Louis Chenevert Outstanding Career.

Success is never attained on a silver platter. You have to work extra hard and sacrifice a lot to get to where you want to be. Most importantly, you also have to draw inspiration from other people who have excelled in life. Louis Chenevert is an inspiration to many people as his story is relatable to what they go through.

When it comes to business and investments, Louis Chenevert comes to the mouths of many. He has an outstanding managerial career that has been set rolling for the last close to 30 years. He was born and raised up in Montreal where he also schooled and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Production Management.

He then started working for the general motors where he served for 14 years before drifting to the Pratt and Whitney- an aircraft engine manufacturer in 1993. He ended up being the Chief Executive Officer of the company after six years of his service to them. He was able to provide his service diligently, and within no time, he became the Chief Executive Officer United Technologies Corporation (UTC). This is the position that made him so popular because he made UTC one of the most prominent companies in the world.

The United Technologies Corporation is well known for its creative innovations in technology especially in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector. They have earned their place in the world by also inventing jet-like structures that have been adopted both in the military and for commercial use too.

Operations at UTC have intensified and grown since Louis Chenevert was made the CEO. They have been able to expand their branches, and the profits have also been growing steadily. In fact, annual profits had risen to as high as $117 million from $37 million before Louis Chenevert became the CEO.

To be able to take up to such a task and perform well is not an easy thing. It requires one to persevere and to be committed. Louis Chenevert has been able to do all of that, and that is why he is such an inspiration to many people.


Sheriff Arpaio Must be Stopped

There are two things I am very proud of in this life. I am a very proud Christian and I am a very proud American. I truly believe that I live in the greatest country and I worship the greatest God that could ever be thought of.

As a Christian who is a Seventh-day Adventists, I firmly believe that we are to engage ourselves in social justice in this world. I firmly believe that God has given us the Sabbath day in order to not only worship him but to begin fighting for those who are oppressed by others and being subdued by a tyrannical government. This is why the Bible tells us that we are to plead the cause of the widow and fight for the orphans. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Currently there is an issue going on with illegal immigrants in this country. Many times Americans want to say these immigrants have no right to be here and they should go back to where they came from.

We often wonder if God has something to say on this matter? Doesn’t God care for the illegal immigrant who can barely scrape by because they are being paid underneath the table a mere pittance? I personally believe that he does care about the situation and we are to be active in promoting change in this area.

In my studies on this topic, I’ve encountered the writings of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. These two men are co-owners of the Village Voice Media. It is through this media outlet that they seek to change the heart of the average American to become more compassionate to the situation that illegal immigrants find themselves in. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/ and http://james-larkin.com/press/

In their publishing, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have come up against Sheriff Joseph Arpaio on more than one occasion. Part of their strategy to grow compassion in the hearts of the American citizens is to show what kind of evil actions people like Sheriff Joseph Arpaio are committing against these people.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin report on how Sheriff Joe Arpaio allowed a Hispanic woman to lose her baby when she went into labor. She was eight months pregnant and being held in one of Sheriff Joseph Arpaio’s prisons there in the Maricopa County.

She complained that she was feeling pain and that the baby no longer was moving. Normally an OB/GYN would be called. However, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio denying her this capability and her unborn child needlessly died as a result of his neglect.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would personally experience the atrocity that is Sheriff Joseph Arpaio. He trampled upon their freedom of speech when he realized how many things they reported about him.

He did this by illegally trying to shut down the Corporation Village Voice Media. When this did not work, he held Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin at gunpoint and even legally demanded that evidence of his crimes be destroyed. These two brave men stood against him on that day.

David McDonald; OSI President; Stands Alongside International Deal

David McDonald; Food Service Professional

David McDonald, OSI Industries president, understands the benefits of being a part of a trusted network, responsible for the safety of the general public from processing food products. Thousands of customers are fed an all-natural diet from OSI with an approval from the FDA, their customers eat by the strict regulations enacted by the government. You can learn more about what’s in your food and where it comes from by visiting the OSI website says, David McDonald. They provide a trusted meal to millions of customers worldwide and continue to be the largest food processing plant in North America.

OSI Industries; Executive Leadership

There are several executives among the OSI Industries Ltd., food group that stand out as industry leaders, but David McDonald was recognized in a recent CEOCFO interview with a popular online business magazine. McDonald is a proud graduate of Iowa State University and started out as a Project Manager for the OSI Food Group. He lends over 25 years experience to the food industry with combined education and expertise. He has also worked alongside their stockholders to add to their additional $64.5 billion dollars in assets by extending international portfolio.

