Doe Deere’s simple morning routine

Russian born beauty maven Doe Deere is inspiring people to follow the beat of their own drum, to do your own thing, and express yourself shamelessly. Doe was no different and it was ingrained into her personality since day one. One of her first and fondest memories was at a slumber party with friends. They put on makeup and dressed up like witches. It was a moment in time that shaped her as a creative being. Another experience that brought out her entrepreneurial side was in grade school. She had the idea to sell temporary tattoos to her classmates by convincing them that they were cool. She found the experience fun and enriching.


As Deere started growing up she had big ambitions and dreams to pursue music as a career. She left home in Russia to love to the land of art and music, New York City. It was a great experience for her and she learned to basics of business and career. This included thanking people for showing up to her events. The band that Doe formed was called SALT SKY. She also met her husband in the band and they are still happily together. Her husband (Mark) is the President of her cosmetic line Lime Crime.


As any person does, Doe has a morning routine. It is not over glamorous or fancy, just simple, relatable, and relaxing. At 8:30 she rises and takes a few moments to stretch. The fashionista has a build in alarm clock so she doesn’t have need one. After a bit of stretching she grabs some breakfast from the kitchen which is often pretty light like yogurt, fruit, fresh squeezed juice, and grits her favorite. Oh, but before she eats breakfast Doe chugs down a big glass of water to stay hydrated. Next she checks on social media especially Instagram, checks emails, and chats with her company before she continues her day. As a makeup guru Doe Deere absolutely has a beauty routine. She cannot go out into the world without showing her best self. During her makeup routine she spends time listening to music and spoiling her cats with attention. She especially loves The Beatles because they remind her of her childhood. Doe pops into the Lime Crime office at 12 noon where she grabs lunch and catches up with her employees. After lunch she attends meetings, checks up on her products, and answers emails. Work ends at 6pm, but if it is a particularly busy day, she may be there all night. Learn more:


Julie Zuckerberg – A Talent Acquisition Topliner.

Julie Zuckerberg is a talent on the rise in the field of talent acquisition and human resource management. Julie is currently the Executive Talent Acquisition Leader at Deutsche Bank.


Throughout the years, Julie has had the good fortune of being able to work with some of the top talent acquisition and human resource management leaders in the entire industry. She has learned a lot from these leaders and applied that throughout her career. Because of this, Julie has been able to attain high status in the field of human resources and has worked with various large companies and organizations. She has worked in numerous divisions and sectors, some of which include conflict resolution and training of employees.


She has coached numerous candidates and conducted training programs for industries and companies as well. She believes in always learning to find a way in which new methodology and technology can be implemented to improve the workings and functioning of the industry.


Julie Zuckerberg has been working with Deutsche Bank as their Talent Acquisition Leader for the past three years. During her career at the bank, she has had numerous opportunities to work with business clients pertaining to the private wealth and commercial sectors. She has also helped in implementing numerous Talent Acquisition strategies to clients in fields ranging from Asset Management, Operations and Global Technology.


Along with these tasks, Julie has also been tasked with leading negotiations at the managerial level. She is also in charge of a large team consisting of hiring managers and recruiters who lead the recruitment plans for companies across various sectors.


Julie has had a vast career spanning over fifteen years. Zuckerberg attended university at the City University of New York where she planned to pursue a degree in philosophy, but switched streams and decided to attain a degree in law from the New York Law School before she entered the world of recruiting.


Julie started her career at Hudson, where she held a position as Director of Candidate Placement. She was put in charge of hiring legal staff such as paralegals, case managers, support staff and attorneys for numerous corporations, legal firms, and financial institutions. She then served as a Vice President and Executive Recruiter at Citi for a total period of six years. At the company, she was tasked with negotiating senior level complex job offers and recruiting global talent.


After Citi, she worked as a Corporate Vice President and Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead at New York Life Insurance Company. She led and managed the recruiting process of the company, along with working alongside the management to understand and recognize customer needs.


When Zuckerberg isn’t engrossed in achieving her goals in her career, she is busy partaking in the vibrant culture of New York City. She is an active frequenter of the various cultural events happening in New York. She is a passionate supporter of human rights and believes in the economic empowerment of historically repressed communities. She is also a wildlife enthusiast and believes in helping spread the message of wildlife conservation and animal welfare.