Capital Anesthesiology And Their Collaboration with AQI

Capitol Anesthesiology was established in 1983 in Austin Texas. Capital is comprised of a team of over 80 qualified physicians who are also anesthesiologists. Additionally, Capital Anesthesiology has a team of 130 certified registered nurse anesthetists. CAA provides care services in over twenty medical facilities throughout the Austin Texas area. CAA services Level 1 trauma centers, ambulatory surgery centers and other hospitals throughout the greater Austin area. Capital Anesthesiology also employs a customer service based staff of administrative and billing professionals who will work with all patients and their insurance providers to ensure a smooth payment and billing experience as well as offer answers to any administrative questions that may arise. Capital Anesthesiology Association is a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute and is continually seeking ways to improve their care and practices by using education and by providing data reporting. The collaboration of CAA and AQI allows for CAA to help other anesthesiology practices who are still in their startup phase to gain access to necessary information for their patients and staff.