How Fabletics Took Online Retail Into The Mainstream

Making A Name In Online Shopping
Online retail is a booming business and fashion is no exception to that. Freed from many of the restraints of brick and mortar stores online retailers can offer their customers a shopping experience and product uniquely fit to each individual. Fabletics a great example of this approach to business coming to life. Customers subscribe to and fill out a survey to give the website a better understanding of your individual tastes and lifestyle choices. This business model is so successful Fabletics has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in a matter of a few years.

The Origin Story
Fabletics is the brain child of Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. After seeing the smashing success of JustFab Goldenberg and Ressler wanted to repeat this success with a brand focused more athletics. To make sure the brand really took off they enlisted the help of Kate Hudson. Just like Kimora Lee Simmons gave JustFab a needed touch of star power Kate Hudson is giving Fabletics exactly what it needs to thrive as a brand. She offers star talent and excellent management to Fabletics.

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More Than A Fashion Brand
Although Fabletics is an extremely successful clothing retailer it has a purpose well beyond this. The Fabletics model uses serious innovation to bring subscribers the personalized clothing the brand specializes in. Kate Hudson works with Ressler and Goldenberg to spread awareness of this reality and everything it will entail. She speaks out about the technical side of Fabletics and the “inclusiveness” of the brand. Fabletics is a brand for a broad and diverse demographic. She wants to make sure everyone sees the brand for what it is worth. It seems Hudson is successfully expanding the Fabletics consumer appeal. The store is now spreading into the physical world.

From The Internet Into The Real World
Fabletics has recently made the move in physical retail with the opening of brick and mortar stores in 6 locations. Offering consumers the same quality service they find online these stores aim to change the way fashion stores operate. There are even plans to open up stores in more than 100 new locations. If it sees the same success the other ventures of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have there’s no doubt about Fabletics’ future. There is a need in the market and Fabletics is filling that need just fine.

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