Dr. Chris Villanueva Says The CEO Should Not Be Supervisory

Dr. Chris Villanueva founded MB2 Dental with the intention of merging private and corporate dentistry. After leaving college, Dr. Chris was employed by a dental firm, and he witnessed the problems of working under someone first hand. In one setting, Dr. Chris stated that a dentist made the wife, who was not a practitioner manage the business, and that was problematic. In other settings, Dr. Chris states that he felt that dentists were oppressed as the intention of corporate practice was profit. In the setting, he felt that practitioners were used as a money making objects and their needs were utterly ignored. Dr. Chris also worked as a sole proprietor and recognized the fact that the practitioner has no business experience to run the venture at a low cost. At the same time, one lacks enough time to run the secondary duties such as HR, payroll, and supply chain management and still run the primary function, which is patient care.
Why MB2 Was Opened
Dr. Chris Villanueva states that he opened MB2 Dental with the intention of making the practitioner the priority. He believes that when the dentist is prioritized, then patients receive the best care, and that makes practice fun and successful.
Principles at MB2 Dental
Dr. Villanueva also posits that he hires a set of smart workers as a principle that he learned from his mentor. He believes that these people need no supervision, and so he stays out of their way as they perform their duties. Instead of interfering with their work, he focuses on the MB2 Dental vision development and improvement. He also believes in listening to his team and interacting with them as teamwork is better than individual work. Dr. Chris advises CEOs to also hire smart people and stay out of their way as they do their work.
At MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris also creates an easy environment where people can be honest with other, joke and have fun. Dr. Chris loathes a pretentious atmosphere where people are tense, fearing to talk to each other. As a result, he creates a light mood in the office so that workers can feel free to share their ideas and problems.
Finally, Dr. Chris admits that he is a night owl who is still up when everyone is asleep. The night is the best time when Dr. Chris develops the MB2 Dental Vision when his young children and wife are asleep.

Highland Capital Sets Sights on Healthcare

Highland Capital is a financial firm based out of Dallas, Texas. The company was founded by James Dondero and has been in the business for several decades. Highland Capital has risen to prominence thanks to their different approach to investing, opting instead to focus on a small array of different business in high amounts while diversifying small amounts into a slew of other businesses. Highland Small Cap Equity Fund, ran by Michael Gregory, is an offshoot of Highland Capital Management and it is where we are putting our focus for today. Michael Gregory has a few key points for investors to pay attention to throughout the 2017 fiscal season.

Before jumping into the gangbusters for 2017’s investment options Gregory points back to 2016 as the year of oil. Gregory points to Highland’s own ‘credit competency’ as the driving force between their partnerships with oil pipelines through 2016, taking advantage of rock bottom oil prices. Those investments alone helped to fund half of Highland Capital’s total funds for the year. Now, this year Michael Gregory is putting all of his chips on the table for the healthcare industry. For years now healthcare has been a hot button issue but Gregory believes that the system is finally ready to get on track and that savvy investors will profit from it.

The reason that Gregory is drawn to the healthcare industry is simple: he understands that there is a very real and very dangerous health epidemic thanks to the problem of pain reliever addiction. Opioid addiction is one of the biggest health epidemics in the United States right now and healthcare professionals are starting to realize it. This has brought a slew of pharmaceutical companies to the forefront of the conversation as they seek to develop drugs that get the job done without the risk of addiction.

Gregory points to two companies in particular that he likes going into 2017: Collegium Pharmaceutical and Pacira Pharmaceuticals. Collegium is focused on developing a drug called Xtampza ER which is a less addictive oxycodone medication. Pacira is focused on Exparal which is a pain reliever that will be used after common surgeries and injuries.

