Sahm Adrangi: A Formidable Force in Financial Consumer Market

GreenSky Financial, LLC. is a leading firm in the financial industry that provides credit programs for real estate investments. The company focuses on home remodeling contractors and retailers and helps them improve their sales margins and customer satisfaction. Your clients can spend more, thus increasing close rates, as well as average order value.

The company boasts of being one of America’s top fintech companies. GreenSky’s clients enjoy non-integrated, real-time credit solutions. These include 6-months, no-interest loans for a cost less than that of accepting a credit card. The company also offers same-day payments for received invoices, account management programs, collections services, invoice authentication, online transaction management, and business card provisions.

The Secret to Success

The company was established in 2006 with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded by David Zalik, who is also the current CEO. Under his leadership, the company has raised over $50 million at a valuation of $3.6 billion. He owes his success to his business model that not only transfers risks to other parties, but also reduces the work. GreenSky also partners with 14 financial institutions which generate the loans.

About Sahm Adrangi

He is the founder and the CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. Since its establishment in 2009, Sahm Adrangi has played a critical role in the company’s growth. Before joining Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi worked at Longacre Fund Management LLC. as an Investment Analyst. Before that, he was a financial advisor at Chanin Capital Partners. At Chanin, Mr. Adrangi advised several creditors about Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring policies.

Additionally, Sahm Adrangi  worked at Deutsche Bank. His efforts helped the bank to structure and organize non-investment grade debts and bonds. He also helped syndicate leveraged buyout funding, Chapter 11 exit plan, and debt refinancing.

The financial industry is a complicated business realm that requires a rational investment plan. Creating a sustainable investment plan requires enough research and proper understanding of the industry. Besides, it takes the wits of as strong a force as Sahm Adrangi to cause disruptions that create investment opportunities.

Dr. Mark McKenna, Innovative Medical Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna is a renowned plastic surgeon and medical entrepreneur who is best known as the founder of OVME medical aesthetics. Dr. McKenna received his medical degree from the Tulane University School of Medicine, and he worked at his father’s general medicine practice for five years before transitioning into the world of business as an entrepreneur. Using money he earned from his father’s practice and from moonlighting as a prison physician, Dr. Mark McKenna began to invest in real estate, and prior to Hurricane Katrina, his Louisiana real estate business was worth nearly $5 million USD.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s business was devastated by the hurricane, but he soon recovered. By 2007, he had founded ShapeMed, a fee-for-service aesthetic medicine clinic that he funded himself. Dr. McKenna remained the leader of ShapeMed until 2014, when he sold the business to LifeTime Fitness. In 2015 he founded McKenna Creative Investments, based in New Orleans, and most recently, he introduced his OVME concept in 2017.

OVME is an aesthetic medicine practice that uses state of the art medical technology to treat their patients. Among the many services that OVME offers are Botox/Dysport injections, lip fillers, microneedling, and testosterone replacement therapy for male baldness. OVME also features a cutting-edge weight management program that uses patient DNA analysis to analyze body composition and craft a personalized weight management plan.

In the name of personalized care, OVME also offers membership packages that include benefits like exclusive discounts, same-day Botox injections and free monthly treatments. The entire OVME experience is designed to allow patients to customize their aesthetic healthcare experience, and the goal of the entire OVME staff is to craft individual solutions for each patient. The OVME clinic recently opened on March 1st on Peachtree Road in Atlanta.

Dr. Mark McKenna graduated with an M.D. from the Tulane University School of Medicine in 1999. He has career experience in both healthcare and business, and he has combined the two as a medical entrepreneur. Dr. McKenna currently supports several charitable organizations, most notably the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and he also sits on the board of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

Jordan Lindsey & the smell of coin

At the level of mastery, one is able to imagine then bring to fruition. For instance, a master chef can smell a dish while blindfolded and replicate it even without having tasted it. Jordan Lindsey, then, is a master chef of finance. And what he’s visualized and brought to market as the founder of BitCoin Growth Bot and JCL Capital has the mouths watering of many a novice investor. A new generation not of your grandma’s old money. A millenial jetset who live in the fantasy world they thrive to create and do prefer.

