Edward Honig New York Based Cardiologist With Over Sixty Years of Experience

The field of cardiology is amongst the most important branches of medicine, and over the years, the topic has seen immense growth due to constant research being done on it. For any person to feel completely fine and carry on with day to day activities without any hindrance, his or her cardiovascular system should be working fine. While many of the people can’t make out any difference between the healthy and unhealthy heart, consulting with the cardiologist would help remove your doubts.

Cardiologists would need thoroughly to check the condition of your heart and health. If there are any problems that the patient is suffering from such as heartburn, chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, and more. Consulting a cardiologist is a must. He or she would tell you how to get rid of the symptoms and revive the condition of your heart. Cardiologists at times also perform heart surgeries, especially when the heart has a physical hole or when the person needs a coronary heart surgery. Individuals who are leading a stressful life must get rid of the stress and poor lifestyle habits. As per the research, it is these bad habits that contributed majorly to the heart attacks and heat based disease.

If you are in New York and need to see a cardiologist, then consulting with the renowned cardiologist, Edward Honig, is surely going to help your case. He is one of the most experienced cardiologists, not only in the New York City but across the country with close to seven decades of experience. He has been practicing medicine for 66 years and has successfully treated and cured thousands of patients over the years.

Edward Honig is one of the most reliable cardiologists in New York and practices in the famous Glen Cove Hospital – Dept of Medicine. Edward Honig knows that it is important to listen to what the patients have to say and therefore, never rushes them and gives every patient their due time. It helps the patients to unload their anxiety and insecurity and feel relieved while also helping the doctor to diagnose them with more clarity.

Edward Honig has studied medicine from the new Duke University and has worked with many different hospitals over the years. With years, Edward Honig has only become more popular in the field of cardiology because he ensures that he keeps up with the latest research and technology being invented. He is licensed to practice medicine in New York and has many patients that depend on him completely.

Edward Honig believes that one of the primary reasons why cardiovascular diseases occur is smoking and drinking and that anyone who wants to lead a healthy life must get rid of these habits immediately. Edward Honig says that it is important for the people, irrespective of whether they have symptoms of cardiovascular diseases or not, must go for regular health and cardiovascular screenings. It helps in taking preventive steps and corrective measures at the right time to control the situation if any. Regular screenings and tests can potentially save lives of people, and it is what Edward Honig believes in too.

Find out more about Edward Honig: http://pocomuseum.org/dr-edward-honig-is-the-heart-of-the-cardiology-department-at-glen-cove-hospital/