How Is Clay Siegall Tracking His Success At Seattle Genetics?

Clay Siegall has had a wonderful run at Seattle Genetics, and he ensures his business is growing every year. He has released reports of his company nearly earning $100 million in a year, and he is pushing his company to become stronger every year with help from new cancer drugs. He has two drugs in trials, and the trials are bringing in doctors who believe in the power of the Seattle Genetics name. This article explains how the business is growing by leaps and bounds.


#1: Why Is The Business Growing?


Clay Siegall built up the company using funding he secured as he opened, and he used funding to begin drug research on his antibody-based cancer drugs. He is using a new form of cancer research that he believes will be more effective than others in the same class. His business is selling nearly $100 million in trial drugs in a year to trial doctors who are trusting their patients to the drugs, and there is expansion in the future due to their success.


#2: What Are The Other Functions Of Seattle Genetics?


The Seattle Genetics lab staff helps create cancer drugs for their production lines, and they build drugs for other firms. They have partnership contracts with many other firms, and they are creating research that builds more new medications. The medications are built using research done by the lab staff, and they distribute the drugs on-behalf of their partners when needed.


#3: How Does The Seattle Genetics Stock Perform?


Seattle Genetics has a stock that is growing in value every year, and their stock price raises the value of the company. It is important the company has extra funding to support their work from a valuable stocks, and the stocks are growing because the company is building a brand that makes more than two cancer drugs. They are quite varied in their work, and they are building a name that will lead in research and production.


Everyone who is working with Seattle Genetics knows their cancer drugs are the best in the industry. The complete proper research for partners, and they support a massive pharmaceutical industry.