Chris Burch’s Reviews How Technology and Fashion Grow Together

Over time, technology and fashion industries have undergone rapid changes. However, the two have constantly grown together. As technology becomes fashionable, fashion becomes technologically fashionable. How fashion and technology industries grow together is an interesting journey. According to Chris Burch, the past and present reflect what lies ahead in the coming years.


In the 70s, boom box would be used for carrying around favourite tunes and stations. It had two cassette decks where one could play music while the other one records. Going into the 80s, its use was substituted by a more personalized music experience. The invention of the Walkman in the early 90s replaced the use of boom box. A decade later, iPod brought a more personalized music experience as it was easy to carry around. As such, technology changes with the popularity of what people regards as fashionable.


Today, fashion retailers delight in developing what people consider fashionable. Through technology, fashion designers can spot trends in the fashion industry. Looking towards the future, lifestyle will advance with the growth of technology. Although it may not be fashionable to wear safety gear, Teresa Alstin and Anna Haupt have created Airbag for Crisis to replace the use bike protection.


Technology and fashion may assist each other to gain popularity. For example, only a few people accepted the wearing of glasses until recently. From a computer geek’s view point, wearing Google Glass may be intriguing due to the stigma. However, Diane Von, a top fashion designer transcends the stigma by encouraging her models to wear glasses while on the catwalk. As a result, fashion shows tend to popularize technology; therefore, accepting the use of Google Glass should bring a similar effect. In light to this, technology relies upon the world of fashion to advance.


About Chris Burch


Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur who boasts of nearly 40 years of experience in investment and entrepreneurship. He is Burch Creative Capital’s founder and chief executive officer. In many ways, Burch Creative Capital reflects Burch’s vision for new markets and entrepreneurial values. Burch is a serial entrepreneur behind the success of nearly 50 companies. With an extensive experience in international and direct sourcing as well as an intuitive understanding of customer behavior, Burch has built an excellent reputation. Through Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch supports the development of lifestyle and consumer products brands such as organic food, apparel, and home furniture.