Meet Milan Kordestani, a young innovator and founder of Milan Farms

Often, professionals insist that when it comes to success, age is just a number. One doesn’t have to attain a certain age to achieve a specific milestone. Today, they are hundreds of individuals, even at the young age coming up with ideas that have positively impacted the world. The technology field is one of the few industries enjoying the innovations that hit the market frequently. Concerning the age, Milan Kordestani is one of the few young but successful innovators worth mentioning.

At the age of 19, Milan Kordestani is a CEO of his own company, Milan Farms. Milan resides in Bay Area, California. However, his name is prominent around the country. Milan is a contributor at the Huffington Post, specializing in the fields of agriculture, politics and mental health. One interesting thing is that he is one of the few teens in the industry with much interests in niches such as agriculture and politics.

Milan is a student at Colorado College. Before, he schooled at the Sacred Heart Preparatory where he ranked 3rd at the world’s horse show. Besides, Milan’s career with Huffington Post as a writer began during his high school times. It was during his journey to quench his thirst for agriculture that he launched Milan Farms, a backyard farm making a run for the profits in agriculture while maintaining humane and non-GMO standards.

About Milan Farms

Milan Farms was launched in 2015. As stated earlier, Milan came up with the idea in the quest to provide a humane and organic system to raise poultry and growing whole-pure saffron. Currently, the farm offers saffron, mint and organic eggs to the market and has been received with open arms. According to Milan, the idea was to give an honest option to the product consumers, and that’s why they use transparency to raise their animals.

Milan and his team firmly believe that a consumer has the right to know precisely about the products and that’s why they continue to avail realistic options for the consumer. Currently, Milan is researching hydroponic and aquaponic systems as an additional to drip irrigation that they use to grow saffron. Besides, the successful CEO is working on an app set to launch late in the year. The mobile application will be a significant milestone in Milan’s career because it will boost his market and convenience to the consumers.