James Dondero Leads Highland Capital in Finance and Philanthropy

James Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the financial world and has been an innovator in helping individuals and institutions invest. He is the President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. They have developed award winning financial products and Dondero’s influence in the investing world has been deep. Highland Capital has nearly $15 billion dollars under management and offers specialized skills that few firms can match.
Their products have been highlighted by some prestigious firms that analyze the financial investing universe. Morningstar, a highly respected research firm, gave Highland Capital a five-star rating in 2014 for their Global Allocation fund. With Dondero providing a vision and leadership, they are able to scour the globe in search of the best opportunities. They have also received recognition from the Lipper Fund Awards for superlative performance. Dondero has positioned Highland Capital to be among the elite firms whose clients have a rare opportunity to significantly outperform the market.
The Morgan Guaranty training program was where James Dondero got his start as a financial analyst in 1984. At the time, they provided extensive training for those embarking on careers in the finance world. He is also a graduate of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce where he earned dual majors in Accounting and Finance. He received the highest honors for his outstanding academic performance. His credentials don’t stop there, however, as he furthered his knowledge base by becoming a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).
The next stop for James Dondero was American Express where he was a Corporate Bond Analyst. With this solid beginning under his belt, he then became a portfolio manager in fixed income funds where he managed substantial amounts of money. He also had a successful stint with Protective Life when he helped establish their GIC subsidiary.
Philanthropy is a strong interest of Dondero’s and he has established numerous programs which help the Dallas area and surrounding communities. Highland Capital, under his leadership, partners with many local organizations to help those who are underprivileged and to help build a better community for all.

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Honey Birdette: Unafraid to Take a Stance

Australian lingerie brand Honey Birdette has come out fervently in support of LGBT marriage equality with a recent employee march in Sydney, and had recently come under some fire for a provocative ad inside of a mall where a woman’s nipple is visible.

According to Eloise Monaghan, the ad outside of their store was vandalized and, seeking to empower her workers, she decided to go forward with a company march to help raise moral. She knew that her employees were passionate about the issue of marriage equality, and it only seemed natural to express their beliefs at this time. She states that their march “came purely out of passion.”

Honey Birdette believes that businesses should be unafraid to support marriage equality— according to Michelle Gamble, their Director at Marketing Angels, “It’s beyond a political statement, it’s about civil rights now.”

It is easy to see the negative in some labeling Honey Birdette as a controversial brand, but sometimes controversy is necessary in standing up for one’s beliefs. Honey Birdette believes in and supports marriage equality, and wants to spur more businesses into taking a stand for what is right. Honey Birdette believes the female form, specifically the nipple, should not be taboo, and they stand for that.

It is admirable to see a brand willing to stand up for more than profit, and though some raise concern about the sexuality of the images, Honey Birdette seems to believe that sexuality should not be taboo. Society is constantly sending images of sex and lust, and turning around and shaming it. As a lingerie brand, it is only natural that Honey Birdette would stand up to destigmatize the female body, marriage equality, and love: the crux of their belief system is to remove shame from the expression of love in all forms.

James Dondero: Brings Back Hippos to the Dallas Zoo

James Dondero has once again gifted the Hippo lovers with a gift nationwide. After a whole year of construction and anticipation, the new Zoo is ready to unveil its 2.1-acre Hippos Post. The new modern habitat is a naturalistic and immersive waterhole habitat featuring great underwater viewing. The display window is exactly 24 by 8 foot, allowing viewers enjoy their scene.


According to the Dallas CEO and President of the new Simmons Hippos Post, Mr. Greg Hudson, reiterates the peoples’ desire to have the hippos back. The happy hippo’s project is proof that the Dallas Zoo is committed to giving value to the residents in Dallas. Mike Rawlings, the Dallas mayor, attributes the success of the project to some work of various philanthropists dedicated towards wildlife and environmental protection.


Some of these donors include the Highland Capital Management Lp. The firm was founded by James Dondero who also couples up as its owner. The company placed a whopping $1 million towards this project. The amount donated was used to build a 4485 square foot space that will be utilized for educational and private exhibitions. And this is not the only kind act that Mr. Dondero has performed. In the past, he has teamed up with Linda Owen, the CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation to give direction and strategic management to his various philanthropic projects. He believes that it is time his group had more say on how his funds are used. Such was the main reason why he sought help from Ms. Linda.


