Perry Mandera has been in the logistics and transportation business for over forty years. He is the founder and chief executive officer of his company, The Custom Company incorporation.

He focuses on providing his customers with excellent shipping services. His career started off at the Marines. Perry Mandera’s experience there was in dealing with the transportation of both supplies and troops. The whole experience was instrumental in making him understand the entire business in the shipping industry.

Mandera is also given to philanthropic activities, and this is mostly seen in his dedication to various activities such as giving donations whenever and in whichever form he can. He funds either financially, offering transport facilities or in a materialistic way such as food or clothing to the children’s homes he visits.

His philanthropic activities are however not limited to children but the whole community at large. Mandera doesn’t stop at that; he consults his employees on whether they are aware of people who might be in need of help and in this way he reaches out to a larger number.

Mandera has won various accolades, for example, those that came from ITA. He got the accolade mainly because he strives to provide and include the most recent technology in his business.

Even though there is a more significant number of software that can be used to make his business in transport better, Mandera is not satisfied. He has still employed technical experts that work with the available ones, modifying them to suit an individual’s needs. It is by doing this that his customers can get the best experience working with his company.

Mandera draws his inspiration from some places. Motivational speakers have all the right tools that can be used widely to unlock a person’s full potential, in life and business. His experience in the industry is also a source of inspiration for him. The mistakes that he has made throughout his career have been instrumental in making him the businessman that he is today. Perry Mandera’s religion has also been crucial in helping him make significant decisions about his business, especially when he is in a dilemma.