OSI Food Solutions: The Leading Global Restaurant Industry.

British Council for Safety has given OSI Food Solutions a lofty Global Award Honor of 2016. OSI Food Solutions was given this award for the commendable administration of risks in the environment. This honor was exhibited at a lunch meeting that was organized in the Hall of Drapers in London City. OSI was among eighteen companies internationally that were given the 2016 Global Honor. The award is presented to associations which portrays excellence in the management of the environment. For any company to contend for the Global honor, it should accomplish a total five-star rating in an audit scheme carried out by British Council for Safety. The company should additionally show the independent specialist panel that their organization is significant in the management of environment over all aspects of the business, from the meeting room to shop floors.

“In the interest of the staff and trustee of the Safety Council of British, I earnestly compliment OSI Food Solutions for scooping this honor,” said Armstrong Lynda, Chairman of Safety Council of Britain. “The Global Honor stand in place of some esteemed awards in environmental risk management. With awesome delight, I take note of numerous Global Honor victors in this year. Leading companies are progressively embracing a coordinated approach, setting security of the environment on an equal balance of safety and health, making their tasks even more feasible.”

British Council for Safety Chief Executive, Robinson Mike, gave the honor to Grimwood Kelly, OSI’s Manager of Environment in Europe, and stated, “Leadership is a vital element in excellence achievement. Anyone can administer for consistency, yet you need to motivate individuals towards perfection. The champs of the Honor Globe Awards are models of suitable practice, and they have motivational tales to tell concerning their excursion in accomplishing these awards.”OSI Company’s Scunthorpe area of production has operated in the United Kingdom from 1989 and provided pork and beef food product for the industry of restaurants. The organization additionally won the Honor of Globe in 2015 and even 2013.

OSI Food Solutions purchased Chicago’s Tyson plant for 7.4 million dollars, as indicated by archives documentations by Cook County Deeds Recorder. Spokeswoman of OSI Food Solution Kovaleski Alison said that she was not sure about the number of individuals who were operating in the plant. Alison additionally said. “OSI cannot reveal data concerning clients or products.” OSI Food Solutions is an organization that makes an assortment of products like bacon and breakfast sausage in retailing brands and best food service. It has its operations in over sixteen countries.

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Talos Energy: Breaking Into The Public Eye

There’s a brand-new player on the New York Stock Exchange. This player just recently dove into the world of publicly traded companies. What’s the name of this new player you may ask? TALOS energy. This company focuses on energy. Their primary focus is in both the United States side of the Gulf of Mexico and the side held by Mexico. Talos energy is known for offshore oil and gas production.

One of the findings that led to the boom of Talos energy was the discovery known as the Zama discovery. This discovery was found off the shore of Mexico and the luck of the find can be attributed to some of the first bids in a recently opened marketplace off the shore of Mexico. The marketplace was opened in large part due to Mexico’s deregulation process. With discoveries like this becoming more possible the future looks bright for Talos energy.

The events of going public can easily be attributed to a recent deal with Louisiana’s stone energy. This merger was worth nearly $2 billion. It also created a significantly larger company. By acquiring a controlling interest in stone energy the company became more public. This new energy company is now based in Houston Texas. They can also be found on the New York Stock Exchange under the “TALO” ticker for those interested in watching or investing in the company.

The chief executive of Talos, Tim Duncan, called the deal a transformational combination. The backers of the company currently own 63% of the combined company and stone shareholders receive 37%. The overall mood regarding the merger is positive as executives and investors look forward to the new opportunities available to the growing company. They believe that the diverse holdings of company put in an excellent position to not only grow but provide a profit. They were plans back in 2014 or 2015 to take the company public. However, the oil burst during this time made it its impossible to consider until now. Naturally, the management at Talos energy is very pleased to see their vision come to life.