McDonald’s Role In The OSI Flagship Acquisition

Flagship Europe is a major part of the large and prosperous EU food industry. They have been able to team up their executives to make the merger a success. In fact, McDonald was at the forefront of their acquisition with Flagship. He was able to initiate the merger with OSI by pointing out the success of the deal means business growth for Europe and was worth an estimated $7.2 million for Flagship. McDonald also was a key member in their effort to acquire the popular Baho Food Group.

Who Is The OSI Industries Food Group

Established since 1993, OSI continues to operate from over 55 worldwide facilities in 16 countries. They pride themselves in having the space and manpower to process food for many major food service groups. They recently were recognized for their 20 year milestone in China along with a successful United States partnership. Get the best out of your hot dogs, meat patties, poultry, pie fillings, frozen chicken wings, desserts, and organic vegetables, when you’re fed from an OSI Food Group diet. Learn more about the OSI Industries and eat from trusted source.

For details: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

Why Dr. Mark McKenna Transitioned From Real Estate To Medical Aesthetics.

While he is a doctor, Dr. Mark McKenna, MD, was originally a lot more interested in the real estate industry. He grew up with a father as a doctor, though so having grown up with a large exposure to that field he attended Tulane University Medical School. He also earned his MBA so that he could become a full-on entrepreneur.

Due to his interest in real estate, Dr. Mark McKenna‘s first company was one in New Orleans that invested in residential properties. This company was called McKenna Venture Investments. Between Hurricane Katrina flooding most of the city and how he could spot the bubble growing in the industry he shut his real estate company down so that he could focus on opening a medical practice.

Having moved to Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Mark McKenna established a company called ShapeMed There. He focused on helping people lose weight through prescribing them diets and having them meet with nutritionists he had hired. He also performed non-surgical procedures on people like Botox treatments and other aesthetic services. He eventually sold this company to a national gym chain who wanted to incorporate ShapeMed locations into their gyms.

Dr. Mark McKenna is now gearing up a new company that is a mix of medical aesthetics and technology. This company, OVME, is sort of like Uber but for non-surgical aesthetics. Users of this company’s app can use it to have a medical professional show up on their doorstep to do the procedure. It’s designed to make these procedures very convenient and comfortable for the person seeking out things like Botox injections. He says this is going to revolutionize the industry and he plans to eventually roll it out nationally.

In his private life, Dr. Mark McKenna has a wife and a daughter. The family also has a Pomeranian as a member of the family. He joined the Entrepreneurs Organization as a member and back when he lived in New Orleans he was on the board of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board. He had also served the New Orleans Jazz Festival as a member of the board.

Tony Petrello Gives Hope to People in Different Areas.

Since Tony Petrello started his career working for Nabors, he has been helping the company make money and provide solutions for individuals and companies around the world. He is currently one of the highest paid CEOs in the country and that has helped him continue pushing forward and making his job better. He has remained dedicated in different instances to the way he is able to help people. He has also tried to give the community back what they have lost and that’s a huge part of the way he feels about the work he is doing for other people to enjoy.

One of the influential and philanthropic things Tony Petrello has done is offer people the chance to experience a better life. He even works as the director for the Texas Children’s Hospital. It has allowed him to humble himself and make sure he’s doing the right things for the right reasons. He has also made sure he can give people what they are looking for as long as they are experiencing a more positive part of the community they are a part of. He wants even children to realize he is helping them in a positive way.

One of the other things he recently did was help those who had suffered because of Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane was devastating to Texas and that’s how he made sure he was helping. He wanted to give people the money, the food and the support they needed to get through different situations. He also wanted them to realize they were going to be able to try their best to make things easier on themselves. It was his way of showing people how he cared and what he was able to do to give them what they needed in different situations.

Everything changed for Tony Petrello when he began helping other people. Even though he had always wanted to be a lawyer, he found he was much better suited to being a CEO. He also found out about the different options he could take advantage of when he was making as much as what he is. It has not only opened doors for him but has also allowed him to show people how he is growing things and they can do the same. He wants other people to be inspired by the options he has used and the things he has done.

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Tony Petrello- CEO with great passion

Tony Petrello is a successful business executive in the United States. He is wealthy yet very humble. Many people probably came to know about him when he was named the highest paid CEO in the country with a net annual salary of $68 million. This is the first time that Tony Petrello featured prominently in the media. Tony Petrello is influential in the U.S corporate sector. He has a lot to his name. He has accomplished a lot than any other person the drilling industry. Tony Petrello has been working in the industry for a very long time. He has developed expertise that is needed for one to run a successful business venture.