Forex, a global trading juncture for which Jordan Lindsey designed Metatrader-4 software, plays as a fantasy team that puts out, perhaps as tribute to his youthful days competing in sports while growing up in New York. Forex, using JCL Capital’s Microsoft tools, is the envy of every creditor that’s ever toiled over the worthiness of one possible client. While s/he pushes a pile of papers seven to eighteen pages deep, Jordan Lindsey draws up one white paper and stacks up profit for everyone.

What Forex and Metatrader-4 represent is the aroma of success borne of the algorithm of expectation. They represent the compunction to not just accept reality but the willingness to drive it cart before the horse. Where traditional banking starts from a base actuality and works toward monthly, financial goals, Jordan Lindsey and Metatrader-4 assume a reality and draft it up like the ending of a Stephen J. Cannell blockbuster film. Except, this is just the beginning. And unlike the secret USA/UK federal reserve commission meetings of times past, everyone is just a PC, tablet, mobile device and internet connection away from collective participation.

Having analyzed the stock market, Jordan Lindsey encapsulated the necessary statistics and relational changes per volume consistent with growth profit and, with the heated flourish of ingredients no longer able to be extracted unto their own characteristics, created an avenue for wealth that defies traditional banking or regulation. Nevertheless, both China and the USA/UK central bank have applied certain limitations to this imaginary currency citing causation of economic instability. Clearly, JCL Capital and its investors remain nonplussed (that is, in the American sense), choosing the directed projection of their Initial Coin Offerings over the meteorologic predictions of IPOs.

Perhaps his inescapable penchant toward productive creativity is what also drives his love of family and fatherhood. Having met his wife while on a volunteer missions trip to Bosnia, she and Jordan Lindsey recently welcomed their third daughter into the world. He explains how one of his long-term goals is to amass enough wealth to fund the living and missions expenses of those who have taken the vow of poverty. Another is to help everyone in the world gain access to the ability to carve their daily life such that it is amenable to raising one’s children full-time without the fear of financial ruin or hunger.

He explains how heartfelt his estimation is of the necessity to intentionally spend exorbitant amounts of time playing with, guiding and learning from our mini-me’s. His wife agrees wholeheartedly. Residing in San Francisco, he’s lived abroad in Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Mexico. And while we may not know yet whether or not any of their daughters will take on their Mom’s singing career or teach themselves computational algorithm programming like their Dad, one thing’s for sure, they’ll be lovingly singing his praises.

Louis Chenevert Outstanding Career.

Success is never attained on a silver platter. You have to work extra hard and sacrifice a lot to get to where you want to be. Most importantly, you also have to draw inspiration from other people who have excelled in life. Louis Chenevert is an inspiration to many people as his story is relatable to what they go through.

When it comes to business and investments, Louis Chenevert comes to the mouths of many. He has an outstanding managerial career that has been set rolling for the last close to 30 years. He was born and raised up in Montreal where he also schooled and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Production Management.

He then started working for the general motors where he served for 14 years before drifting to the Pratt and Whitney- an aircraft engine manufacturer in 1993. He ended up being the Chief Executive Officer of the company after six years of his service to them. He was able to provide his service diligently, and within no time, he became the Chief Executive Officer United Technologies Corporation (UTC). This is the position that made him so popular because he made UTC one of the most prominent companies in the world.

The United Technologies Corporation is well known for its creative innovations in technology especially in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector. They have earned their place in the world by also inventing jet-like structures that have been adopted both in the military and for commercial use too.

Operations at UTC have intensified and grown since Louis Chenevert was made the CEO. They have been able to expand their branches, and the profits have also been growing steadily. In fact, annual profits had risen to as high as $117 million from $37 million before Louis Chenevert became the CEO.

To be able to take up to such a task and perform well is not an easy thing. It requires one to persevere and to be committed. Louis Chenevert has been able to do all of that, and that is why he is such an inspiration to many people.

Why Dr. Mark McKenna Transitioned From Real Estate To Medical Aesthetics.

