Goettl Air Conditioning Helping Pets Fight the Heat

Goettl Air Conditioning is following the recommended direction for business development in this social media world. The management at Goettl is working toward developing a personality for their business far beyond the smiling faces adorning the company’s truck advertising. As the business grows, an attempt is being made to reach out to the community it serves with helpful information about the company’s area of expertise. This outreach to the community helps to personalize the business and to put a smiling, concerned face on the company name.

To further this effort, Goettl recently published an article explaining ways to protect family’s pets during the hot, dry weather experienced in the desert Southwest. This represents a positive and beneficial effort in a day when pet protection laws are being legislated against careless, thoughtless owners. The article was published in Nevada Business and includes several life-saving tips to protect your pets during the hot summer months. Among the recommendations are trimming your dog’s coat for the summer to keep the animal comfortable, apply sunscreen or sunblock to your dog’s nose and ears before outdoor exposure, give your dog the benefit of a swimming pool for water to protect against dehydration and to splash in to keep cool. The rigid plastic small pools work best for this use.
The history of Goettl Air Conditioning goes back to 1939 and the two men who founded the company, Gust and Adam Goettl. The company came to the rapidly developing Las Vegas area in 1968 but was impacted by the recession and ceased operations in 2007. The company was purchased in 2013 by Ken Goodrich and opened an office in Las Vegas.
Today Goettl is a respected full-service air conditioning company selling and servicing state of the art HVAC equipment in the Southwest. The company maintains sales and full-service offices in Las Vegas, Tucson, and Phoenix. Goettl has an extensive and positive history in the field of HVAC and is always ready to welcome new customers into its large and satisfied family. For more information about the company and its numerous locations, visit the website: Your text to link…

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