Tony Petrello has gained a lot from his ability to figure out solutions that should be applied in the businesses that he is in. He has been a problems solver all his life. He has been able to deal with courses in law and mathematics while in the university. These are courses that require one to have a deep understanding and capability of solving problems. Tony Petrello has not disappointed in this. He has shown everyone that it is possible to make huge achievements when you are a problem solver. Tony Petrello has been working in the drilling industry for a very long time. He started his job in the company in 1991. He was appointed by the management after they identified capabilities in business while he was working for another company in New York. He was working with a law firm as a lawyer and managing partner of the firm.

Tony Petrello’s achievements have been admirable to many. He has managed to streamline the operations of the firm such the goal of the firm could be accomplished. He has done a lot for this company. This is the reason he finally got a chance to serve in the highest position in the firm. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello hopes that he will continue making changes on the company by implementing innovative ideas that will transform the fortunes of the drilling form. Tony Petrello believes that there is a great opportunity for the company to even expand more. Currently, it is in 25 countries in the world. He believes there is a lot more that should be done to accomplish the goals of this company.

Tony Petrello has demonstrated his brilliance in the management of the firm by his ability to change the fortunes of the company that he leads. He has made it the biggest company in the world.

For details: fuelfix.com/blog/tag/anthony-petrello/

Sheldon Lavin: Award-Winning Business Executive

Sheldon Lavin the CEO and chairman of the internationally respected food production and marketing company the OSI Group, LLC. is a well respected executive. He’s committed to environmental sustainability, safe food production practices and an unwavering belief in the importance of listening to and taking care of the concerns of his staff. In addition to spending almost 50 years at the helm of the OSI Group, Lavin also served as OSI International Foods Ltd.’s president, Rush University Medical Center’s general trustee and a National Fish & Wildlife Foundation director.

It was in 1970 that Sheldon Lavin first became involved with the OSI Group. Through his financial services firm he provided the company with the financing they needed to expand. At that time the OSI Group was growing rapidly and needed to get new equipment and technology to better serve McDonald’s and the supermarkets and restaurants in Illinois they were providing with quality meat. Over the years Lavin remained involved with the company. Eventually, Lavin bought the OSI Group and set about building it into one the world’s largest and most successful suppliers of meat and food products.

With a background in banking and accounting, Sheldon Lavin had the perfect skill set to help the OSI Group to grow. He also had the vision to imagine what the company had the potential to become. Lavin felt it was important to maintain and develop the family-like atmosphere of the OSI Group no matter how large it grew. Under Lavin’s leadership the OSI Group now has over 75 food processing facilities in 17 countries throughout the North, South and Central America, Europe and Asia. The company also has over 20,000 workers all of whom hold Sheldon Lavin in the highest regard.

The excellent work Sheldon Lavin has done at the OSI Group has won him wide acclaim and numerous awards and accolades. Although Lavin is honored to received the praise, he has stated that what he is proudest of is his company’s ability to improve the quality of the food they offer worldwide, their record of environmental sustainability record and the assistance he has been able to provide his staff. Even after 50 years as an executive with the OSI Group, Lavin is still involved with the daily activities of the company. Sheldon Lavin is now seen as the ideal role model for the next generation of corporate executives all over the world.

Read more about Sheldon Lavin @ Linkedin.com

Don Ressler’s Exemplary Leadership Helping Fabletics to Grow into a Reputable Activewear Brand

One of the hardest choices women are faced with when picking their athletic wear has always been choosing between fashion and cost. Ever since I can remember, the women activewear industry has had a significant gap between functionality and fashion; but that is not the case anymore. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, two of the biggest players in the fashion industry, have a solution for this ailing market through Fabletics.

Fabletics is a woman activewear brand that was created to focus on delivering functional and fashionable women active wears at affordable costs. Don Ressler has been quite pivotal to the success of this brand. Through interviewing focus groups and carrying out a number of consumer test, this brand has been able to identify a number of issues affecting the women activewear in the market. Some of the issues Don Ressler and Fabletics found out included ill-fitting and uncomfortable clothes, some of the clothes were quite expensive, low quality and garish to name but a few. With these in mind, Don through his Fabletics brand embarked on a path of sanitizing the industry while focusing on the women’s needs and wants.