Every year, James Dondero organization gives over $3 million to various charitable organizations in the world. One may think that the organization is just concerned about issuing cash to various groups, well, such a notion is wrong. Mr. Dondero together with various skilled and experienced executives at the Highlands group have continued to mentor young leaders and upcoming organizations.


Mr. Dondero has shown a level of openness and trust to his employees. These workers are at liberty to join and sit in various non-profit making organizations boards. According to him, his organization is ready to help anyone who wants to preserve the environmental situation at Dallas.

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Sensational Drummer, Cassio Audi’s Music, Beats a Great Untold Tale

Cassio Audi is recalled for his incredible drummer skills and talents in Brazil in the year 1980s. He was applauded for being innovational and conforming his set and keys perfectly to the rhythms of the music, especially hip hop genre. The young drummer, Cassio Audi was an important asset to the Viper band that hit the Brazilian music industry by storm in his time and stint as a band member.

The soldiers of sunrise were done 1n 1987. He played a pivotal role in its success noting the band had emerged from some serious internal wrangles, which the drummer is recognized as having helped resolve. The song remained a hit in Brazil and globally for what many hip hop lovers attributed to fashionable, stylistic and appealing drum beats that pushed them into the dance floor.

His friendly demeanor and electrifying personality were a great resource to the band. “He knew what to to do and when to do it,” reported one of the band members. This was especially incredible noting his age at that time.

Cassio Audi ephemeral music career lives to be recalled in the band to this day such that every new drummer struggles to put themselves in his shoes, and all the drummer who has come after him have cited him as their inspiration and role model

Several other songs that Cassio Audi did in the band were, Law of the sword, Killera, Signs of the night, Knight of Destruction, Nightmares, and The Whipper. These songs are available online on youtube in the album Soldiers of Sunrise. These songs were one of the most listened songs in Brazil in that time and helped propel the viper Band to high levels of popularity and fame.

“Cancer Treatment Centers of America – Providing Cutting Edge Treatments”

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has joined forces with NantHealth’s on demand software called eviti® and Allscripts’ electronic health record (EHR) workflow platform.

This process resulted in the Clinical Pathways program, in which the operating system allows oncologist from around the country present their in-depth and real time information concerning cancer treatments.

Clinical Pathways was developed with the patient in mind. It incorporates the most current cancer studies, ideas for treatments and therapies that are capable of working the aforementioned.

With this type of computerized system, it makes it easier for the medical staff and patient to discover the proper cancer intervention for success.

This collaboration between the three organizations began in 2016.

Physicians working with patients can now examine more than 2700 proven methods concerning various types of cancers and their subtypes.

Government agencies, oncologist organizations, nurses and oncology consultants are just a few of the people who were involved in this project.

This platform is truly a positive breakthrough for modern medicine in addressing the best way to treat cancer.

In the meantime, Cancer Treatment Centers America are nationally recognized facilities for providing care to adults with cancer.

With five locations, they conveniently serve individuals throughout the United States.

They take the personal approach in treating the mind, body and spirit of people suffering this malady.

Some of the services they offer to their patients are radiation, chemotherapy, genomic testing, as well as surgery.

As you can see, Cancer Treatment Centers of America leads the way in being on the forefront of managing those with cancer.

