George Soros and His Unshakable Determination

If people thought that billionaire George Soros was going to disappear after the disappointing election results, they were dreadfully wrong. In fact, it turns out that the hedge fund honcho is more determined than ever to make sure that his message of freedom is heard. As a young Jewish boy growing up in Hungary during the Holocaust, there is no doubt that Soros began to build up his determination and resourcefulness. And it appears that he is now steeling up for the fight of his life.

It’s no secret that Soros has been an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter for a long time, but now he is focused upon the Democratic Party as a whole. This is why—behind closed doors—Soros and some very powerful Democrat friends met to regroup after the heartbreaking results on Election Day. Reportedly, only the most important people were invited to discuss the future of the party, as well as what to do in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 election on

Nancy Pelosi reportedly made an appearance, in addition to Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison. Gathering together in small group sessions that focused on action items such as the 2017 and 2018 elections, the teams wasted no time in making their intentions known. From the first day of his administration, the Democrats plan to block any changes that will infringe upon the beliefs they hold most dear.

This group, known as the Democracy Alliance at, wasn’t afraid to talk about the difficult questions. They went over the way that some issues didn’t resonate with voters, as well as how working class whites may have influenced the vote. In this time of reflection, nothing was taboo and the DA’s existence itself was even called into question.

However, the sessions were not entirely gloom and doom by any stretch of the imagination. The groups talked about what it meant that Donald Trump had received less votes than Mitt Romney, as well as Clinton’s substantial lead in the popular vote. Although the answers may be complex, it appears that Soros and his political allies are on track.