The smoking chainsmokers

The chain smokers are a EMD-pop/ electropop duo group made up of Alex pall and Andrew Taggart. Alex and Andrew met through their manager, Adam Alpert, and have been climbing their way to the top ever since. The chain smokers have been active since 2012. They made their break through with #selfie in 2014, but it wasn’t until 2015 that they made Billboard top 10 with their song ‘roses’. A few of their other achievements include “Don’t Let Me Down” becoming their first top 5 single. they won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording at the 59th awards ceremony. “Closer” became their first number-one single on the chart. They two American Music Awards, and five iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Not only do Alex and Andrew produce their own music they also write with a group of song writer and sing their own music. Alex says in an interview with interview magazine that the music is about them so of course they are writing it. After nine months of not releasing any new music, At the beginning of 2018 the Chainsmokers released to their fans “Sick Boy”. The song has been described to have a stirring melody and was made especially for the next phase in their career, and the die hard fans of course. Taggart says ““Sick Boy” is the first installment of this first new chapter on us”

The chainsmokers have been touring and doing interviews and the world is really getting to know them. Having an international audience They try and relate to the world through social media since that is where most of the audience is. However social media can only tell so much of a story, and everything else is left to interpretations, which is something that everyone one goes through not just artists, explains Andrew at the end of a Forbes interview with Hugh McIntyre.

Desiree Perez Brings Her Instinct, Negotiation Skills and Influence to Roc Nation

Desiree Perez is a great addition to the Roc Nation team. She has been so thorough when it comes to helping people get contract deals closed. It is hard to doubt her talent because people have seen her in action. This is why people come to Roc Nation. They want to get a chance to connect with the powerful negotiator that has been able to close deals that some people may have thought impossible. Desiree has the skills, and Jay-Z is someone that is ready to take full advantage of abilities.

Jay-Z has been able to conjure up some talent down through the days of his career, but most people know him primarily for Desiree Perez’s work in the entertainment business. There are not as many people that are aware of what he is doing when it comes to the business side of things. This is where Desiree Perez comes in. She is someone that has been able to help Jay-Z build Tidal and other services that he has acquired over the years.
She has become this super power player that is able to adapt to different environments and bring forth different types of things that would normally not be possible in the business world. People love the fact that Perez is able to close on those deals that seem difficult. The reason she is able to do this has a lot to do with her background outside of entertainment.

She is someone that has had a hard knock life over the years. She is not just someone that has had a hard time when it comes to being taken seriously as a woman in business. She is also had a hard time when it comes to getting to corporate office positions, but she has managed to pull this off.

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Chainsmokers Give Interesting Interview

For the past few years, one of the most successful musical acts in the world as continue to be The Chainsmokers. This fan is a group of two very talented DJs and musicians that have revolutionized the world of pop music and electronic music.

The band is a collaboration between Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart who were both working independently before meeting up in 2012. Ever since they formed The Chainsmokers, the band has continued to be one of the most successful and popular bands in the world. They have even collaborated with a variety of other top talents in the world including Coldplay and Halsey. Alex Pall, who is one of the two members of the band, recently gave his take and insight into the history of the band and the direction it is heading in.

During a recent interview with Interview Magazine, Pall gave some very interesting details into how the band was formed. At the time the band was first formed in 2012, Pall and Taggart were individually building reputation for being top DJs and musicians in all of New York City and other areas of the country. While the two were not known to each other already, they were connected by a mutual friend that suggested that they work together.

Ever since 2012, the two have continued to produce some of the top music in the world. This has included making a number of singles that have been rated very high in the charts and winning a variety of awards. While they have been very successful in the past, they are far from being done.

The two musicians are currently working on a number of different projects together. This includes a new album that is expected to come out to the mainstream media by the end of 2018. According to The Chainsmokers, this newest album could be very revolutionary for the band. While their past work has been very electronic and would be considered pop music, this newest album could venture into an entirely new genre. The band expects that most people will consider this to be the darkest piece of work that they have put out yet.

All About Desiree Perez

Jay Z and Roc Country executive Desiree Perez met with Sir Lucian Grainge, the administrator and President of Universal Music Group, at his Santa Monica, California workplaces on Wednesday — starting hypothesis that UMG could purchase a stake in Roc Country.

The move could give Jay more assets to grow new specialists reinforce his gushing administration Tidal, which is in an extreme turf war against the bigger Apple Music and Spotify administrations.

UMG insiders said the organization as of now has an appropriation manage Roc Country, which is a little level of their specialists’ business. Be that as it may, in the event that they took a greater speculation, UMG would possess a significantly bigger stake of Roc Country craftsmen.

Desiree Perez has been the Head Working Officer of ROC Country since 2009. As an individual from the group at ROC Country, Des is engaged with a few ranges of the business, including administration, distributing and naming operations.

Desiree Perez or in short Des Perez is a nearby partner to the outstanding Jay Z for very nearly twenty years and has an unbelievably long track with running the SC Undertakings. She has turned out to be fit the bill for such a vital position as she is inconceivable with regards to doing the math, is an extreme and savage mediator and has an extraordinary history that the article states not even Domain’s own particular Treat would not go up against. Des Perez took part in a solid impact in the Rihanna Samsung bargain. She is a piece of a group that runs the whole operation of Roc Country, it’s segments of administration, naming operations and in addition distributing. and Follow him