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Achievements And Accomplishments Of Peter Briger

Peter Briger has a vast experience in the financial industry that makes him to fit appropriately to the senior positions that he had served in various companies. Mr. Briger is the principal and co-chairperson of the board of directors at Fortress Investment Group Company. In his career lifetime, Mr. Peter has been able to accomplish a lot that has led to his success. For over fifteen years he served with Goldman Sachs where he was privileged to attend several committees such as Asian Management Committee and even Japan Executive Committee. Still while working with Goldman, he had some senior management positions with renowned companies where he served well by executing is duties as required.

In 2002, Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group as a committee member, and with time he took topmost management positions. The firm is leading in asset management with the help of Peter’s leadership. The company is not at the place it was back in 2002 when Peter joined instead it has magnificently grown and developed. For this reason, it is evident that Peter is positively impacting the industry in helping it achieve its both short and long-term goals.

Also, Peter Briger went to Princeton University where he studied Bachelor of Arts and later enrolled to the University of Pennsylvania and earned his M.BA from Wharton School of Business. In this regard, Mr. Peter had an opportunity to serve on the board of directors in the Princeton University Investment Company. It was the passion and determination of peter to offer quality services to customers and make them happy for their financial investments businesses. All the staff members working with Peter attests that the leadership offered is satisfying and pleasing.

Furthermore, it is crucial to understand that Peter Briger likes a lot of philanthropic works. Therefore, he generously offers donations to support charitable organizations so that they can meet their goals in life with a lot of ease. There are people in the community that have no resources to access better education or food due to the poverty and through the support and organizations that he serves ensure that poverty is eliminated in the society. Also, people can have access to quality services that will improve their way of living. Additionally, Peter is among the Forbes Top 400 entrepreneurs that are successful in the United States. Mr. Peter has been in the forefront of encouraging and motivating investors to invest wisely.

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Working with Market America

Market America is a company that many people have been working with for years. They operate by allowing their independent employees the opportunity to run their own business while having the backing of a major industry player. The way they work is to have their consultants arrange to sell one or more of their many available products. This consultant will then purchase the rights to a website designed to feature that product or products.

Once the employee has put their website together, any sales that are made through it is processed by Market America. They will ship the product to the customer. The independent consultant will make a small portion of money from that sale. This type of selling has become more and more popular. The consultant is working for himself without the hassle of keeping an inventory of products. Market America stores all of the products in their warehouses and maintains it.

Although the percentage you receive is small, depending on the amount of sales you produce, the profits could be substantial. Market America guarantees all of their products for quality so the consultant does not have to worry about selling below quality goods. There are many different products available which will appeal to many different people and depending on what you are selling, you could earn quite a lot of money.

Working in this way has helped many people earn income from the privacy of their home. There is little involvement on their part other than maintaining the website they have. A small fee is charged for the monthly hosting of the website by Market America but this cost is far lower than hosting your own website on the internet. Many stay at home Moms and Dads have found that this is a great way to bring in extra income without the need to go out and work outside the home. Selling products in this manner has become more popular in recent years and customers like the service they receive from the consultants.

Starting up with Market America is a simple process. There is very little initial investment.


Sahm Adrangi: A Formidable Force in Financial Consumer Market

GreenSky Financial, LLC. is a leading firm in the financial industry that provides credit programs for real estate investments. The company focuses on home remodeling contractors and retailers and helps them improve their sales margins and customer satisfaction. Your clients can spend more, thus increasing close rates, as well as average order value.

The company boasts of being one of America’s top fintech companies. GreenSky’s clients enjoy non-integrated, real-time credit solutions. These include 6-months, no-interest loans for a cost less than that of accepting a credit card. The company also offers same-day payments for received invoices, account management programs, collections services, invoice authentication, online transaction management, and business card provisions.

The Secret to Success

The company was established in 2006 with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded by David Zalik, who is also the current CEO. Under his leadership, the company has raised over $50 million at a valuation of $3.6 billion. He owes his success to his business model that not only transfers risks to other parties, but also reduces the work. GreenSky also partners with 14 financial institutions which generate the loans.

