Dr. Jennifer Walden Brings Innovative Hair Loss Solution To Austin, TX

Dr. Jennifer Walden, the notable cosmetic surgeon who made a name for herself launching innovative cosmetic surgery techniques in New York City, has returned to her roots in her childhood city of Austin, Texas. Bringing with her some of the most innovative cosmetic surgery developments over the last few years, she is providing patients in Austin, Texas with access to extremely advanced procedure options that may have not been available to them years ago.


One cosmetic procedure which Dr. Jennifer Walden is most excited about is a fairly new and innovative solution for hair loss. The procedure is called SmartGraft and is considered a hair transplant solution using extremely cutting edge technology. Dr. Walden has made her reputation as strong as it is by embracing and thoroughly studying new technology in cosmetic surgery, and SmartGraft has her seal of approval for its astounding effectiveness.


SmartGraft works by restoring hair density on those who are balding with singular hair follicle units. The technology allows doctors to actually harvest hair follicles from areas of the patient’s head where the hair is growing the most densely. These follicles are then implanted into areas where the patient’s hair is thinning so that they may grow in naturally.


SmartGraft is quickly becoming the preferred hair loss solution for those with thinning hair due to both its effectiveness and the fact that patients report little, if any, pain. With this exciting and highly-advanced technology, patients are reporting hair that grows in quickly and thickly. Patients who have had significant hair loss for over a decade are ecstatic to see thick hair growing in literally overnight.


Dr. Walden is ecstatic, too. Despite the fact that she found much success while practicing in New York City, deep in her heart she knew that she belonged in her childhood city of Austin. Walden is elated to share such innovative procedures with those who live in her home city.