Boraie’s Real Estate Development Project in Atlantic City awakens hopes for a brighter future

The recent reports of their being plans to erect a 250 apartment complex in Atlantic City have been met with a lot of excitement especially from the business community hailing from around the metropolis terming it as a vote of confidence pointing to an even brighter future for the city. This follows a long period of real estate inactivity spanning more than 25 years which was further hurt by a 10-year decline in the resort’s gaming industry.

But that is about to change as Boraie Development LLC moves in to inject over $80 million worth of real estate. The project dubbed the beach at South inlet will be targeting the more than 50,000 individuals living and working in the town. While touring the site, the Vice President of Boraie Development LLC Wasseem Boraie said that the project’s main target market is the young person adding that they are aware that this demographic knows what they want hence the need to include the most modern amenities within the complex. Check out Bloomberg for more.

About Boraie Development LLC

This has seen them build a strong reputation in the real estate space especially when it comes to services such as Real Estate Development, Property Management and Sale and Marketing of properties. Their main objective is to come with innovative ideas that will go a long way in helping them build stunning properties which can be able to meet the needs and aspirations of the modern-day client while at the same time providing incomparable hands on deck services that are tailored to each and every client.

Boraie Development LLC employs their mutually beneficial networks amongst the real estate industry stakeholders such as financial institutions, architects and contractors that they have built over the years they have been in the industry in order to craft the best team suitable for each and every project in a deliberate and conscious effort of making sure that all of their projects are completed successfully in time. For more details visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

What sets Boraie Development LLC apart from the rest of the real estate companies is the fact that they have been doing this for more than 30 years now with an impeccable track record of success and even more important is the fact that they use private sources of capital such as their own resources while at the same time pulling in more resources from the largest commercial banks to bankroll their projects. Visit to see more.


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