Larkin and Lacey Continue To Fight For the Respect of Minority Rights

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey started off by reporting on issues that touched on students and the area politics. Their first newspaper issue was driven by the desire to keep students at Arizona State University updated regarding several topical issues.

The two happen to have been students at the University, although they both did not complete their studies. After realizing that they could use their journalism talent to eke a living, they transformed a paper that was primarily meant for student readership into a commercial concern.

Larkin and Lacey Confront Lawlessness in Maricopa County

Like any good journalists, Larkin and Lacey were always seeking stories that could capture the interest of their readers. They tried as professional as it gets with their journalistic reports. Larkin and Lacey published articles touching on the activities of the Maricopa County at the tie. He was revered to be America’s toughest Sherriff yet.

However, behind the toughness, there apparently seemed to be malice and a hatred for minorities. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had published articles relating to the activities of the Maricopa County officials, touching on the illegal arrests of minorities without regard to their rights, the embezzlement practices that were rife at the offices and lots more.

Unfortunately, someone was rattled from their skin and was willing to go all the way to frustrate the efforts by the two journalists to restore respect for the rights of all; minorities or not. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Twitter

Mr. Joe Arpaio was the Maricopa County Sheriff then. He sent his goons to go and arrest the two journalists under the guise that the journalists had revealed Jury secrets to the public. The case turned hot, and soon the courts released the two journalists unconditionally. It was reported that Arpaio had accused the two of spilled the beans of Jury investigation.

It turned out that while Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were publishing stories, even relating to the jury, the Jury was, apparently also investigating them. Larkin and Lacey had the last laugh in the case. They soon sued the County Sheriff in a case that saw the federal courts award the two journalists with $3.7 million, paid by Joe Arpaio.

The Frontera Fund

The Frontera Fund is a product of Larkin and Lacey’s decision to direct the money that Arpaio paid, to starting an outfit that would protect the rights of the minorities. The Frontera Fund has its headquarters in Arizona. It is commonly engaged in protecting minorities.

Larkin and Lacey did not want any other immigrant to be subjected to the same treatment they had received in the hands of the Maricopa County officials when they were innocent.

The Frontera Fund is involved in guiding immigrants on how to get the right paperwork, even as it offers to represent minorities in lawsuits that it believes are an orchestrated effort to trample on the rights of the minorities.

Jim and Michael have continued to be critics of the former Maricopa County Sheriff. They were recently surprised and angered by the action of President Trump to pardon Joe Arpaio.

Lacey and Larkin Suffered for What They Believed In

The only way to stop the atrocities that mankind does to one another is for a few good men to stop up and prevent it from happening anymore.

When we all unite and do this, evil cannot spread and goodness will reign once again. There are two people who understand and have stood up for their disenfranchised brothers and sisters. Their names are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are passionate about immigrant rights and they stood up to another man who disagreed with them and wrongfully tried to exert his tyranny over them. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

It was actually from this wrong use of authority that the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was born. The Lacey and Larkin Fund now aids other non-profits in standing up for immigrant rights, civil rights, and free speech.

It all began when Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin stood up against the self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff”, Joe Arpaio. Arpaio was called this because he took a racially biased stance against Latinos.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin found that this went so far as to almost be considered hate crimes against their fellow men. They published their findings through their media outlets, the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin published stories showing how Sheriff Arpaio had racially profiled and persecuted Latinos simply because of their skin color. He would then haul them off to his jails which would fail health inspections if they were not being done by his buddies in law.

They were so unhealthy that many inmates died just from being there. They would also release documents showing that Sheriff Arpaio had misappropriated funds for personal gain. They did this full well knowing that Arpaio was a man of vengeance.

On October 18, 2007 Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin discovered just how vengeful this Sheriff was. Sheriff Arpaio arrived at the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin in several SUVs that were unidentifiable and had illegal plates.

The special unit that Arpaio would bring with him would break into Larkin and Lacey’s homes, remove them from their beds, arrest them on false charges, and illegally jail them.

Americans cried out against this immense injustice. Soon they were released.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would file a lawsuit of $3.75 million and win. This is what started the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.