Glen Wakeman Has Found Success In Many Areas

There are some who take on a variety of jobs and who do well with each one, proving themselves over and over again. Glen Wakeman is one of those individuals and he has found success in a variety of ways and in working a mix of jobs. Glen is someone who is an investor and who has found success in the investing that he has done. He makes smart investments and they work out well for him in the end. He is a small business owner who knows what he is doing. Glen Wakeman is a board member and a CEO. He is a financial services executive. Glen has worked for multiple companies, and he is passionate about the work that he does.


Areas of Success

Glen Wakeman starts every day with a look at the numbers from the day before. He needs to know what is going on before he can figure out what work he is going to do that day. He then meets with his partner to figure out who is going to take on what kind of work. They split their tasks so that everything can be completed and so that nothing is completed twice. This man and his partner work on all that they need to get done and then end the day with a drink of some kind.

Explaining an idea to someone else can help that idea take shape. When someone takes the time to talk about their idea to someone else, they grow in their passion regarding that idea. Glen Wakeman has shared that he forces himself to take any idea that he has and to share that with someone else. This seems to work out well for him, as the ideas that he has are most often proven to be great. The ideas that he has bring about success when they are put into motion.