with metastatic colorectal cancer.IntegraGen‘s Director of Molecular Diagnostics Yann Gaston-Mathé also said that the findings have given more credibility to the exercise of measuring miR-31-3p in cancerous tumors from patients who have been diagnosed with metastatic colorectal cancer.

Who is IntegraGen?

IntegraGen is an Evry Genopole based company that specializes in breaking down the human genome to in an effort to produce pertinent and easily interpretable data that can be used in both academic and private laboratories. By 2016, IntegraGen had generated over €6.0 million in revenues with a payroll of 38 employees. Its U.S. office is in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a free weekly peer-reviewed medical journal established in 2010 and published by Impact Journals. It covers research on all aspects of oncology. Oncotarget also includes articles on other subjects and fields of study in science and medicine such as Metabolism, Endocrinology, Neuroscience, the aging process, Microbiology, Cardiology, The Immunology System, Pharmacology Cell Biology, among others. Oncotarget is one of the most popular journals in the circles of Medicine and Science professionals as the source of up-to-the-minute news, research, and information on the aforementioned fields of study. This can be demonstrated by the simple fact that in the years 2015 and 2016, Oncotarget had an impact factor 5.008. Mikhail Blagosklonny a former professor at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York and Andrei V. Gudkov of Roswell Park Cancer Institute are the editors-in-chief of Oncotarget. Roswell Park Cancer Institute is a cancer research and treatment center based Buffalo, New York founded by Dr. Roswell Park in 1898.

Don Ressler’s Exemplary Leadership Helping Fabletics to Grow into a Reputable Activewear Brand

One of the hardest choices women are faced with when picking their athletic wear has always been choosing between fashion and cost. Ever since I can remember, the women activewear industry has had a significant gap between functionality and fashion; but that is not the case anymore. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, two of the biggest players in the fashion industry, have a solution for this ailing market through Fabletics.

Fabletics is a woman activewear brand that was created to focus on delivering functional and fashionable women active wears at affordable costs. Don Ressler has been quite pivotal to the success of this brand. Through interviewing focus groups and carrying out a number of consumer test, this brand has been able to identify a number of issues affecting the women activewear in the market. Some of the issues Don Ressler and Fabletics found out included ill-fitting and uncomfortable clothes, some of the clothes were quite expensive, low quality and garish to name but a few. With these in mind, Don through his Fabletics brand embarked on a path of sanitizing the industry while focusing on the women’s needs and wants.

Apart from creating the right product for the market, the other thing that Don Ressler focused on Fabletics was popularizing the activewear brand. With branding being relatively ambiguous in this industry, Don Ressler brought in Kate Hudson as the face of the business. Kate Hudson, being an individual with a charming personality, was able to connect and create a strong relationship with the users of their products. In addition to being a co-founder, Kate helps the company improve its online presence and connect on a personal level with the clients.

Fabletics subscription model combined with the quick and appealing design of the website is also one of the selling factors of this venture. Before purchasing activewear products, a customer has to answer a number of quizzes that help them determine which is the right clothing for them. The subscription model, on the other hand, allows a customer to enjoy numerous benefits including free shipping, discounted shopping, and reward points for only $50 per month. These two factors have been very handy and have helped Fabletics build on their customer experience hence setting it apart from other businesses.

Don Ressler’s leadership has been of great assistance to Fabletics. Even with the company announcing its plan of expanding its market in 2017 to plus-sized women; more fashionable and affordable activewear for women should be expected.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg’s Fabletics Continues To Explore The Market

Majority of women have a difficulty finding an athletic wear of their choice that is fashionable and affordable. That is because there has been a wide gap in the functionality and fashion on women’s sportswear for quite some time. In 2010, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg noticed the rising demand for active wear and decided to give it a shot. They immediately co-founded Fabletics with the mission of providing beautiful looking women active wear that was fashionable, affordable and functional. Their fast move was because the demand for women’s athletic wear was not dropping anytime soon.