Omar Yunes has combined several skills to run a successful franchise

Omar Yunes has combined several skills to run a successful franchise
Mexican-born entrepreneur Omar Yunes knows best what managing a successful franchise takes, as has been demonstrated by his management of Sushi Itto, a popular and well-grounded chain of restaurants. Omar Yunes has worked hard to place Sushi Itto to international limelight. In 2015, the franchise won the prestigious best Franchisee of the World (BFW) award which was presented in a ceremony held in Florence, Italy. The award acknowledges investors who demonstrate a great sense of professionalism in the management of their brands and stick to the missions and values that the brand represents.
Mr. Yunes started his franchise at the age of 21 years and has grown to run thirteen franchise units of Sushi Itto, with a work force of 400 employees.working in Mexico City, Puebla, and Veracruz.
His experience in running the franchise has provided several valuable lessons that he continues to put to use.Yunes is a man who believes in doing things with a different approach. His focus is to grow and expand his business and focuses on capitalizing on the positive aspects of his business to enable it to grow substantially.
Mr.Yunes uses his accumulated experience to achieve a balanced management environment and achieve his objectives. He is known for his commitment and hardworking a scaling business heights.
The food industry is highly competitive and takes a lot of skill and expertise to achieve a good level of success. Information and insight into market demand must also be combined with a passionate and skillful approach to. Omar Yunes has been able to harness these aspects in running the enterprise to success. The expansion of Sushi Itto is widely dependent on the input and approach that the management gives to the business. Understanding what works best and the possible challenges will be important in maintaining profitability.
Omar Yunes relies on his natural ability to manage and organize things to run his franchise.He is a believer in motivation for his workforce and is keen to run and grow a unique organizational culture. Using relevant market and the technical side of franchise management, he has geared the organization to international acclaim.

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Omar Yunes Wins Gold As Best Franchisee

On December 5, 2015 an international competition for Best Franchisee of the World was held in Florence, Italy. Members from all across the world, including places like Hungary, France, Spain, Mexico and Portugal attended the event. The competition is basically a worldwide showcase of the Best leaders, entrepreneurs, and succesful franchise owners. They first become recognized in their own countries and then they are sent to compete in the worldwide event. The location changes every year, but it gives counties the unique opportunity to not only host, but new the most successful individuals that each country has to offer.

Before the event in Italy took place, Mexico held their own regional version of Best Franchisee of The World in order to determine who they would send as a representative. They decided upon Omar Yunes and Ivan Tamer. Both of these men were able to demonstrate growth and unique sales tactics to each of their individual franchises. Omar Yunes is most widely recognized for his role with Sushi Itto. Sushi Itto is a Japanese style restaurant chain ran all across Mexico. Omar Yunes first became Franchisee of the company when he was only 21 years old. He has been able to grow the franchise to a whopping 13 units and employees around 400 employees. Omar Yunes changed the traditional role of Franchisee and flipped it into a more personal one. While still remaining proffesional, he has been able to befriend and motivate his employees to strive for success. Omar Yunes also implemented new programs that better help leaders track the franchise progress as well as set up new control measures.

The second man to represent Mexico in the international Best Franchisee of The World event was Iván Tamer. Ivan Tamer is Franchisee of Prendamex. Prendamex is a series of pawn shops located in and through out Mexico. The main achievement of Ivan Tamer was the implementation of a new marketing system. Not only has it proven succcessful for his own franchise, but other companies have taken notice and adopted this system for themselves. Together, these two men showed the world the kind of business and leadership skills that Mexico has to offer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Fighting Cancer one Patient at a time

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 by Richard J Stephenson. Stephenson decided to found this corporation due to the death of his mother. When his mother passed to cancer, he wasn’t fully pleased with the treatment options at the time. Due to his dissatisfaction, he decided to open the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, Illinois. Since 1988 there has been a lot of development with Cancer Treatment Centers of America. There are now five centers that were built from the time between 2005 to 2012. They are in the Midwest in Zion, Illinois, the Southwest in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Eastern region in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Western region in Goodyear, Arizona, and the Southeastern region in Newnan, Georgia.
At Cancer Treatment Centers of America they understand the trials and tribulations cancer patients go through. They understand that it is a life-changing condition so they try to make the process easier to handle. They are staffed with physicians who spend their whole careers and lives around treating cancer. At this institution they are capable of performing surgery, immunotherapy and chemotherapy. These physicians use very savvy technology in order to diagnose and treat cancer patients. They are able to pinpoint cancer as well as dictate the stage the cancer is at. They are very thorough with their testing. There are a series of tests they do to make sure your diagnosis is correct so that they know they are doing everything they possibly can with your course of treatment. This high tech equipment allows for the diagnosing process to be quick so that you can soon begin the treatment plan. Having such innovative facilities is almost necessary because cancer is a widespread disease, and the sooner it can be treated, the better. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is the place to go to receive quality care for cancer patients.

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