About Sahm Adrangi

He is the founder and the CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. Since its establishment in 2009, Sahm Adrangi has played a critical role in the company’s growth. Before joining Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi worked at Longacre Fund Management LLC. as an Investment Analyst. Before that, he was a financial advisor at Chanin Capital Partners. At Chanin, Mr. Adrangi advised several creditors about Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring policies.

Additionally, Sahm Adrangi  worked at Deutsche Bank. His efforts helped the bank to structure and organize non-investment grade debts and bonds. He also helped syndicate leveraged buyout funding, Chapter 11 exit plan, and debt refinancing.

The financial industry is a complicated business realm that requires a rational investment plan. Creating a sustainable investment plan requires enough research and proper understanding of the industry. Besides, it takes the wits of as strong a force as Sahm Adrangi to cause disruptions that create investment opportunities.


Stream Energy-Raising the Bar

Go for Stream Energy if you are ever in the search for life services. Since its inception in 2005, the company has outsourced energy, home, and wireless services to thousands of consumers, something that has helped the institution scale up its operations. Presently, the organization enjoys a presence in ten American regions.

So, what has made Stream Energy a force to get reckoned with by its competitors’? From the get-go, the institution has assumed a more versatile approach, and that is why people within the U.S. can enjoy excellent electric connection  regardless of location.

However, it is no longer business as usual for Stream Energy, especially after Hurricane Harvey. During the event, thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives and property to flooding, all in the watch of powerful institutions in the region.

Fortunately, Stream Energy beat the odds by using its significant profits to help the affected. A notable proportion of their proceeds went towards boosting recovery efforts hence the success. Since then, Stream has made philanthropy a practice. Out of its seed has come a charity foundation by the name of Stream Cares. Stream Cares though young has emerged as an organization that helps Stream formalize its agenda.

The company through its Stream Cares program has proved to the world that people can care if only they put their mind to it. To say the least, Stream Cares has helped the corporation gain a foothold in the already existing markets.

In spite of the success, Stream Energy is still scaling higher regarding philanthropy. For instance, Stream has partnered with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity to help poor communities thrive. Patch has also featured Stream all because of its doings. The organization has gone the extra mile of building bonds with Hope Supply and then organizing an event that will help Stream and its employees help homeless children gain a footing in life.

The energy company has proven to be more than a company, despite its sizable earnings in profits. In a nutshell, Stream Energy has brought the corporate world to the people, a move that has benefited both parties. Therefore, Stream has already cemented its legacy, and it is only a matter of time before the company does the unthinkable.



Mr. Robert E. Deignan, otherwise called Rob lives in Sioux City, IA. He is a Partner and Senior Counsel of Baker and McKenzie. He was involved in six companies and already held different administrative positions in the firm for more than 35 years. He fills in as a member of Advisory Board at White Oak Partners, LLC. He has critical involvement in the territories of land and development, where he exhorts residential and outside property engineers and speculators. Mr. Deignan speaks to various contractual workers and engineers in the US.

Education Background

Robert Deignan attended St. Thomas Aquinas High school from the year 1988 to 1992. He excelled and joined Purdue University, Indiana from the year 1992 to 1995 where he pursued an undergraduate degree in Business Management. He received a distinction in Organizational leadership. Deignan is among the co-founders of Fanlink.com that was registered as Domestic for the Profit Corporation in Florida in December 1998. The company is currently not active. He worked as the president of the company for two years and nine months and then resigned.

Career in Business

In June 2002, Robert Deignan joined is3 Inc., privately held and incorporated computer software company located in Boynton Beach, Florida. It was established in 1991. It is an organization that creates items for shopper and organizations that guarantees web security and give specialized assistance. He worked as an Executive Vice president for nine years and one month.

