The End Citizens United is Determined to Win this Reform Battle

Since its establishment in March 2015, the End Citizens United (ECU) has not stopped representing the minority and the common citizens and making their voice count in the political arena. Their mission has always been to bring reforms in the leadership by eliminating the incumbent leaders who are using rigged election systems to keep themselves in their positions. Their aim is to come up with real champions and reformers, finance them and campaign for them to go for those senatorial seats. The financial donations are funded by Political Action Committee (PAC).

End Citizens United is not financed by those huge funding groups but by those grassroots donations with an aim of shutting down the Citizens United which has been funding incumbent leaders who use malpractices to retain and regain their seats. The transparency in the End Citizens United has made many to support them in their reforms campaigns. This is the reason why they have a website that clearly shows what they are doing and various blogs and posts about their current steps and even how you can donate to them. They also provide you with the information on how you can also be part of the movement by posting on your own personal website the reform champions that are on the rise.

With the leadership of Tiffany Muller who is the President and the Executive Director, End Citizens United has seen massive support from the grassroots and this is a great step towards their goal of combating the Big Money 20. The members of the Big Money 20 are mostly associated with Big Oil, Wall Street and even drug companies who they make deals and keep the rigged system in operation but this is what ECU is working towards collapsing it. The total amount ECU is planning to raise is $35 million in all the cycle of 2018 election.

With an average contribution of $14 from each person, the ECU with the help of the grassroots was able to fund 65 members of the Congress with $25 million. These Congress reformers will cater for the interest of all not only the Big Money guys and consequently will change the erroneous political system. One of the latest endorsements of ECU into the United States Senate in Nevada is Jacky Rosen who has been on the forefront of the Congress fight for reforms in financing politics. The voice of the Nevadans has been suppressed for long because of the billionaires and various special interests who the leaders are focused on.

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End Citizens United Advocate for Doug Jones as the Next Member of Senate

Doug Jones is End Citizens United (ECU) choice for the US Senate against Republican Roy Moore. The Democrat, a former US attorney, will take part in the special Alabama election to be held on December 12, 2017. In an announcement made on Wednesday, End Citizens United declared their support for Doug Jones saying that he would bring sanity in Washington. He is, therefore, the perfect fit to counter politicians such as Moore who are not concerned with the welfare of Alabamians and other Americans. The political action committee (PAC) praised Jones as a man of character and integrity saying that he would take the same commitment he showed as a tough prosecutor to the Senate. Jones, on the other hand, said he was looking forward to working with ECU to fix the broken system in favor of the people of Alabama, instead of those with deep pockets. Consequently, one of his main agendas is to curb the influence of corrupt money in the politics of the state.

Why Doug Jones

Further showing their support for their preferred candidate, End Citizens United described Moore as an extremist with a bigoted and racist agenda. ECU did not mince their words making it clear that a radical mindset such as the one fronted by Moore’s candidature should have no place in the Senate. The PAC believes that such a mindset is contrary to the values of Alabama and America. ECU is against Moore’s candidature because he is aligned with what they term as “shady special interest mega-donors” such as the Mercer family, and “dark-money” organizations such as the anti-LGBT group, Public Advocate. They have accused him of championing dangerous ideas such as saying the 9/11 attacks were a punishment on America and pushing the idea that President Obama was not born in America. As such, to ECU, a Jones candidature is the better alternative.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a PAC focused on electing campaign finance reformers with a stand against Citizens United. The PAC is funded from the grassroots and was formed in March 2015 to counter the effects of a court ruling in favor of Citizens United allowing corporations to be treated like people. Due to the court ruling, big money from undisclosed sources has made its way into politics. ECU believes that this is a recipe for chaos and works against the people of America. It gives a leeway for the special interests of billionaires to take precedence over the interests of the ordinary American. With no accountability and transparency as to the source of election campaign finance, those with special interests can tip political power in their favor, hurting the needs and welfare of the typical American citizen. It is with this problem in mind that ECU was formed to advocate for campaign finance reforms and to pressure lawmakers into taking action to uphold transparency, traceability, and accountability in campaign finance.

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George Soros Path to Success as a Progressive Leader

George Soros is rapidly becoming one of the most prominent political and progressive voices in the era of Donald Trump as President. George Soros serves as something of a Rorschach Test to people of the United States. To figures on the right side of the political spectrum he is the ultimate boogeyman, the nexus from which all conspiracies swirl. To people on the left side of the political spectrum George Soros is something of a folk hero, a self-made billionaire who has spent his life giving his wealth back to people in need. George Soros is so much more than a simple black/white breakdown of a person. Let’s look into George Soros’ history in order to learn about him and see exactly why he is the man he is today and Follow his Twitter.

A fundamental examination of George Soros involves looking at when he began getting involved in American politics. George Soros first got involved in American politics in the early ’00s when George W. Bush decided to make a push to go to Iraq for what has long been looked at as a disastrous war and George Soros’s lacrosse camp. Soros was a vocal critic of the decision and he pushed hard in the media, thus pulling him into the crosshairs of America’s right wing media. George Soros would further cement himself as a right wing boogeyman by donating to Al Gore and John Kerry’s Presidential Campaigns. Soros would soon become one of the most prominent progressive donors in the world and learn more information click here.

While George Soros has established himself as a top progressive voice in America politics he prides himself on being a person of the world. George Soros started the Open Society Foundations back in the ’70s in order to address philanthropic outreach around the planet. The Open Society Foundations is built out of a network of grassroots activists who are all looking to make the same great changes in the world. The OSF focuses on democracy, transparent government, freedom of expression, and social justice. George Soros has brought his philanthropic awareness to countries all around the globe including Apartheid era South Africa, the Eastern Bloc, and throughout Europe and what George Soros knows.

George Soros was born and raised in Hungary until 1944 when Nazi’s came into the country to begin their murderous occupation. Over the following year nearly 500,000 Hungarian Jews would end up carted away and murdered. Soros and his family were lucky to survive and they were fortunate enough to be able to flee and emigrate to London. There Soros would focus on attaining higher education while working two jobs just to pay his way through school. George Soros would eventually graduate and move to America where he would establish his first investment firm and rocket his way to success.

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