Apart from creating the right product for the market, the other thing that Don Ressler focused on Fabletics was popularizing the activewear brand. With branding being relatively ambiguous in this industry, Don Ressler brought in Kate Hudson as the face of the business. Kate Hudson, being an individual with a charming personality, was able to connect and create a strong relationship with the users of their products. In addition to being a co-founder, Kate helps the company improve its online presence and connect on a personal level with the clients.

Fabletics subscription model combined with the quick and appealing design of the website is also one of the selling factors of this venture. Before purchasing activewear products, a customer has to answer a number of quizzes that help them determine which is the right clothing for them. The subscription model, on the other hand, allows a customer to enjoy numerous benefits including free shipping, discounted shopping, and reward points for only $50 per month. These two factors have been very handy and have helped Fabletics build on their customer experience hence setting it apart from other businesses.

Don Ressler’s leadership has been of great assistance to Fabletics. Even with the company announcing its plan of expanding its market in 2017 to plus-sized women; more fashionable and affordable activewear for women should be expected.

Meet Montoro Jens: The Man Driving the Brazilian Private Sector

The state has always asserted its presence in most of Brazil’s industrial sectors. Privatization came into the picture in the late 1980s. The appreciation of this deviation was influenced by external such as debt crisis. Today, the private sector is playing a very vital role in the modernization of important industrial functions.

Since the founding of the National Privatization Program (NPP) in 1990, a lot of economic reforms have been embraced in Brazil. This is in respect to infrastructure and financial agendas. Major contributions by individuals like Montoro Jens have provided options to countering state monopoly and have allowed private firms to have a say in the running of the country’s economic sectors.

Felipe’s Contribution to the Brazilian Private Sector

Since the initiation of privatization in the late 80s, Mr. Montoro has always had concerns about taking the private sector to higher heights. In 1990, the NPP allowed private investors and experts like Felipe to take it boldly in economic reforms. As the chief financial officer at NESDB, Mr. Montoro is an effective financial expert. His contributions in the infrastructure sector have enabled him to rub shoulders with the greatest business minds in Brazil and the world.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Montoro Jens possesses a Bachelor Degree in Finance from Getulio Vargas University and an MBA in Finance from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Mr. Jens is a very able and dedicated leader. Currently, he is the Chief Financial Officer of the National Economic and Social Development Bank (NESDB). He also serves as the chairman of Arboreoland Inc. and Director at Foz do Brazil SA, San Antonio Energy SA, and Fonte Nova.


Overall, Felipe Montoro Jens is an established financial expert and leader. His fight for privatization is of major financial growth in the Brazilian economy. He is a strong, determined, and result driven Brazilian business icon. His fight for privatization is vital to the nation’s ever improving infrastructure.

Kevin Seawright And The Changing Landscape Of Real Estate In Baltimore

Baltimore has been reeling under the pressure for affordable housing to a majority of its residents. A huge number of the people in Baltimore do not own homes. RPS Solutions has moved in to try tackling this problem. The company is providing cheaper living spaces by rehabilitating derelict structures and giving them away at affordable prices. Learn more about Kevin Seawright: http://www.njbiz.com/article/20150520/NJBIZ01/150529987/newark-economic-development-group-names-cfo

Recently, RPS Solutions made a significant move that will address a majority of the housing concerns in Baltimore. The firm has partnered with the National Community Stabilization Trust to come up with housing solutions for individuals who want to own homes in Baltimore.

The joint venture is part of the projects that RPS has undertaken to solve the housing problem in the United States. According to Kevin Seawright, the project will help realize the dreams of many middle and low-income individuals who want to own houses in Baltimore.

Kevin Seawright has been committed to innovating solutions in the construction industry. The business leader has vast experience in the real estate sector and a history of civil service having worked for local governments in the past. Read more: Kevin Seawright Sees Big Things for New Jersey Real Estate as Economy Grows

The National Community Stabilization Trust is a charity that works to ensure that more Americans get access to affordable housing. The organization has undertaken several initiatives together with companies that develop low-cost housing solutions to realize its mandate.

RPS Solutions is the brainchild of Kevin Seawright. He started the firm in 2015 against a backdrop of growing housing needs in the Baltimore area. Over time, the company has been the source of joy to a good number of families because it has facilitated their acquisition of affordable housing.

Kevin has put into action strategies that include a strategic partnership with other stakeholders in the real estate industry to ensure that more people get decent living spaces at a low cost.

Kevin boasts of years of experience in the field of public administration and real estate development. Before he relocated to New Jersey, he held posts in various sectors in Baltimore. He got a chance to work with members of the local communities in Baltimore, and this experience has shaped his career in the field of construction.