After resigning from is3 Inc., Robert Deignan was among the founders of ICE, LLC– Inbound Call Experts, Limited Liability Company. It was later renamed as Advanced Tech Support (ATS) digital service. He is currently working there as the Chief Executive Officer. He has been working for six years and nine months. ATS Digital Services is devoted to guaranteeing that its clients get the best administration and items. In 2016, they established App-Esteem Corporation, drove by veterans from the cyber security business.


Robert Deignan is a successful businessman with great leadership skills. He has vast experience working with various companies since 1998 and with more than 30 years of consolidated involvement in purchaser programming and online client procurement.


Market America Compared to Other Careers

One of the most interesting thing about America is that they talk about the American Dream, and yet it is very rare for people to actually live it. Many people spend an average of 45 years of their lives working to make someone else successful. While they do get some of their own income, it is barely enough to make ends meet. The worst part is that they are often in positions where they can easily lose their jobs. This and other factors lead to a very frustrating and stressful career. However, people who are more adventurous understand that there are other ways to make money.

The more adventurous workers are the ones that step out of their comfort zone and wind up finding opportunities like Market America. One thing that they will notice about Market America is the business models that they have for the people that decide to work for them. For one thing, there is the affiliate marketing business model where people only have to gain an affiliate link. Afterwards, they have to work out how they are going to send the affiliate link out so that people can visit the site of the product that they are promoting.

One of the advantages of making money through Market America is that there is unlimited earning potential. At the same time, people who use Market America as a means to make money are going to find themselves making money long after they have done the work. The work that they need to do is build traffic. This can be a lengthy process for people. However, the successful unfranchise business owners know that it is more than worth the effort. The best part is that they can hold onto their positions for a long time if they wind up taking an extended period of time off.


Southridge Capital – Helping Companies Explore Creative Financial Plans

Southridge Capital, since 1996, has made direct investments of more than $1.8 billion into companies globally that position themselves to experience growth. As such, the company has a great deal of expertise in tailoring financial plans for clients. The company can also execute financial plans with a great deal of success.

Southridge Capital has the deep experience of having financed more than 250 companies. This gives them a monopoly in understanding what customers need and how to tailor individualized company finance plans. Southridge Capital has the ability to manage and optimize most any company’s balance sheet. You can visit their website southridge.com

Southridge Capital can also help companies to improve their credit rating by helping eliminate debt by working with their creditors. A major concern for companies with credit challenges is that they do no avail themselves of financing opportunities that may be outside the box. Southridge takes a closer look at opportunities that may include capital assets and loans against the company’s existing shares. This is what sets Southridge apart.

  1. The Southridge Capital Equity Purchase Agreement plan helps companies to try and secure capital regardless of market conditions.
  1. Financial analysis can create a detailed picture of a company and its financials based on correct evaluations. With the proper analysis, companies can make corrections in real time.
  1. If a company is thinking of filing bankruptcy, Southridge can offer sound advice as to whether bankruptcy will be the best solution. Southridge can work with creditors to help establish payments and time frames.

Southridge covers all the bases and works with companies to help them settle any litigation challenges. The Southridge’s goal is to help minimize expenses and to makes sure companies meet all relevant legal requirements. Southridge is a fast-growing company. With its experience and excellent managers, Southridge should continue to make a financial impact for years to come.

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Finding the money you need to do what you need to do, is the key to success. You can have the best plans, but if you cannot execute it, you will not succeed. Several people wish they can get the money they need to accomplish their personal and professional goals, Equities First Holdings had the vision and compassion to meet this need. In 2002, the company was created in Indianapolis Indiana, to provide customers with the answers to their their financial needs. Equities first Holdings was founded by AL Christy Jr to offer their customers several different options for the loans they need to accomplish their goals. The company uses the shares and stocks of their customers to secure the loan as collateral.

Since the inception of the company they have expanded to other countries that include the United States, the United Kingdom, Thailand, China and Australia. They are now moving into other territories. Read full article