Mariam Global Health and Mark Holterman Tackle Medical Issues

Having the ability to make a difference and just not doing so is not the way of Dr. Mark Holterman. Being an avid believer in giving back and sharing all of his medical knowledge, Mark has created Mariam Global as his storefront for medical innovation and technology. Working with people around the world, Mark believes in global technology, not only helping those that live a high quality of life but also giving back to those who may not have the finances available to them for medical treatment (Reporterexperts). One of the places that Mariam Global Health fund works consistently is for the children of Vietnam. Mark being a pediatric surgeon, can relate to children just as well as he can with adults.

Concentrating on reducing health risk and treating people worldwide, Mark went from just a doctor to an entrepreneur. With his new business strategy, he has been able to help fund some of the worlds largest biotechnology projects by creating relationships with investors who also want to give back. In order for him to keep his business going, he not only has to build relationships but also has to learn consistently and try new and different ideas with his team.

Dr. Mark Holterman also tries to use business savvy by making sure to be smart, use budgets, and overcome obstacles. While it may seem like the perfect business model, and like there are very few obstacles, this is not the case. Like with any other business Mariam Global has its ups and downs. Like any other business, there are times when investors do not like the ideas, or do not understand the technology and refuse to invest. These are the times when Mark and his team really have to overcome hurdles and work harder to create different technologies or bridge the gap of understanding.

With all this going on, Mark still finds a way to build his wisdom, his network, and his family life. While he loves spending time with his family, Mark still brings Work home whenever he can. Meaning he enjoys applying technologies and sciences to his every day life to see how they work.