Class Dojo Connects Parents, Students & Teachers

Many parents may be wondering what exactly Class Dojo is all about. The flyers have come home in the child’s folder and there is a sign in name and password for this new free app called Class Dojo. What is so special about this app that parents should be using it?

Class Dojo is a communication tool that connects parents, teachers and the students. Parents can send messages to their child’s teacher to ask them important questions about school work or events happening at the school. Teachers can send parents messages to alert them of things happening in the class room. When a parent or teacher gets a notification through class dojo the cellular device it is downloaded on will chime. A small dojo character will also appear at the top of the activity drop down.

Teachers can share photos and videos of the classroom so parents do not feel as though they are missing out. Students are also awarded for good behavior. Each student gets a pie chart that reflects their behavior throughout the day. If a child misbehaves the teacher can give them a negative point and explain why. This opens the doors of communication with parents and their children to inquire about good and bad behavior. Parents can also discuss photos and videos the teacher shared to become more involved in the child’s day at school.

Simply put, Class Dojo is a free app that connects students, parents and teachers. It gives updated behavior activity as well as provides communication resources.