Graeme Holm Passion for Debt Reduction Strategy

Graeme Holm is a financial guru. He has been working for the economic service sector for close to 17 years and managed to complete accreditation across real estate, finance, and financial planning.


Graeme Holm discovered a flaw in the Mortgage Market in Australia on the inability of banks to offer support and guidance to its customers. Additionally, the lack of a bank system that incentivizes employees to offer ongoing assistance prompted him to make changes. This made him start the Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd. to be able to transform the financial life of Australians whom he felt were not receiving the best financial deals.


Infinity offers a performance report every month to its customers to help them make family budget adjustments or ascertain if they are accomplishing their expectations and goals. The company also gives its customers six monthly assessments to make sure that they are committed to lowering family mortgage. Infinity works with clients to implement a weekly cash-based budget to handle weekly groceries, travel expenses, fuel, and entertainment. Infinity offers its clients a personal banker to assist them to pay their loan. A financial coach helps customers to be accountable for their purchases, expenses and helps them to succeed. Infinity helps its customers to reduce their primary loan during the initial three months. Infinity charges a fee to link a client up with a debt reduction model and take off 10 % of the client’s annual debt reduction. By guiding the client through the process of paying off the loan, the client manages to reduce the time they would have spent paying the loan.


Infinity got recognized for its customer service experience by being nominated for the Optus Business Awards 2017. The company was also shortlisted for the Vow Financial Altitude Awards. Graeme Holm is a Licensed Real Estate Agent (LREA) in New South Wales as well as Queensland. He got recognized in 2017 at MPA Top 100 Broker for helping alleviate non-tax effective debts and assisting people to live well financially.


Infinity has a strong culture that encourages employees to share their opinions and ideas in a suggestion box. The company also engages in collaboration with other industry professionals, thereby bringing ideas to life in a fast manner. The company offers Customer Centric products and service offerings which has helped the company to grow. An idea that was instrumental in helping Infinity win Customer Experience Management Awards 2018.


Graeme Holm went to the Australian Institute of Business earning a Master of Business Administration in Finance. He is a financial budgeting coach who has managed to transform the lives of people to make better financial problems. Graeme Holm areas of specialization include; property investment, debt reduction, mortgage broking, financial planning and debt consolidation among others. Learn more: