Eric Pulier: Technologist, Visionary, & Revolutionary

Isn’t it strange that for the people who do the most positive things in society never receive the credit. Society only seems to recognize negative things or give all of the credit to professional athletes and entertainers who haven’t done just about anything to better man-kind. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in, but articles like this gives the general public a more in-depth look at some of the most gifted individuals. Eric Pulier of Teaneck, New Jersey is no exception although he’s plenty of positive things for society. The guy can take a small concept or ideas, study it, and then turn it into a reality. His intellectual gifts is what helps him stand out amongst his very peers.


Eric Pulier is the real deal when it comes to technology. He’s founded up to at least 15 companies in his rather young life. This includes U.S. interactive, Digital Evolution, XPRIZE, Service Mesh Inc, FLY, Akana Software, and many more. Creativity is what he thrives off, which has made him a very important figure across many different fields. For the record, Eric Pulier is known as being a technologist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, guest speaker, author, and a businessman. His last founded company was sold for about $350 Million. That’s right! The guy literally attended two of the country’s most prestigious colleges being MIT and Harvard University.


His gift is that he can take technology to another level by resolving issues that span across many fields. This isn’t by chance also as Pulier has done his fair share of studying and hard work (See more information here). He’s helped to bring in advanced technology to underprivileged communities and he’s developed multimedia educational programs for people who suffer with physical disabilities. There just seems to be nothing that this guy can’t do or can’t achieve, but the IT industry has been blessed from his hard work and dedication, which has made the lives of many people much more fulfilling. See: