Fabletics is an online fitness store specializing in ladies outfit. It was founded in 2013 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg together with renowned actress Kate Hudson. Initially, Don and Adam only had an idea of coming up with an athleisure brand since there lacked a stylish and quality athleisure brand in the market for women. However, they needed a partner to get started and Kate Hudson did not disappoint when she was approached.

The birth of Fabletics has brought a lot of transformation and has also seen women get empowered. Their products are not only comfortable and of good quality but also they are something that every woman wants to put on. They are attractive unlike the old-fashioned black and gray outfits that had nothing attractive for one to desire to do spots.

Fabletics makes women feel good about themselves and thus encourage women to take part in any kind of physical exercise feeling confident and attractive. They are stylish and also come in different sizes such that every woman regardless of their age or size gets something pleasant. Kate Hudson who left her role in “Almost Famous” to join Fabletics has seen it soar to greater heights with 22 retail shops. Before purchasing any Fabletic gear, it is advisable that one does the Lifestyle Quiz to determine the outfit that would suit them best.

Since the launch of the brand in 2013, Techstyle Fashion Group which owns Fabletics has been growing by over 200% in revenue. Their growth is attributed to putting into consideration the reviews of the public. Fabletics leverages the public’s remarks and suggestions which have helped them offer products that are more fulfilling to their customers and ones that meet their needs and preferences.

What the public has to say about a brand be it negative can be used to draw more customers and retain old customers. If you get a lot of feedback, take it positively and change the negative feedback to something beneficial. This is exactly what Fabletics has been doing.

In this digital era, a lot of information is shared online about brands and can dangerously lead to the downfall of a product if not handled cautiously. For Fabletics, they try their best to get into the shoes of the customers and thus conduct their business with a lot of empathy. They are mindful of their customers and take time to know listen to what the public has to say about their brand. They seek to know what their customers want and their tastes and this forms the basis of whatever actions they take. They highly value the opinions of their customers. This way, Fabletics is able to design and meet the needs of their customers setting it apart as a leading fitness outfit supplier.

Although Kate loves the role she plays in Fabletics and is proud of what she has been doing and also and wants to see the brand expand, her heart is still in being an artist.