CTCA Revolutionizes Cancer Care with the New Clinical Operating System

Recently Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) in collaboration with two companies NantHealth and Allscripts have developed a new Clinical decision support dubbed Clinical Pathways that will aid practitioners in accessing diversified information on cancer treatment.

The new clinical operating system was developed from contributions of many oncologists across the globe and has all knowledge in the evolution of cancer care from prognosis to diagnosis to treatment. George Daneker, the Chief Medical Officer at CTCA, clarifies that Clinical Pathways is a significant option that will minimize potential guesswork by the practitioners since they will be now be swapped with fresh data.

Clinical Pathway encompasses the most recent cancer research, treatment programs as well as corresponding therapies into the Allscripts Sunrise EHR, enabling doctors to access a curated list of care protocols. Besides, the clinical operating system also ensures transparency in therapeutic options, care to deliver, and efficiency by minimizing unpredictability in care. For this reason, patients together with their physicians can discuss and compare several treatment options, which will, in turn, increase their confidence of the suitability of their prescribed treatment to their particular diagnosis. Moreover, Clinical Pathways can also help to speed up the approval by insurance companies because it offers the needed information on the designated treatment options. The program can found in all the CTCA branches.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America
CTCA is an organization of five hospitals in the main cities around the United States. The Institution has been in operation for over three decades mainly focusing on cancer care treatment through the use of modern technology. Some of the treatment regimens at Cancer Treatment Centers of America include traditional options like Chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy as well as complementary therapies to regulate its side effects.

At CTCA, it is believed that cancer affects each differently and so it offers a unique, personalized care for each of its patients.

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