Diversify your Vape Investments with Companies like O2Pur

It’s no secret that vape-nation is sweeping the tobacco market. Big Tobacco is rushing to invest in the hip new alternative to your grandpa’s tobacco habit. eCigs have everything the modern market loves: flair, flavor, and sex appeal. Vapes look awesome. They smell great. You can customize your eCig setup, and choose whatever flavor you want.

It’s an easy choice for the new consumer. More options, less car-ruining smells. As a result, eCig companies are crushing the stock market. Companies like O2Pur, blu, and iFuse are big hitters in the new market, offering disposable eCigs as well as more permanent options.

Big name investors are taking note of the future of smoking, and looking for up-and-coming investment opportunities in newer companies. Smaller companies, like Imperial, are being bought up by the big guys every day. O2pur is a great example of a younger eCig company worth watching. They offer a wide variety of vapes and flavors at a competitive price.

O2Pur uses a Nicotine salt based liquid for their juices, which is is a superior product. They have a fantastic customer-focused model, which has sustaining the Utah-based company since 2013. Their brand is not necessarily the top dog of the industry, but they absolutely have consumer credibility. They’ve been featured on TV spots and ads, and have a sizable following on social media.

If you’re considering investing in the future of tobacco, take a look at the big hitters like Reynolds-American. They’ve been doing well for a long while, and deserve your attention. However, the midst of all the big tobacco hustle and bustle, don’t lose sight of the smaller guys like O2pur. They’re around to stay, and are only on the way up.

Companies of that caliber are definitely worth the investment, and serve as a great way to diversify your tobacco stock portfolio.