Ressler and Adam Goldenberg didn’t just come up with any athletic wear. They focused on revolutionary wear in line with the current fashion trends, thus giving women what they desired. Through research, they were able to identify problems facing women in sportswear across the globe which included costly athletic wear, and at times non-fitting.

Ressler worked with Kate Hudson as a cofound in Fabletics. Women sportswear had the challenge of branding with only a few companies targeting women with their brands. Kate’s active role in the media, excellent communication skills, friendly tone, confidence, and composure took Fabletics brand on another level. Kate represented the company by being its spokeswoman. She was able to establish strong client relationships, thus linking Fabletics to majority of the people. Kate still focuses on taking the Fabletics brand a notch higher both online and in person.

Despite a few challenges when starting Fabletics, Ressler was able to cut through complexity to ensure that the sportswear was comfortable. Through his determination and experience in the fashion industry, the company was able to create comfortable and high-quality clothing.

Fabletics was able to outsmart its competitors in the fashion industry by establishing a strong market both online and at the grassroots level. Their marketing strategies outdo the traditional retail marketing system. Other than online selling, Fabletics discounted their prices where clients would sign up for a Fabletics VIP on a monthly charge of $50. The clients would then receive discounted prices on clothing, get their items delivered free of charge and earn points on all items they buy.

The VIP model coupled with their appealing website contributed to increased revenue. The site has a quiz that helps women suggest their athletic wear choice. These strategies have set Fabletics on a higher level than their competitors.

Ressler ensured that women’s sportswear was fun by creating best fashion choices, enabling an efficient online shopping space and catering for busy women who’re working on their health and looks.

Fabletics looks forward to expanding in 2017 targeting the plus size women.

Dr. Jennifer Waldens Amazing Medical Training Background

In August of 1990, Dr. Jennifer Walden was able to very first begin her education by attending the University of Texas. After that, she went on to attend the University of Texas at Austin, which is located in Austin Texas. There she was able to achieve her BA in biology and managed to graduate with honors in 1994. Shortly after she received her BA she attended the University of Texas Medical Branch, which is located in Galveston, Texas. Walden from August 1994 until May of 1998 attended and graduated the university with the highest possible honors with having a medical degree.

After her graduation, she went on to do residency training in the surgery department at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Once one year of residency training was up she went on to the plastic surgery division and in June of 2003 completed her integrated plastic surgery residency.

Shortly after Dr. Walden completed her residency training she decided to complete her Fellowship training in New York, New York at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She completed her fellowship training in June of 2004 and decided to move on and to be an associate at the plastic surgery practice with Dr. Sherrell J. Aston located in New York, New York. At his practice is where she remained until 2011 when she decided that she wanted to move back to Texas so she could start her own practice and so she could be able to raise her own family.

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Jose Auriemo Neto Promotes Brazilian Economy

Latin America has developed lately and this is because of the operations of JHSF. This is a real estate company owned by Jose Auriemo Neto. He is currently the Chief executive officer of the company. Jose has steered so many projects that improved the state of buildings within the city of Sao Paulo.

Brazil now has some of the modern hotels, resorts and shopping malls. Estates and residential homes have also developed with some of the most recent designs. JHSF has a teamwork of employees work together to ensure the success of their projects. All these have come through under the leadership of Joes Auriemo Neto.

Brazil’s Santa Cruz Shopping is one the major successful projects of JHSF. This mall has attracted so many investors and tourists who visit the country. These activities earn the country revenue hence building its economy. The mall is now flowing with all kinds of businesses. The citizens of Brazil, therefore, have opportunities to get jobs thereby improving their living standards.

Jose has excellent leadership and managerial skills that his father instilled in him. These have given him the insight to keep focusing his attention on what he loves. His passions for property development are what make him set successful goals for his company. Brazil honors Jose for changing the face of their cities.

Commitment and successful ways of marketing projects for company have enabled the company to remain notable in the Brazilian property markets. The standards and foundations laid by Jose’s father, Fabio Aureimo, have maintained the amounts of profits that the company gets at the end of every financial year. Efforts of employees and managers have been essential in the success of the company.
The Brazilian economy is now at a point where every other country wants its economic developments to be.

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