ClassDojo Helps the Classroom Feel Better for Everyone

Classrooms can be tricky things. Teachers may dread going into them because they don’t have the class that they want, students may want to shy away from them because they are not able to fit in and parents only get to see them on special occasions and when they come for parent-teacher conferences. They may not have the sense of community that they once did and teachers may be looking for something that can make the classroom feel more like home for students as well as parents and themselves. The Classdojo app is able to provide that sense of community for everyone.


Teachers often do not think of teaching as just a job and something that they need to do, but it can easily begin to feel that way if they do not have the type of classroom that they have always wanted. They are able to create this classroom with the Classdojo app and with the different things that they can do with it. They can use the app to add students and to create a virtual community. This will then translate to the community spilling out of the virtual world and into the actual classroom which can be great for the morale.


There are different things that students can do on the app, but one of the best things that they can do is earn points for good behavior. They choose avatars that suit their personalities and this allows them to have a sense of themselves in the app. It contributes to the virtual community and gives them a chance to feel like they are doing something that is different than what they are used to doing.


Even parents are able to feel like they are a part of the classroom community. They can use the app to catch up with what their child is doing on a daily basis. They can see the points that they have earned and they can even communicate with the teachers to make sure that they are getting what they need out of the learning environment. This has allowed parents to feel like they are truly being included and that they are a part of the learning experience within their child’s classroom.


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Securus Technologies Automates Inmate Application Processes

Also, the amount of paper prison facilities have to invest in to be able to provide the necessary forms for detainees is quite large. I haven’t exactly done the calculations, but they are no doubt astronomical. Securus Technologies Inc must have come to a similar conclusion because they found a way to reduce these costs and save time by automating these processes. Now inmates can access grievance applications and inmate forms online through the ConnectUs platform. Processes that would take hours such as the distribution, copying, filing, logging, and archiving of paper documents are now uncomplicated, making for a more productive staff.

The Convenience of ConnectUs

Securus’ ConnectUs platform is an automated feature that offers a wide variety of communications solution for inmates across the US. The provider of jail management, parolee tracking, and detainee communication services has always worked to incorporate the latest technologies and concepts in all their solutions. With ConnectUs, the correctional industry has been able to provide inmates with communication features such as email, video chats, phone calls, and video visitation without inconveniences.

Efficient Systems

The addition of inmate forms and grievance applications to this platform serves to improve the efficiency of operations in numerous facilities. Improved efficiency means saving money, which is something that prison facilities need. With automatic logging and filing of forms and applications, a prison officer can find what they need in a matter of seconds. Cases of applications getting delayed due to problematic filing and archiving are over. Correctional facilities will also have better control of what inmates have access to by monitoring the ConnectUs platform.

Securus Technologies Inc is responsible for a majority of the communication and administration solutions for the prison systems, law enforcement agencies, and justice systems across the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Happier Classrooms with ClassDojo

Creating a positive culture in classrooms is of the essence to the success of the students. Proper parent, teachers and student engagement create a community that supports learning. ClassDojo has been up to the task in facilitating connection and empowerment through suitable communication platforms. Recently, the company launched a new tool, which allows students to add videos and images to their portfolios and easily shares them with their families. The new parental engagement tool, Student Stories, will enable parents to follow along the learning of their child.

The tool is very efficient, as students do not require their own individual devices to add material to their stories. They also need not remember any login credentials, making it easy to use and operate. They are just required to scan a class QR code, and then add their material along with tags for other students they worked with on the projects. Students can also leave comments to their material. Before any content is sent home, teachers must review and approve all additions to student stories. Teachers can also utilize the tool to add material to individual student stories. The Class Dojo application is very responsive and can work on any device using any language. It also offers instant, private messaging.

Teachers have welcomingly adopted the tool into their classrooms to create student-centric classrooms. Students will now have a voice and be able to take charge of their learning. ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and has its headquarters in San Francisco, CA. It is simply an education technology application that helps parents, teachers, and students communicate effectively about school activities. The ClassDojo application is utilized to share snap, videos, and photos of learning material and projects, thereby facilitating communication between all the stakeholders throughout the entire school.

The education technology application strives to give communities of parents, students, and teachers to facilitate ground-up change in the teaching in every classroom in the world. In the United States of America, schools are increasingly adopting the ClassDojo application due to its benefits in learning. Noticeably, 2 in 3 schools use the education technology application in the US. Besides, the application is free for teachers in all schools nationwide. The ClassDojo communication platform gives encouragement and empowerment to students. This is through the provision of regular, positive feedback on their digital portfolios and class. The application is fully customizable and helps teachers reinforce their classroom and school values.
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