Don Ressler’s Exemplary Leadership Helping Fabletics to Grow into a Reputable Activewear Brand

One of the hardest choices women are faced with when picking their athletic wear has always been choosing between fashion and cost. Ever since I can remember, the women activewear industry has had a significant gap between functionality and fashion; but that is not the case anymore. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, two of the biggest players in the fashion industry, have a solution for this ailing market through Fabletics.

Fabletics is a woman activewear brand that was created to focus on delivering functional and fashionable women active wears at affordable costs. Don Ressler has been quite pivotal to the success of this brand. Through interviewing focus groups and carrying out a number of consumer test, this brand has been able to identify a number of issues affecting the women activewear in the market. Some of the issues Don Ressler and Fabletics found out included ill-fitting and uncomfortable clothes, some of the clothes were quite expensive, low quality and garish to name but a few. With these in mind, Don through his Fabletics brand embarked on a path of sanitizing the industry while focusing on the women’s needs and wants.

Apart from creating the right product for the market, the other thing that Don Ressler focused on Fabletics was popularizing the activewear brand. With branding being relatively ambiguous in this industry, Don Ressler brought in Kate Hudson as the face of the business. Kate Hudson, being an individual with a charming personality, was able to connect and create a strong relationship with the users of their products. In addition to being a co-founder, Kate helps the company improve its online presence and connect on a personal level with the clients.

Fabletics subscription model combined with the quick and appealing design of the website is also one of the selling factors of this venture. Before purchasing activewear products, a customer has to answer a number of quizzes that help them determine which is the right clothing for them. The subscription model, on the other hand, allows a customer to enjoy numerous benefits including free shipping, discounted shopping, and reward points for only $50 per month. These two factors have been very handy and have helped Fabletics build on their customer experience hence setting it apart from other businesses.

Don Ressler’s leadership has been of great assistance to Fabletics. Even with the company announcing its plan of expanding its market in 2017 to plus-sized women; more fashionable and affordable activewear for women should be expected.