Sightsavers’ Importance To The Ugandan People

Sighsavers is back in the news again and like always, it’s for good reasons. This philanthropic organization provides eye health for people of all nations. The organization’s vision is to create a world to where no one will suffer from blindness or other eye issues. The poorest countries in the world can drastically benefit from the organization’s many services. Eliminating blindness and eradicating cataracts are just two of Sightsavers’ missions. For 2018, this productive organization has continued its mission, and it has combined its efforts with other notable organizations.

Uganda is one of the poorest nation on earth. This specific region of the globe has seen its fair share of negative issues. For some strange reason, the people of Uganda has had a long history of eye problems. On top of that, this nation has lacked the proper treatments for saving people’s eyesight. Sightsavers has partnered with a number of other charitable organizations to fight the loss of sight. Some of the other organizations that are included consists of the Ugandan Expanding Social Protection program, the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, UK Aid and the Coordinated Approach to Community Health program. With the help from all of these charities, thousands of Ugandan people have benefited from higher quality treatments.

The Ugandan government has a targeted age group that can receive prompt service. Since the people who are over 65 tend to have bad eye health, the government has put their specific needs at the forefront. Other exceptions to this rule are provided for the Karamoja region. The region just so happens to be the poorest area in Uganda. Sightsavers has purposely lowered the age limit down to 60. Recipients of the program can start to enjoy their lives in full-detail and Sightsavers has played a monstrous role in this process.