David McDonald Helps OSI Group to Venture in Global Expansion and Corporate Social Responsibility

A lot has been said about OSI Group going global. But little has been said about the company participating in corporate social responsibility. As you may know by now, with corporate social responsibility, a company has to give back to the community and expect nothing in return. Perhaps all that a company can get from corporate social responsibility is the support of different clients from the industry. For OSI Group, every summer is a time for offering internships to the North American university students. This program capitalizes on Quality Assurance and Operations to develop talent for critical business functions. Over the years, the management has developed strong partnerships with American universities that provide excellent graduate degree programs in Agribusiness. But this would not have been possible without the input of David McDonald, the president.

McDonald’s early life

David McDonald was born in Iowa. While growing up, he developed some passion for agriculture. That is why he joined Iowa State University and studied animal science. He was a brilliant student who garnered a Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award as well. Shortly after graduating, David McDonald joined Chicago’s OSI Industries as a junior employee and earned various promotions including as a CEO and president.

Contribution to OSI Group

Today, David McDonald is an outstanding leader who helps OSI Group to improve sustainability. By making sustainable efforts to support the company, McDonald has been able to propel OSI Group towards the right direction regarding offering it the right resources to procure services. As such, OSI Group has been delving into the global expansion with the aim of extending its services to different countries including China and Europe.

Global Expansion Projects

With David McDonald as the team leader, OSI Group has vastly expanded its horizons. For instance, in 2016, the company acquired Baho Food, a manufacturing plant based in Germany and the Netherlands. It has five subsidiaries including Gelderland Frischwaren, Henri van de Bilt, and Q Smart Life. Moreover, these affiliates have been in existence for about 60 years, and they sell meats, convenience foods, snacks, and delis to more than 18 countries in Europe.

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