Super Pen by O2Pur Releases Soon; E-Cig Market Still Growing

Up until only a few years ago cigarettes had a tight grasp on the nicotine market. The majority of people who picked up smoking chose cigarettes over other forms of smoking tobacco like pipes and cigars. Even the several forms of chewing tobacco took a backseat to cigarettes as the consumer’s nicotine medium of choice.

During the last decade a new contender for nicotine supremacy has popped up: Electronic Cigarettes. Literally hundreds of options for the consumer have showed up almost overnight. The leading names(Reynolds-American and Philip Morris) in tobacco have also joined the electronic cigarette market. Both of those companies have been at the top of the industry for so long, they probably were content in knowing that the company would be successful for centuries to come. Now the companies are scrambling to innovate in an ever changing world.

Despite the time-tested research and recognizable names of Reynolds-American and Philip Morris, if you are looking for to invest in the electronic cigarette you may want to look elsewhere. The two previously mentioned companies may have the best cigarettes in the market, but they got a late start with the newest technology. If you are looking for invest your money in the electronic cigarette market: look towards newer, smaller companies instead of the established names.

With the changing climate of the nicotine market, it is possible that any one of these newer companies could de-thrown the current tobacco giants. One such company is O2Pur.

O2Pur is a company that focuses on entry level consumers. They offer mid-tier vape pens that will give the consumer a good idea of what vaping offers before they shell out the cash for a five-hundred or one-thousand dollar unit.

The Super Pen, for example, has a list price of 119 dollars and comes with everything you need(The pen, charger, and coils) to begin vaping right out of the box. Just add your liquid of choice and press a button. The Super Pen may be O2Pur’s biggest product to date and it hits the market very soon.

O2Pur offers a nice variety of liquids as well. Flavors include Apple, Island Breeze, and Cheesecake. The company offers both nicotine liquids and nicotineless liquids, aiming to reach consumers of all walks of life.