Graham Edwards’ Telereal and The Value of Work That’s Rooted Beyond Profit

It is a natural thing for any company or business leader to find ways to increase its profit margins. It is essential for a company to not only make sure that these profit margins are sustainable, but are also derived in the most ethical ways possible.

In the case of Graham Edwards, a CPS Research Fellow, the drive to increase profit margins, money and the increased payoff is not the end. It should be beyond money. Most of us are familiar with the idea of doing it for not just monetary reasons, but the fact that Graham Edwards showed it in actions by joining as the Chairman of a New Housing Policy Group means that he can understand that effects are better than words (


The Actions Today

We read from the official website of CPS that it is now expanding its policy studies to what they call the New Generation initiative. It’s hard to put in simple terms what this initiative would be like, but simply put, it is a fantastic way to create new strategies, innovation and other significant efforts to address the pressing, most demanding and most challenging public policy problems today.

The New Generation project would like to propose radical and brave ideas into the policy structures of any state. The four major policy programmes today of New Generation are all focused on text and cost of living, housing, and planning, as well as welfare and business enterprise. There should be a lot of things that would make it easy for people like Graham Edwards to deliver the best performance in this kind of service, but what gives him the drive to address the challenges he has today is his dedication for public service.


About Graham Edwards

Mr. Edwards is the CEO of Telereal since 2001. His position in the company has led to the creation of policies and programs that help stamp Telereal into the limelight. Graham Edwards’s expertise is also necessary for creating the expansion of the company, which is called Telereal Trillium.

One of the most remarkable things that Graham Edwards did for Telereal was the fact that he led the negotiations that gave him the power to acquire Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc.