USHealth Group: Specified Insurance

USHealth was formed 4 decades ago with the aim of providing insurance coverage that was better than the conventional one that people are used to. They were able to grown and now have a subscription of about 15 million people.

They are one of the biggest companies having provided insurance in unique and different ways that set them apart as an insurance group with the best cover. They have also been providing products like:

• Uniprice
• Ingenix
Healthcare services
• Specialized car

On the fortune 500 companies that are in the United States, USHealth Group was ranked at number 6 which is really a big step.

What You Get

They have been able to build all that they have by providing a different kind of insurance that you will not find anywhere. Some of the things that make them so different and preferable include:

Specified sickness/diseases care forms
• Their offer their insurance at cheaper rates
• Their requirements are easy to fulfill
• They have a HOPE organization that changes lives daily
• They focus on the small income businesses like:
• Business owners of small gigs
• Small income workers
• Self-employed individuals

When you put in all they do, you will find about 70 million people who are served by this company.

The Hope Organization

The acronym HOPE stands for helping other people every day, it is an initiative that was started to specifically help out people daily in the hope of making real difference. This has been a good thing as they have had more customers.

This has had a very alluring effect on people who have been impressed by the way that this company works unlike other insurance companies that just want to milk you dry.

The Best Offers

In spite of the cheap rates that are offered by this company, they deliver quality and a full service package that will suit you according to your specification. This is made easy by the product portfolio.

With 40 years experience, you are in good hands with USHealth, the best insurance cover in medical care needs.

InnovaCare Health – Maintaining Growth Momentum Under Great Leadership

InnovaCare Health, headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey, is one of the leading providers of managed health care services. The comprehensive array of services offered by InnovaCare includes physician practice services and Medicare Plans. As the dynamics in the field of healthcare environment continues to change rapidly and become more challenging as the industry grows, services provided by InnovaCare Health helps in giving a new edge to the healthcare management. The solutions provided by the company are sustainable, economical and comprehensively integrated with the modern technology used in the space of healthcare management and services.

InnovaCare offers high-quality, affordable and flexible Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicaid. InnovaCare Health is also known to provide sustainable and innovative network models. At present, InnovaCare Health provides its services to over 230,000 patients through over 7,500 healthcare and medical services providers. To add to its list of achievements, it has also received many awards for its high-quality services from National Committee for Quality Assurance on

The leadership at InnovaCare Health is responsible for the company to gain such high recognition in such short period. Dr. Rick Shinto is the Managing Director at InnovaCare Health and has over twenty years of experience in the industry. He has immense experience in managed care, operational healthcare, and clinical procedures on Before joining InnovaCare Health, Dr. Shinto was the CEO at Aveta. Earlier to that, Dr. Shinto has been a member of the board of health professionals at the new healthcare portal, In the year of 2012, Dr. Shinto received prestigious award of Ernst & Youngest Entrepreneur of The Year.

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health and was appointed to the position after she re-joined the company after a long gap in 2015. Before taking this position, she served the company as Chief Operating Officer. Like Dr. Shinto, Penelope has also worked at Aveta Inc, where she was CEO too. Few other organizations where Penelope has worked before InnovaCare are Centerlight Healthcare, AmeriChoice and Touchstone Health. She has a very rich and diverse educational background, which points her expertise in various fields, such as social work, biological sciences, public health, management, strategic planning, and more.

The leadership of InnovaCare Health under Dr. Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides is in safe hands as they both bring together a collective experience of over four decades to the table. Their exclusive experience and background in the healthcare management space help them devise strategies that have been driving InnovaCare in the right direction.