While he is a doctor, Dr. Mark McKenna, MD, was originally a lot more interested in the real estate industry. He grew up with a father as a doctor, though so having grown up with a large exposure to that field he attended Tulane University Medical School. He also earned his MBA so that he could become a full-on entrepreneur.

Due to his interest in real estate, Dr. Mark McKenna‘s first company was one in New Orleans that invested in residential properties. This company was called McKenna Venture Investments. Between Hurricane Katrina flooding most of the city and how he could spot the bubble growing in the industry he shut his real estate company down so that he could focus on opening a medical practice.

Having moved to Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Mark McKenna established a company called ShapeMed There. He focused on helping people lose weight through prescribing them diets and having them meet with nutritionists he had hired. He also performed non-surgical procedures on people like Botox treatments and other aesthetic services. He eventually sold this company to a national gym chain who wanted to incorporate ShapeMed locations into their gyms.

Dr. Mark McKenna is now gearing up a new company that is a mix of medical aesthetics and technology. This company, OVME, is sort of like Uber but for non-surgical aesthetics. Users of this company’s app can use it to have a medical professional show up on their doorstep to do the procedure. It’s designed to make these procedures very convenient and comfortable for the person seeking out things like Botox injections. He says this is going to revolutionize the industry and he plans to eventually roll it out nationally.

In his private life, Dr. Mark McKenna has a wife and a daughter. The family also has a Pomeranian as a member of the family. He joined the Entrepreneurs Organization as a member and back when he lived in New Orleans he was on the board of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board. He had also served the New Orleans Jazz Festival as a member of the board.

Doe Deere’s simple morning routine

Russian born beauty maven Doe Deere is inspiring people to follow the beat of their own drum, to do your own thing, and express yourself shamelessly. Doe was no different and it was ingrained into her personality since day one. One of her first and fondest memories was at a slumber party with friends. They put on makeup and dressed up like witches. It was a moment in time that shaped her as a creative being. Another experience that brought out her entrepreneurial side was in grade school. She had the idea to sell temporary tattoos to her classmates by convincing them that they were cool. She found the experience fun and enriching.


As Deere started growing up she had big ambitions and dreams to pursue music as a career. She left home in Russia to love to the land of art and music, New York City. It was a great experience for her and she learned to basics of business and career. This included thanking people for showing up to her events. The band that Doe formed was called SALT SKY. She also met her husband in the band and they are still happily together. Her husband (Mark) is the President of her cosmetic line Lime Crime.


As any person does, Doe has a morning routine. It is not over glamorous or fancy, just simple, relatable, and relaxing. At 8:30 she rises and takes a few moments to stretch. The fashionista has a build in alarm clock so she doesn’t have need one. After a bit of stretching she grabs some breakfast from the kitchen which is often pretty light like yogurt, fruit, fresh squeezed juice, and grits her favorite. Oh, but before she eats breakfast Doe chugs down a big glass of water to stay hydrated. Next she checks on social media especially Instagram, checks emails, and chats with her company before she continues her day. As a makeup guru Doe Deere absolutely has a beauty routine. She cannot go out into the world without showing her best self. During her makeup routine she spends time listening to music and spoiling her cats with attention. She especially loves The Beatles because they remind her of her childhood. Doe pops into the Lime Crime office at 12 noon where she grabs lunch and catches up with her employees. After lunch she attends meetings, checks up on her products, and answers emails. Work ends at 6pm, but if it is a particularly busy day, she may be there all night. Learn more:


Tony Petrello Gives Hope to People in Different Areas.

Since Tony Petrello started his career working for Nabors, he has been helping the company make money and provide solutions for individuals and companies around the world. He is currently one of the highest paid CEOs in the country and that has helped him continue pushing forward and making his job better. He has remained dedicated in different instances to the way he is able to help people. He has also tried to give the community back what they have lost and that’s a huge part of the way he feels about the work he is doing for other people to enjoy.

One of the influential and philanthropic things Tony Petrello has done is offer people the chance to experience a better life. He even works as the director for the Texas Children’s Hospital. It has allowed him to humble himself and make sure he’s doing the right things for the right reasons. He has also made sure he can give people what they are looking for as long as they are experiencing a more positive part of the community they are a part of. He wants even children to realize he is helping them in a positive way.

