Fabletics Brings a Really Good Alternative to Fast Fashion

The fashion industry and consumers are faced with an ugly truth. If people want more than just basic and bland looking clothes, they are going to have to pay tons of money for it. Then things get a little uglier for people. For instance, there is fast fashion. While fast fashion does offer some really trendy and interesting looking items for men and women, things get really questionable once they find out how these items are designed, constructed and distributed. One of the issues with fast fashion is that it comes at a very huge cost. For instance, these items are put together in horrid conditions. To make things worse, there is the pollution factor.


This brings forth a really sad picture for people who want to have style on a budget. Now, they are made to believe that if they want to have some really interesting items to wear, they are going to have to support foul practices. Kate Hudson has seen the sad state that the fashion industry was in for people who are not totally wealthy and has decided that it needs to be changed. She has taken a few steps which has resulted in the development of Fabletics.


The items of Fabletics are developed in a way that makes sure that it is in the most ethical way. Also, the material is put together in a way that is environmentally friendly. This makes it better for the customer in that they are not only paying for better products, but also paying for something that is going to last them a while and is good for the environment. The only thing that the founders of the company had to think about is how they are going to save money for the customers. After all, most of the people in the world are not very wealthy.


Don Ressler, Kate Hudson, and Adam Goldenberg have decided on the perfect business model that is going to not only help customers save money, but also make sure that the work conditions under which the items have been constructed are very good. They have decided on an approach that is very similar to Costco. This is the paid subscription approach where customers are sign up and pay for a membership. For their membership, they get access to all of the great savings. At the same time, they get a free outfit for their business. This business model has made it so that everyone gains something good from Fabletics and the other TechStyle brands.