Marc Sparks Sparks Inspiration!

In 1975 Marc Sparks was your average teenager, graduating from a high school in Texas’s capital city. After accepting his degree, he decided that he had a mind full of ideaas and he wanted to make them become something real and worth while.

As an entreprenuer it’s expected that one should not have a 100% success rate, but Marc Sparks was finding that every idea he had was being shot to the ground faster tan kid flash or the structures for the companies were bombing out like a bucket of unstable hand grenades.

Most people in his situation would have given up, packed up, and gone out in search of a new calling, but Mac Sparks wasn’t most people. He believed that this was his purpose and that inside his creative mind was a brilliant idea just waiting to burst out and take the world by storm, it was just a matter of time wading through all the clutter to find the right one, and he was right!

Starting up some real shooting stars Mark Sparks began to set the world on fire, but it wasn’t until one phenomenal move that he became famous world-wide for his endeavors. After 34 long, exhausting years of pitching ideas and grooming companies, Sparks decided he wanted to write a book.

The book was entitled ‘They Can’t Eat You‘ and it sold like hot cakes! Expressing his trials and tribulations as an entrepreneur, all of his successes, failures, and plans that never got off the ground finally had a chance to be spoken for in an honest and at times extremely witty way. Speaking on behalf of his book he marveled, “I started an insurance holding company out of my back bedroom and built it to nearly a billion dollar market cap and then lost it all in a ninety-day period of time… I want my experience to be a blessing for someone.

My book is for those hopeless entrepreneurs that are losing ‘hope’ and just can’t seem to get across the goal line with their dreams.” Well, his aim was perfect this time.

Today nearly every businessman and entrepreneur has found themselves reading his book! Thanks to this modest man who took the time and care to accurately depict every level of truth in his awesome book, people everywhere are learning how to achieve their goals and become great just like him.