Contributions of David McDonald in OSI Group

David attended Lowa State University where he graduated in 1987 with animal science bachelor’s degree and Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior award. After graduating David McDonald joined OSI Industries in Chicago, and this is where he began his career. He worked in OSI Industries till he became the chief operating officer and the president. His great concern was in exploiting the resources with the aim of impacting the State of Lowa. David is nimble towards the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, and this made him organize a trip for students to OSI facilities situated in China in 2011. One of the students was able to secure a job in that company. Also, OSI provides internship for the students, and it is planning to open more internship opportunities in future.

Through the scholarship funding, David McDonald helps the Alpha Gamma Rho. One of the people who were at the front line of supporting the AGR house of the Lowa State during the fundraising campaign was David McDonald. Another role that MacDonald played was giving a name to the Marvin J. Water, the AGR Fraternity Arena which is in the latest Jeff and Deb Hansen Agriculture Students Learning Center. As well he dedicates his time serving the St. Michael Parish found in Wheaton, and he also works in the American Meat Institute’s board of directors as the chairman. In 2004, David received the award of ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni, and this marked a robust relationship with the association of the alumni. The OSI Group has extended to more countries such as Hungary and Geneva through the leadership of MacDonald.

Latest in China, there was the opening of the two poultry processing facilities that have been well prepared to becoming the biggest poultry products producer in the country. Among the accomplishments, there is the construction of some flesh processing plants for the frozen foods and beef in India and Poland respectively. The OSI Group of David through the acquisition has led to an expansion of the ability and market of the company. The Baho Food is the current acquisition, and it is a Dutch food processing firm that usually operates in Germany and Netherlands. According to David McDonald, in the European Market, the OSI Group will broaden because of the acquisition of that company. David McDonald promised to maintain the workers of the Baho Food since their professionalism and experience are vital in product portfolio widening and promoting the service delivery of the OSI Group.

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