One of the other things he recently did was help those who had suffered because of Hurricane Harvey. The hurricane was devastating to Texas and that’s how he made sure he was helping. He wanted to give people the money, the food and the support they needed to get through different situations. He also wanted them to realize they were going to be able to try their best to make things easier on themselves. It was his way of showing people how he cared and what he was able to do to give them what they needed in different situations.

Everything changed for Tony Petrello when he began helping other people. Even though he had always wanted to be a lawyer, he found he was much better suited to being a CEO. He also found out about the different options he could take advantage of when he was making as much as what he is. It has not only opened doors for him but has also allowed him to show people how he is growing things and they can do the same. He wants other people to be inspired by the options he has used and the things he has done.

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Boraie’s Real Estate Development Project in Atlantic City awakens hopes for a brighter future

The recent reports of their being plans to erect a 250 apartment complex in Atlantic City have been met with a lot of excitement especially from the business community hailing from around the metropolis terming it as a vote of confidence pointing to an even brighter future for the city. This follows a long period of real estate inactivity spanning more than 25 years which was further hurt by a 10-year decline in the resort’s gaming industry.

But that is about to change as Boraie Development LLC moves in to inject over $80 million worth of real estate. The project dubbed the beach at South inlet will be targeting the more than 50,000 individuals living and working in the town. While touring the site, the Vice President of Boraie Development LLC Wasseem Boraie said that the project’s main target market is the young person adding that they are aware that this demographic knows what they want hence the need to include the most modern amenities within the complex. Check out Bloomberg for more.

About Boraie Development LLC

This has seen them build a strong reputation in the real estate space especially when it comes to services such as Real Estate Development, Property Management and Sale and Marketing of properties. Their main objective is to come with innovative ideas that will go a long way in helping them build stunning properties which can be able to meet the needs and aspirations of the modern-day client while at the same time providing incomparable hands on deck services that are tailored to each and every client.

Boraie Development LLC employs their mutually beneficial networks amongst the real estate industry stakeholders such as financial institutions, architects and contractors that they have built over the years they have been in the industry in order to craft the best team suitable for each and every project in a deliberate and conscious effort of making sure that all of their projects are completed successfully in time. For more details visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

What sets Boraie Development LLC apart from the rest of the real estate companies is the fact that they have been doing this for more than 30 years now with an impeccable track record of success and even more important is the fact that they use private sources of capital such as their own resources while at the same time pulling in more resources from the largest commercial banks to bankroll their projects. Visit to see more.


Susan Mcgalla Provides Strong Business Tips for Women

Susan Mcgalla is someone that people need to pay attention to. She has become a serious business professional that is helping anyone that is really interested in rising to the top as a CEO. Susan has the experience with information to provide because she has been in a CEO position. She has been in the position of CEO more than once. This makes her an authority on rising in the ranks for this type of position.

Susan McGalla really has a lot to say when it comes to women that are in the business world. She knows that the playing field is not designed to cater to giving women an advantage. She realizes that there is not even a level of equality in the playing field when it comes to getting one of these rare positions. There are less than 30% of corporate America that has women that hold the position of CEO. There are probably less than 10% of women that have ever risen to the ranks of CEO for two different companies. Susan Mcgalla has the ability to say that she fits within this small group.

She knows the retail clothing industry very well, and this has given her a great amount of respect by those women that are trying to get to where she has been in her career. Right now she is the creative developer for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and much of her work comes down to the retail clothing that the Pittsburgh Steelers fans purchase. This is another great area where Susan Mcgalla is able to flex her skills as a retail clothing expert.

She knew a lot about the marketing process and how clothes could be promoted for previous companies where she had the position of CEO. It was during her time with Wet Seal and American Eagle when she became the leader of companies where marketing clothing was vital. She continued to build her career and gained a lot of respect for creating powerful business ventures. Susan Mcgalla has also worked for herself as a marketing business consultant when she started her own business.