John Goullet is Creating Diversified Workplaces through DIVERSANT LLC

John Goullet is an entrepreneur who specializes in developing IT staffing solutions. He secured his first job as an IT consultant in the arena of IT, but in 1994, he opted to focus his attention to IT staffing. Armed with the professional expertise in both consulting and staffing side, John Goullet established Info Technologies. The firm delivered staffing solutions to companies across the United Sates including some Fortune 500 firms. He guided the company in expanding its client base and level of income. Within five years of its establishment, Info Technologies’ net worth was $30 million.

Goullet is always looking for ways to serve his clients with high quality IT staffing solutions. For instance, when an opportunity for combining Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies arose, he did not hesitate. The joint business was named DIVERSANT LLC. Gene Waddy took up the CEO position, and Goullet became the principal of the firm.


DIVERSANT LLC is a premier company that develops IT staffing solutions for medium-level businesses and Fortune 500 Firms. The services rendered by the company range from IT staff augmentation, direct-hire services, and design services. DIVERSANT LLC connects talented IT professionals with jobs in the Information Technology industry.


DIVERSANT LLC emphasizes the growth of the company and professional development of its employees. The firm offers unparalleled training, workshops, and career opportunities that allow workers to excel in their preferred area of specialty. It has built an entrepreneurial culture that creates a platform for healthy competition and cohesion among employees. Therefore, DIVERSANT LLC is an ideal place for establishing a strong professional network and a successful career.

Guiding principle

DIVERSANT LLC incorporates the concept of diversity in all its operations. Its goal is to promote diversity in all firms by hiring IT talents from different backgrounds. The company offers services and solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of clients.

Core values

The company adheres to the accepted business practices and conducts its business with utmost transparency. It belongs to several professional business associations. Its core values include respect for others, ethical behavior, personal and professional development, as well as well-organized teamwork.

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