Nick Vertucci Says Real Estate Is All About Networking

You’ve probably heard the old saying when doing a job search that getting hired won’t be about what you know but who you know. That same thing can hold true in real estate when you want to become a property owner and flip those properties for profits. At the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, you can learn how to network and convince others to partner in your investment and provide the capital when you don’t have it. Nick Vertucci founded this academy after retiring from the real estate business and obtaining financial freedom. He had to do the learning for the field on his own, but he made it possible for others to learn his secrets by attending the academy. The NV Real Estate academy website has testimonials of success stories, and Vertucci has one of his own.

Nick Vertucci didn’t come from a rich family or an Ivy League school education at all. His father passed away while he was still young, his mother worked very late hours and he and his siblings found themselves on their own a lot. He spent his late teens and early 20s living out of a vehicle, a time that he considers to be one of the lowest points of his life. He started turning things around when he founded a tech business, and he even began his own family and purchased a home. But things went bad again when the 2000 recession happened, and Nick Vertucci found himself in so much debt that he lost everything except his house.

For nearly two years the hole seemed impossible for Nick Vertucci to climb out of, but he would find his answer at a short seminar event he attended with a friend. The seminar covered various real estate investment principles, some of which he didn’t understand but was determined to learn more about. After doing a great deal of reading and exploring of the field, Vertucci finally decided to jump in and try buying a property. He was able to renovate it and rent it out, and he started buying more as his revenue increased. He started finding more tricks to making hundreds of thousands in profits, and eventually he became a millionaire. He makes it possible for others now by helping them learn how to spot a good real estate deal, and using their vision and creativity to turn the properties into cash flow.